In the afternoon, Wang Teng came to the district where Master Lu’s senior brother was living.

He looked at the slightly worn-out old street and wondered to himself, Do all the masters live in this kind of place?

Does this kind of place appear higher in class?

Does it make them appear more stylish?

Forget it.
Let’s not care about this.

Wang Teng walked into the old street and stopped outside a broken-down shop called ‘Master Lu Branch Store.’

He was speechless when he saw this name.
It was really recognizable!

This shop was a little too dilapidated, though.
People who didn’t know what it was might think that it was opened by a blacksmith from the countryside.

Wang Teng shook his head and entered the shop.

He scanned his surroundings.
Just like its exterior, the shop was simple and crude.
There was ironware placed casually all around him, including kitchen knives, butcher knives, spatulas, and many others.

Oh my god, were there people who wanted to forge these items?

Weren’t they all mass-produced?

Fortunately, he also saw blades and swords.
If not, he would have thought that he was in the wrong place.

“Is anyone here?” Wang Teng didn’t see anyone inside, so he shouted towards a door in the shop.

“Who is it?” A voice came from inside.

“I made an appointment with you yesterday about forging the Shooting Star Spiral,” Wang Teng replied.

“Oh, the Shooting Star Spiral.
You can come in.” The voice sounded again.

Wang Teng entered the door and walked in.

After passing through a short corridor, he was greeted with a huge forging room at the back.

A man with muscles all over his body was holding a big iron hammer and hammering something in front of the furnace.

When he saw this slightly ancient forging scene, Wang Teng was stunned for a moment.

The inside of the furnace was entirely red, and heat waves flowed out continuously.
The temperature of the room was extremely high because of the furnace.

Wang Teng frowned.
The ice Force flowed through his entire body to alleviate the heat.

“Please wait for a moment.
I’m almost done.”

The muscular hunk raised his huge hammer and knocked the sword he was making.
Sparks flew everywhere.
Sweat drenched his entire body.

“Alright, you can finish your work first.” Wang Teng looked at him with interest.
A few seconds later, his gaze suddenly paused.


An attribute bubble dropped from the muscular hunk.

You can drop attributes when you’re forging weapons? Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
Then, he used his spiritual power to pull the bubble over.

A new item appeared in his knowledge column.

Smithery (foundation 5/100)

At the same time, knowledge of smithery appeared in his mind.
It was very abstract with no flow to it.

But, this wasn’t a problem.
As long as he kept picking up attribute bubbles, his smithery knowledge would increase.

It was not harmful to learn some smithery.
He might be able to forge his own weapons in the future and wouldn’t need to seek help from others.

Now, the only problem was…

Will I become a muscular blacksmith in the future?

Just thinking about it made his hair stand on ends.
He was unable to accept himself having so many muscles on his body.

He hurriedly shook his head to shake the image out of his mind.

It was so frightening!

If that really happened, he would rather give up.

He could just spend money and let other people forge his weapons.
It was a little troublesome, but compared to his own image, this was nothing.


Huh? It dropped again! Let’s pick it up! Wang Teng saw another attribute bubble drop, so he picked it up without thinking.

He could learn smithery first.
Whether he used it or not was another thing.

At this moment, Wang Teng wasn’t impatient anymore.
He hoped that he could wait a little longer to see if the muscular hunk would drop more attribute bubbles.

The muscular hunk probably had some misunderstanding of the phrase ‘almost done.’ After he greeted Wang Teng, he threw him to the back of his mind and started forging his sword seriously.
He seemed to have forgotten about Wang Teng.



Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t wait in vain.
He decided to forgive the blacksmith because of the attribute bubbles.

Smithery (foundation 53/100)


It was hard to imagine that after a round of waiting, he had received 53 points of smithery attributes in total.

Now, more and more knowledge of smithery appeared in his mind.
He felt a sense of familiarity in his body, as though he had practiced forging, degree of heating, the strength of hammering, and distinguishing metal patterns for more than a year.
He suddenly felt that his mind was filled with good stuff.

This was amazing!

Suddenly, another attribute bubble dropped!


Lu Hammering Skill*5

It was a hammering skill!

However, this hammering skill was different from the mace skill during a battle.
This one was used to forge weapons.

Oh my god, there was a surprise at the end.

This hammering skill was worth picking up.

He didn’t pick up the mace skills for battle since he didn’t like to use battle maces.
That was against his image.

But, this was different.
If he really wanted to be a blacksmith in the future, he needed to have this hammering skill.

The Lu Hammering Skill became one of his battle techniques.

Lu Hammering Skill (foundation 5/100)

A light figure started practicing the skill in his mind.
Then, like the rivers that flowed back into the sea, it seeped into his body.

This is good stuff!

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up like light bulbs.
The Lu Hammering Skill was actually an earth-rank skill.
What a massive gain for him.

The price of an earth-rank battle technique was frighteningly high.

Also, this wasn’t a normal battle technique either.
It was a rarely seen smithery technique, so the price would be even higher.

Lu… Master Lu!

Was this a family business and skill?

Wang Teng pondered.
If he stole the other party’s unique skill, would it be a little uncool?

If Master Lu knew what kind of shameless person he found, he would probably vomit blood in anger.

“Sorry to make you wait for so long.” A rough voice pulled Wang Teng’s attention back.

“It’s alright, it’s alright.
It was not very long,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

Lu Zisheng: …

The way Wang Teng smiled… for some reason, Lu Zisheng felt that this youngster was a little sinister.

“Let me introduce myself.
My name is Lu Zisheng,” Lu Zisheng siad.

“Lu Zhisheng?” Wang Teng looked at him strangely.

This name!

“Zi Li Gen Sheng1,” Lu Zisheng said helplessly.
He had blamed his eccentric master for giving him this name countless times.
Why couldn’t he think of other names for him?

“Master Lu, it’s my honor to meet you,” Wang Teng replied in an enlightened tone.

“I’ve seen the blueprint for the Shooting Star Spiral you want to forge.
There’s no problem.
Have you brought the materials?” Lu Zisheng asked.

“Yes, I’ve brought them.”

Wang Teng took out the star bone and the dark ice stone.
Lu Zisheng’s eyes shimmered, looking like a predator that saw his prey.
He hurriedly wiped his hands, took the materials, and observed them carefully.

“These are good materials!”

Lu Zisheng caressed the star bone and the dark ice stone with his rough and big hands.
He closed his eyes as though he was sensing something.
In the end, he couldn’t help but praise the materials.

“With these two items, I can create a 6-star Shooting Star Spiral.”

“6-star!” Wang Teng was shocked.

He could make a 6-star weapon?

The two materials were part of the reason, but Lu Zisheng’s forging skills must be extremely powerful too.

“However, these two materials can only be the main materials.
Are you going to prepare your own secondary ingredients, or do you want me to help you purchase them?” Lu Zisheng asked.

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