At the entrance of the valley.


The moment Lin Zhan and his team came out, the screech of a bird was heard abruptly from the sky.

A huge shadow enveloped them.

Everyone’s expression changed.
They quickly raised their heads.

A giant bird was circling the air over their heads.
When it flapped its wings, gales were formed.
The trees around them swayed right and left from the force.

“You’re really bold.
How dare you snatch something I laid my eyes on.”

A young man’s voice came from the back of the bird.
He was speaking in the common language of the Xingwu Continent.

Only his voice was heard, though.
They couldn’t see the person.

In an instant, the expressions of the members of the Tiger Warrior team turned ugly.

Earlier, Lin Zhan’s mood was at a high, and he had been smiling like a blooming flower.
However, now, he was tensed up and looked at the bird above him in frustration.

Do you have to be so irritating? Why did you appear now? Why did you come when we finished killing the beast?

Are you playing with me!

Wang Teng’s heart skipped a beat too.

This was most likely the person who had injured the single-horn denglong.
They thought he had left, but unluckily, they met him right in the face when they came out of the valley.

The Tiger Warrior team had just gone through a rough battle.
Even Lin Zhan was hurt.
They were only left with half of their combat ability.

It would be a little tough to win against this person, who was able to hurt the single-horn denglong alone.

Based on his accent, the other party might be a local from the Xingwu Continent.

Wang Teng knew from the small booklet of common knowledge that the Xingwu Continent and Earth might appear to be at peace on the surface, but in many areas, the competition between these two worlds was huge.

Especially in the other party’s territory, Earth humans were outsiders.

The resources the Xingwu Continent provided to martial warriors were already limited.
When more people from Earth came, things became even tenser.

If they didn’t fight, the resources would all be snatched by the other party!

This was the situation now.
Once the two parties from different worlds met, there was no room for discussions.

Only one word—fight!

The resources would go to the winner!

Lin Zhan exchanged glances with his team members.
They understood each other’s intentions and decided to fight with the young man.

As expected, Lin Zhan mocked, “You are too domineering.
This single-horn denglong wasn’t killed by you.
Why can’t other people kill it?”

“Hmph, since I laid my eyes on it, it’s mine.
Who are you?” The young man on the bird replied arrogantly.

“Stop bullshitting.
If you want it, come down and take it.” Lin Zhan scoffed.


“Little Black, kill them!” The young man on the bird ordered in a cold voice.


The bird gave a shrill screech.
It glared at the people on the ground with its sharp eyes.
Then, it closed its wings and flapped them forcefully.


Gales were formed.
Wind blades intertwined with each other as they swept towards the people on the ground.

“F**k, another wind element star beast.”

Lin Zhan cursed.
He hurriedly raised his shield to block the attack.

The other people followed.
They retreated and blocked their bodies with their shields.

Clang, clang, clang…

The wind blades knocked on the shields and gave off the sound of metals clashing into one another.

“Liu Yan, shoot him down.”

“Yang Fei, Yan Jinming, cover up Liu Yan.”

“Wang Teng, you know how to shoot, right? Hurry, shoot the damn out of him.”

Lin Zhan hurled commands at his teammates.

Yang Fei and Yan Jinming immediately moved to Liu Yan’s side.
They raised their shield and covered her up.

Liu Yan placed her shield behind her back and took down her heavy machine gun.
She fired into the air through the gap of the two shields.

Bang, bang, bang…

A huge number of alloy bullets engulfed the bird in the sky like a bullet rain.

“Rise!” The figure gave another order.

The bird flapped its wings, forming a strong wind.
It rose straight up into the air and instantly flew more than ten meters higher.

“Leader, he’s too far away!” Liu Yan said with an ugly expression.

On the other side, Wang Teng took out his heavy bow and jumped onto a tree.
He notched an arrow on the bow and used all the strength he had.
Ice Force congregated at the tip as he released the arrow.

Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to score a hit.

“Damn it.
That brat calculated the distance and knew that we couldn’t reach him.
That’s why he’s so fearless,” Lin Zhan gritted his teeth and said.

“Hahaha, if you are sensible, pass me the item.
Otherwise, today will be the day of your death.” Arrogant peals of laughter echoed from the sky.

Then, they were inundated by wind blades.

“Are you planning to defeat us with these wind blades?”

“Brat, come down and fight with us one on one if you dare.
Why are you hiding on top? Don’t you know that you look like a coward?” Lin Zhan shouted back, refusing to admit defeat.

“You’re looking for death.”

The young man on the bird was obviously infuriated by Lin Zhan’s words.
He took out a cannon and aimed it at the people below.

“Have a taste of my cannon!”


A massive explosion sounded.
Roaring flames spurted out of the mouth of the cannon, bringing with it a frightening force as the cannonball shot towards Wang Teng and his teammates.

“What the f**k, that’s the Fire God Cannon!”

“Dodge quickly!”

Lin Zhan’s face turned green.
He increased his speed explosively and ran away.

The other people’s expressions changed too.
There seemed to be wheels on their legs as they dashed away.
It was as though they had seen some terrifying monster.

Wang Teng was cursing in his heart.

This bastard was really vicious.
He even used a heavy weapon like the fire cannon.

He had heard of the Fire God Cannon before.
This thing was expensive to make, and its power was frightening.
Ordinary people couldn’t afford to use it.

