Chapter 120: Do You Want To Experience My Hammer Fist Of Love?

“F**k, I almost died!”

Yan Jinming and the other team members cursed furiously.
They weren’t in a good mood.

“I didn’t expect the single-horn denglong to fight back in the face of death and attempt to drag us down to hell with it.
We almost fell into its trap,” Yang Fei said with a bitter smile.

“When we meet another 3-star or above star beast, we need to be more careful.
A star beast at this level has its own intellect.
Yet, they still maintain their brutish nature, so they are unruly and ruthless.
We can’t predict their actions using logic,” Lin Zhan said.

“Sigh, this is the first time we met such a vicious fellow after so many years of forming the team,” Liu Yan commented.

“Little Yue, are you alright?” Yan Jinming held onto his younger sister in concern.

The few of them had received the brunt of the explosion.
Their organs were heavily impacted by the force and were injured.
As a lady, Yan Jinyue’s defensive ability was weaker, so her injury was more severe than the men.

Her face was pale, and blood was seeping out of the corners of her lips.
She seemed listless.
Her body was about to collapse at any moment.

“Give her the medicine quickly,” Liu Yan said in a hurry.

Yan Jinming regained his composure and took out the healing medication from his backpack.
He let Yan Jinyue swallow it.

“Execute your Force to hasten the absorption of the medicine.”

Yan Jinyue was already weak.
She followed her brother’s instructions and sat down cross-legged on the ground.
She started absorbing the medicine to heal her injuries.

Yang Fei and Lin Zhan also took out their medicine and swallowed them.
Their injuries weren’t as serious as Yan Jinyue’s, but it still hurt.
Their combat prowess had taken a hit.

“Is that single-horn denglong dead?” Wang Teng asked.

“The degree of the explosion is huge and it was at the center of the explosion.
It must be dead,” Lin Zhan smiled and replied.

Wang Teng nodded.
He scanned his surroundings.
There were many attribute bubbles dropped around him.

He picked them up.

Metal Force*15

Fire Force*13

Earth Force*9

Water Force*8

Wind Force*25

Blank Attribute*33

A huge gain!

Not to mention the other attributes, he had gained a high number of fire, water, and earth Force attributes.
It was enough to raise his ability by another level.

And the bonus of 25 wind Force!

As well as the metal Force that appeared for the first time.
There were as many as 15 points.

Wang Teng received another Force element!

This time, there were many blank attributes too.
He got 33 points of blank attributes, bringing his total to 90.

Wang Teng was secretly elated.
He continued sucking over the other attribute bubbles from afar and collecting them.

Intermediate Stage Wind Talent*1

Wang Teng was stunned.

An intermediate stage wind talent! Ecstasy surged up his heart.

As expected of a 3-star star beast with a high intellect.

Even the talent it dropped was at the intermediate stage.

Mind you, all the talents he had for his earth element, fire element, and ice element were only at the beginner stage.

It was obvious that intermediate stage talents were more powerful than beginner stage talents.

Now, he would be able to make use of his wind Force.
He could also unleash the full potential of his Steps of Gale and not just shelve it in his attribute row and let it rot there.

The gains of killing a 3-star star beast were so huge!

It was worth it!

In comparison, the minor injuries were nothing.

Very soon, Lin Zhan and the other teammates digested their healing medication and regained some of their health.
Lin Zhan stood up and said, “Let’s go over and take a look at the single-horn denglong.
We’ve wasted some time.
We should clean up the scene and leave.
The explosion just now will definitely attract the attention of the other star beasts in this region.
It might even lure other martial warriors.
We need to act quickly.”

“That’s right.
Quickly take a look at the star beast.
We spent so much effort trying to kill it.
If there aren’t any gains, it will be a huge loss for us,” Yang Fei said.

They started searching their surroundings.
They didn’t know where the body of the single-horn denglong was sent flying after the explosion.

Yan Jinyue was still undergoing the healing process, and Liu Yan took care of her at the side.
The young men searched for the body.

Wang Teng remembered the location of the talent attribute bubble and walked over to the spot.
When he dug up the soil, his expression changed.
He shouted at Lin Zhan and his other teammates, “It’s here!”

“Oh, you found it!”

The others rushed over immediately.

“I can’t feel its aura.
It’s probably dead.”

“Old Yang, this is your show.
Open the body and see if there’s a star bone,” Lin Zhan said with an intense gaze.

“No problem.
Leave it to me.”

Yang Fei sniggered and bent down.
He pushed away the rocks at the side and pulled the single-horn denglong out of the debris.
Then, he took out a dagger and started dealing with the corpse.

The single-horn denglong was dead.
Its body was riddled with wounds, and it had lost a lot of blood.

“Brother Yang is like the butcher of the team,” Wang Teng smiled and teased him.

“Hahaha, well, he indeed has the talent.
He’s suitable for this job.” Lin Zhan laughed.

Yang Fei smiled.
He seemed pretty proud.

A few moments later, he cut off the horn and claws of the single-horn denglong.
Then, he skinned the entire corpse.

“What a pity.
This skin is heavily damaged, so the price will be heavily discounted,” Yang Fei said with regret.

“As compared to the star bone, this is just a small change.
Stop wasting time.
Look for the star bone first,” Lin Zhan urged him.

Yang Fei nodded.
He took a deep breath and placed his hand on the single-horn denglong’s corpse.
He felt the corpse for a few seconds before beaming a happy smile.
“There’s a star core!”

While speaking, he had already stabbed the dagger into the single-horn denglong’s body.
He lifted his dagger, and a green round ball rolled out.
This was the wind element star core of the single-horn denglong.

