“My leg is gone.
Damn it, my leg is gone.
How do you expect me to remain calm? Huh? Tell me, how the hell do you expect me to remain calm?” Yang Fei was a little out of control as he yelled at Lin Zhan.

“It’s all my fault.
If I didn’t choose to fight with him head-on, this might not have happened,” Lin Zhan suddenly said in a depressed tone.

“Leader, don’t blame yourself.
No one will give up their spoils of war in that situation.
Also, even if we had handed over the items to him, he might not have let us go.
This is the world of martial warriors.
It has always been like this,” Liu Yan consoled him.

“You chose to walk on this path.
Yang Fei, you should have thought of this day.
Why are you blaming others?” Yan Jinming’s words were cruel, but it was the truth.

“Brother…” Yan Jinyue couldn’t bear to hear his words.

Yang Fei was stunned.
Then, he started wailing.

Actually, he knew that Yan Jinming was telling the truth, but he couldn’t accept it.

Everyone kept quiet.

Yang Fei cried for a long time before he stopped gradually.
His voice was hoarse as he said, “Yan Jinming is right.
This is all my choice.
I can’t blame anyone.
Leader, I’m sorry.
I lost control of my emotions just now.”

Lin Zhan moved the corners of his lips.
In the end, he just sighed and patted Yang Fei’s shoulder.
“When we go back to Earth, go and find an office job.
You won’t have to live on the edge every day anymore and worry about when you will die.”

“Alright.” Yang Fei nodded rapidly.

The atmosphere was still heavy.
Yan Jinming changed the topic and asked, “How did we survive?”

“Ask Wang Teng.
He’s the one who saved us,” Lin Zhan said.

“The young man thought that all of you had died from the explosion, so he sought his own death and came down from the sky.
Noticing that I was just a 1-star martial warrior, he let down his guard.
I managed to sneak an attack on him.” Wang Teng simplified everything.

“That’s it?” Everyone was dumbfounded.

“That’s it!” Wang Teng nodded.
“If not, what do you think happened?”

…They were speechless.

That was too… simple!

The powerful character that almost wiped out their entire team was killed by Wang Teng’s sneak attack.
No matter how many times they thought about it, it sounded unbelievable.

Could it be that the guy was just a newbie who managed to force the elite team into a tight corner because he had the frightening weapon, the Fire God Cannon, and was in the sky?

“However, that fellow must have a good background.
We need to be careful after we go back,” Wang Teng said.

“That’s right.
He had the Fire God Cannon, so he might come from some elite family.” Lin Zhan nodded.
He asked, “Did you clean up the scene?”

“I got rid of the corpse and all the traces.
I’m a professional.” Wang Teng nodded.

Everyone’s expressions turned weird.

Why did he sound as though this wasn’t the first time he was doing this?

They realized that they seemed to have underestimated this young man.
Every time they felt that they understood him, he opened up their minds again.

Was this fellow really a high school student who just graduated?

After resting for a day and a night, everyone barely recovered.
Since they wouldn’t be able to heal completely within a short time, they decided to return to Yong City.

Especially Yang Fei.
It was better to bring him back to earth to receive the best treatment.

He wouldn’t be able to get his leg back, though.

There was a kind of dan that was able to regrow bones and flesh, but they were definitely unable to afford it.
They could only rely on medical technologies.

The few of them carefully left the Dark Mist Forest.
They drove the armored vehicle and went back to Yong City.

At the Jixin Martial House branch.

When their martial warrior friends saw them, they were flabbergasted.

“Lin Zhan, what happened to you? Why are you all in this state?”

They had already decided on their story.
Lin Zhan sighed and said, “Don’t talk about it.
We met a 4-star star beast in the outer circle.
We almost couldn’t come back.”

“You’re really unlucky!” The martial warriors from the martial arts academy surrounded them and looked at them with pity.

“Everyone, move.
Brother Yang is injured.
Don’t block the way!” Someone saw Yang Fei’s broken leg, so they hurriedly ordered the others to clear a path.


Lin Zhan and his teammates nodded at their friends.
They went to the martial arts lobby to make a report before heading to the dimensional rift.

The discussions behind them never stopped, even after the other martial warriors saw them leaving.

Lin Zhan and his teammates came to the dimensional rift and returned to Earth.
They hurriedly sent Yang Fei to the hospital.

Yang Fei’s family had already received the news and were waiting at the hospital.

When Yang Fei’s parents and wife saw his miserable condition, they wept uncontrollably.
They hugged him and cried their hearts out.

At first, they thought that becoming a martial warrior was something to be proud of for their family.
All these years, Yang Fei had earned a lot of money, and the life of his family got better and better.
He even had a higher identity and status as compared to other normal people.

Ever since Yang Fei became a martial warrior, many relatives that never contacted them for a long time came to ask them for help.
Their family was incredibly proud no matter where they went.

Others were envious when they learned that their family had a martial warrior.

However, they never expected this to be the ending.
It was difficult to accept it.

“Alright, stop crying.
I just lost a leg.
With my ability as a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior, I will be able to live like a normal person after I put on a prosthetic leg.”

“Also, I can find an office job in the martial arts academy in the future.
I will be able to go home more often.
All of you should be happy.” Yang Fei patted the shoulders of his parents and wife and smiled.

Yang Fei’s wife was a teacher.
She looked prim and proper and was less than 30 years old.
When she heard his words, she nodded.
“You can accompany your daughter and me more in the future.
I won’t have to be in a state of anxiety all the time either.”

“It’s good that you’re alive.” Yang Fei’s parents wiped their tears and looked at him amiably.

“Yang Fei, don’t worry.
I will personally settle your work for you.
You have more than sufficient ability to be a martial warrior instructor.
I think that the martial arts academy will give you a satisfactory answer,” Lin Zhan patted Yang Fei’s shoulder and said.

“Thank you, leader!” Yang Fei nodded.

“Why are you so polite? If you have any troubles in the future, you can call us.
We have been teammates for many years.
We might not be blood-related, but we’re closer than a family,” Lin Zhan said.

“That’s right.
If you don’t call us, we will beat you up.” Liu Yan waved her fist at Yang Fei.
Then, she said to his wife, “Sister, you need to look after him.
This fellow might seem humble, but he’s actually really stubborn.”

“Sister Liu, don’t worry.” Yang Fei’s wife smiled and replied, “Come and visit us often.
Our daughter keeps talking about you.”

Tell your daughter that I will come with a gift next time,” Liu Yan smiled and said.

After settling Yang Fei, the other team members bade farewell and left.

“Go back and get some rest.
We will calculate our gains tomorrow and sell them to the martial arts academy.
If we sell them internally, we won’t be cheated.
As for the star bone, I will see if there’s an auction.
We will put it up for auction,” Lin Zhan said.

The other team members had no objections.

On the way home, Wang Teng felt complicated.
He never expected his first trip to the Xingwu Continent to be so short but so eventful.
He had experienced so many things.
He was deeply affected.

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