The person in the air actually brought one along with him.
This was out of everyone’s expectation.

It was too late to say anything now.
They needed to escape.


The Force cannonball congregated by the Fire God Cannon smashed into the ground.
Flames gushed into the air, and visible impact waves swept through the forest, bringing everything along with it.

Lin Zhan, Wang Teng, and the other team members weren’t able to run far at all.

The powerful blast moved as fast as lightning.
It threw them into the air.

Wang Teng could hardly look after himself.
At this moment, he didn’t have the time to care about other people.

“Earth Element Shield!”

He quickly blocked his front.
At the same time, Force exploded out of his body and congregated into a yellowish-brown shield.

At this life or death moment, his heartbeat increased and his mind was all tensed up.
His spiritual power moved automatically and merged into his Earth Element Shield.

In that instant, the world suddenly became silent.

He had lost his hearing temporarily because of the enormous explosion!

His battle shield shattered into pieces.

The Earth Element Shield persevered for three breaths before it crumbled gradually.
It shattered.

Hot waves gushed towards him.
The impact waves landed on Wang Teng’s body, and he felt a collision on his head.
His vision turned black.
In an instant, he couldn’t see anything.

A long time seemed to have passed.
Yet, it felt like an instant too.

Wang Teng shook his head and crawled up from the ground.
At the start, his mind was still in a daze.
He didn’t know what had happened.

But, the next second, his pupils constricted.
He had regained his memory.

“I’m still alive!”

He rejoiced for surviving the disaster.

Then, he hurriedly jumped up.
However, the action made him gasp in pain.
His entire body was aching.

This is so painful.

Damn it, I wonder how my other teammates are?

Wang Teng raised his eyes and looked around him.
The ground was all burned black, and there was a deep hole in the middle.
The trees around it had collapsed.
Flames were raging on the branches of the trees.

“Huh? There’s still someone alive!”

The bird flew down slowly.

A young man stood on the back of the bird and looked down on Wang Teng.

The attire he was wearing was the style of the Xingwu Continent.

The two worlds had interacted for 30 years, but they still maintained their unique culture and customs.

For instance, people on Earth would not especially wear the clothes of the Xingwu Continent.
Similarly, the people on the Xingwu Continent would not wear clothes from Earth either.

He gave a look of contempt and said calmly, “You’re a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
It looks like you’re really lucky and managed to keep your life.
Your teammates’ abilities didn’t seem bad.
However, they’re probably dead now.

“Tell me, what did you get from the single-horn denglong? Who has that thing? If you tell me, maybe I can consider sparing your life.”

“You killed them?”

Wang Teng remained expressionless, but there was a cold glare in his eyes.
Although he had known Lin Zhan and the other team members for a short period only, they had taken great care of him.

He had to repay them!

Also, this person almost killed him!

Anyone that wanted to kill him must die!

“Why? Do you want to take revenge for them?” The young man scoffed.
He didn’t hide his disdain.

“I don’t mind telling you that I’m a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
If you reply to me honestly, you can live.
If not, I will let you die a terrible death…”

“Uncle, may I know how old you are?” Wang Teng interrupted him.

…The young man was stunned by this strange question.



Who are you calling uncle?

The young man’s veins popped out of his head.
He asked with a furious expression, “What do you mean?”

“Oh, nothing.
I heard that old people are normally naggy.
I want to see if you’re an old uncle under that young man’s face,” Wang Teng said.

“Old, old man?!

“Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

The young man’s expression turned cold.
He held his hand into a claw and exuded Force on his hand.
He then viciously attacked Wang Teng’s neck.

Wang Teng looked at him as he flew down.
His face was calm.

70 meters!

60 meters!

50 meters…

At that moment, Wang Teng moved his thoughts.
The remaining small amount of spiritual power gushed out of his mind.

Flying dagger!

A cold glint flew out of his battle uniform.
It turned into a flash of lightning and shot towards the young man.

“Spiritual power!”

The young man’s expression changed tremendously.

The cold glint’s speed was so fast that he couldn’t capture it with his eyes.
It seemed to be shuttling between spaces.
In a blink of an eye, it appeared in front of him.

It was too late to dodge.

The young man made a hasty decision and changed the direction of his hand.
The Force in his body surged out as he clawed towards the cold glint.


Wang Teng lifted the edge of his lips as he said this single word.

The cold glint exploded below the man’s claw.
It turned into six cold rays and attacked the young man from all directions.

Wang Teng remembered the Shooting Star Spiral’s theory, so when he attacked the first time, he used the six flying daggers together as one.
Now, he split them up to catch his opponent off his guard!


Fear finally appeared on the young man’s face.
His pupils constricted into a needle, the six rays of cold lights reflecting in them.
He yelled in despair.


The six cold lights instantly pierced into the young man’s head.

Some pierced into his eyes, some went through his forehead, some stabbed into his temples…

Blood spurted everywhere!

The young man died in a gruesome manner.

Blood oozed out of his eyes, nose, and mouth.

Panic, despair, unwillingness, and even regret… all kinds of emotions solidified on the face that was slowly losing its vitality.

Wang Teng looked at the body as it fell backward.
It crashed forcefully onto the ground.

He said calmly, “I’m sorry.
I don’t want to die.”

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