Wang Teng had a sudden thought.
He took out all kinds of ores from his space ring and piled them on the ground.

“Take a look.
Do you think you can use any of these?”

“Space ring!” Lu Zisheng was shocked.
Where did this fellow come from? He actually had a space ring!

He pondered over Wang Teng’s identity as he lowered his head and identified the ores on the ground.

He just glanced at the materials and chose a few that he could use.
Then, he stopped looking at them.

However, when he saw the golden ore, his gaze froze.
“Dark weight luminary gold!”

“Dark weight luminary gold?” Wang Teng was shocked.
“You recognize this?”

He didn’t expect to meet someone that understood ores at this place.


Also, looking at the other party’s expression, this dark weight luminary gold seemed to be quite a treasure.

Could it be that this was a rare ore?

“I’m a blacksmith.
Recognizing all kinds of ores and metals is a necessary skill,” Lu Zisheng said.
“This is an extraordinary metal.
Due to its heaviness, it’s an excellent material for strength-based martial warriors.”

“Is it very heavy? I don’t think so.
I feel that it’s alright.” Wang Teng picked up the metal block the size of a basketball and weighed it in his hand.
He found it effortless.
It wasn’t heavy at all.

“Haha, try merging your Force into it,” Lu Zisheng said.
He seemed to be looking down on a non-professional.

Wang Teng: …

He poured his Force into the piece of ore…


Suddenly, his hand sank.
The metal ore almost escaped his grip and landed on the ground.

“This is really heavy!” Wang Teng exclaimed in shock.

“In theory, the more Force you pour in, the heavier it would be.
The weight of this ore can increase continuously,” Lu Zisheng explained.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.

“Are you selling this dark weight luminary gold?” Lu Zisheng suddenly asked.

Wang Teng: …

Were people in this industry all like this?

In the past, Master Lu also asked him whether he was selling his star bone and dark ice stone when he saw the materials.
Now, Lu Zisheng said the same thing.

Wang Teng didn’t know that to a blacksmith, a good material was hard to come by.
The most painful thing was finding good materials and not being able to get them.

“I’m not selling it.” Wang Teng was speechless.

“Can’t you reconsider?” Lu Zisheng tried one last time.

“If I say I’m not selling it, I’m not selling it.” Wang Teng hesitated for a moment, and an idea flashed through his mind.
“Can you forge a weapon using this ore for me?”

Lu Zisheng was a little disappointed, but this was within his expectations.

No one would be willing to sell such a good thing.

“You want to use this to make a weapon? No problem.
What weapon do you want to forge? Dark weight luminary gold is best for heavy-style weapons like battleaxes, battle maces, or flayers.
However, the material is a little limited.
You need to add other materials…”

As he was speaking, Wang Teng interrupted him.
“Hmm… Help me forge a brick.”

“Brick… brick??” Lu Zisheng suspected he might have heard wrong.
He glared at Wang Teng with his eyes wide.

“That’s right, a brick!” Wang Teng nodded in confirmation.

“No, no, no.
Forging it into a brick is a humiliation to the dark weight luminary gold.
You’re a wastrel.
A wastrel!”

Lu Zisheng was so angry that he started panting.
He wasn’t willing to do it no matter what.

He highly detested Wang Teng’s actions of wasting such rare and precious materials.

“Oh, if you can’t do it, I can ask other people to make it for me,” Wang Teng said casually.

“You!” Lu Zisheng glared at Wang Teng.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng just ignored him. This material is mine.
I can decide what I want to do with it.

In the end, Lu Zisheng just sighed helplessly and accepted his fate.

The material wasn’t his, so it was useless for him to say anything.

“Forget it.
Let me do it.
Even if you only want to make a brick, I can make its rank higher.
If you give it to other people, they will most likely waste this dark weight luminary gold,” Lu Zisheng said in a powerless tone.

“Hehe, I will have to trouble you then.” Wang Teng sniggered.
A sly look flashed past his eyes.

As expected, real professionals were all honest and stubborn.
They were so easy to fool!

“What are you thinking? How did you come up with making a brick?” Lu Zisheng was still complaining.

“I feel that a brick is very convenient.
It’s really easy to use,” Wang Teng said.

Lu Zisheng: ??


He finally knew why this brat gave him a sinister feeling.
What normal person would think of forging a brick to use as a weapon?


“I will take 10 million from you as the forging fee.
You can collect your items in three days.”

He didn’t want to argue with Wang Teng anymore.
He felt his brain hurting even though he only spoke a few sentences.
This brat… was poisonous!


From the bottom of his heart, Wang Teng felt that he was getting disliked.

This was a sad and sorrowful event.

He paid the money and walked out of Master Lu’s branch store.
For some reason, he felt a little sad.

Everyone seems to have some misunderstanding with me!

He could only collect his Shooting Star Spiral and brick in three days.
The auction was three days later too.
Within this time, the only thing Wang Teng could do was wait.

The next day, he had nothing to do.
He decided to visit the Master Lu branch store again.

Lu Zisheng’s expression changed slightly when he saw Wang Teng.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to come back three days later to collect the items?”

“Oh, I just came to take a look.
I can’t do that?” asked Wang Teng.

“You can.
But, don’t talk much and don’t interrupt my work.” Lu Zisheng looked really uncomfortable.
He looked as though he just ate a pile of shit.

“I won’t talk.
You can do your things.
I’ll just stay at the side.” Wang Teng felt extremely wronged.

Lu Zisheng was too lazy to care about this drama king.
He returned to his work.

The sound of metal clanging echoed in the room.
Surprisingly, it felt a little rhythmic.



Lu Hammering Skill*5

Wang Teng happily collected the attribute bubbles at the side.

This was the primary purpose of this trip today.
He wanted to collect the fur from this muscular lamb.

At night, Wang Teng bid farewell to Lu Zisheng and said, “Master Lu, I’ll visit tomorrow too.”

“You’re still coming tomorrow?” Lu Zisheng looked at Wang Teng as he left.
He looked constipated.

The next day, Wang Teng came again.
He continued collecting the Lu Hammering Skill and Smithery skill attributes.

During the next two days, his Smithery skill broke through the foundation stage and reached small achievement.

Smithery (small achievement 230/500)

The progress of his hammering skill wasn’t slower either.
He reached the small achievement state.

Lu Hammering Skill (small achievement 55/500)

With his small achievement Smithery skill and Lu Hammering Skill, Wang Teng was confident to forge a 1-star weapon now.
Even if he were to forge a 2-star weapon, he felt that he had a 50 to 60% success rate.

The span was extremely wide!

Two days ago, he was an outsider who didn’t know anything about smithery.
Now, he could already forge a 2-star weapon.

If Lu Zisheng knew Wang Teng’s progress in these two days, he might have had a heart attack.

He had practiced smithery for 30 years.

From someone who didn’t know anything to be able to forge a 2-star weapon, he took seven years.
The hardships he had to endure weren’t worth telling other people.
What about Wang Teng? He only took two goddam days.

There was nothing to compare.

On the last day, Wang Teng didn’t go to the Master Lu branch store in the morning.
Instead, he headed towards the Bangde Auction House to participate in the auction.

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