The price of a 3-star star beast star core was much higher than a 1-star star core.
Even more, this was a wind element star core.

Lin Zhan and the other team members were elated.
Even without the star bone, this star core was enough to earn them a considerable amount of money.


The next instant, Yang Fei shouted in surprise, “Star bone! There’s really a star bone! Hahaha, leader, we’re going to be rich!”

“Great! Quick, dig it out!” Lin Zhan gave a bright smile as he opened his eyes wide.

Yan Jinming and even Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue, who were a distance away, were ecstatic when they heard this piece of news.

A star bone!

They had guessed that there might be a star bone in this star beast, but the probability of finding it was really low.
All they had was an ounce of hope.

However, there was really a star bone.
They would definitely put this up for auction.
It would fetch an amazing price.

On the other hand, Wang Teng was relatively calm.
After all, he had a star bone already, and it belonged to him only.
When he saw his teammates’ exhilarated expressions, he couldn’t help but ask them, “Leader, you are a 3-star elite martial warrior team.
This is just a star bone.
Do you have to be so excited?”

“It’s just a…”

Everyone turned around and glared at Wang Teng with hidden bitterness.

“You brat, that’s easy for you to say.
This is the first star bone we have found after so many years, but you seem to be looking down on it.

“Don’t you know the price of a star bone?”

“I do.
I performed quite well during the martial arts exam, so the leader of the Ministry of Education of Donghai gave me one as my reward.
I heard that it’s very precious, that’s all.
Your reactions are too exaggerated,” Wang Teng said calmly as he continued his acting.

The other people were speechless.


Comparisons are odious!

Look at him.
He doesn’t need to risk his life to hunt and kill star beasts.
He was able to get a star bone as his reward.

Look at us.
Sigh, forget it… There’s nothing worth comparing.

The other team members felt depressed.
The gloomy aura hung over them as they turned their backs to Wang Teng and decided to ignore him in unplanned unison.

Wang Teng: …

What did I do wrong?

Suddenly, Yang Fei exclaimed happily, “I found it.
It’s the leg bone.”

He moved the dagger in his hand and slit the flesh of the beast.
He then extracted a bone from the corpse of the single-horn denglong.

This piece of bone was white all over except for the center.
There was a green-color crystal clear section in the bone.

There were thin lines on the green-color section of the bone.
It looked mysterious and profound.

It felt cool and icy to the touch.

“Quick, let me touch it.
Oh my god, I have been a martial warrior for so long and have only seen it once from afar.
I have never touched a star bone before.” Lin Zhan snatched the thigh bone from Yang Fei’s hand.
He caressed the green-color section of the bone gently with an enchanted expression.
He really looked like…

Imagine a fierce-looking young man rubbing a white piece of bone as if he was caressing the leg of a beautiful lady.

Think of that scene!

Tsk, it was quite frightening!

Yang Fei and Yan Jinming wanted to touch the bone too, but when they saw their leader’s expression, they suddenly shuddered and regained their senses.

“Cough, leader, you’re salivating,” Wang Teng couldn’t help but remind him kindly.


Lin Zhan was given a fright.
He instinctively raised his hand to wipe the corners of his lips.
Then, he regained his composure and his eyebrows started twitching.

He glanced at Wang Teng ominously from the corners of his eyes.

“You little brat, you’re getting really bold.
Do you want to experience the hammer fist of my love?”

“Hahaha, leader, you looked outstanding today.
Your face is pinkish, so you must be extremely lucky and supremely fortunate… Erm, that sounded a little weird.
Anyway, leader, you are really lucky today.
No wonder the star bone appeared.
It must be because the main protagonist’s script you have has started to take effect…” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly and immediately released his ultimate move—sucking up.

As for what the hammer fist of love was, he would leave that to the rest of his teammates.
He didn’t need this disgusting thing.

Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue had just returned after treating their wounds.
Yan Jinming, Yang Fei, and the two ladies were shocked when they heard this.

They had never seen such a shameless person before!

How interesting!

“Hmph.” Lin Zhan gave a forced smile.
Then, he turned serious and said, “Since we have taken care of everything, let’s leave.
We will return to the martial arts academy…”

Before the team members could feel happy at the mention of returning to the martial arts academy, they heard him saying, “Oh, right.
Old Yang, take a look at the other leg and see if there’s another star bone.”

Everyone: …

Why didn’t they see their leader’s money-grubbing side in the past?

Even though they complained in their hearts, Yang Fei still executed his leader’s order.
He slit open the other leg of the single-horn denglong and took a look.


It was normal that there was nothing.
You must be dreaming to think that there would be two star bones in a single star beast.

Finally, they could retreat in peace.

They didn’t waste any more time and walked out of the valley.

“Leader, how much can you sell this star bone for?” Wang Teng asked curiously along the way.

“Most probably… seven to eight hundred million.” Lin Zhan wasn’t certain either.
“I saw an auction of a star bone in the past.
The buyer bought a 3-star star bone for this price.
This star bone should be around the same.
What’s more, it’s a wind element star bone.
It is more precious and rarer than a normal element star bone.”

“It’s so expensive!” Wang Teng was really shocked this time.

The star bone Director He gave him came from a 1-star star beast.
If a 3-star star bone cost seven to eight hundred million, that 1-star star bone should cost around one hundred million, right?

From the looks of it, Director He spent more than he expected!

“Seven to eight hundred million is the minimum price.
It depends on the buyer.
If we meet someone that really wants this piece of star bone, he might buy it for a few billion without batting his eyelids,” Lin Zhan smiled and continued.

He seemed to be in a good mood.
It was understandable.
How could a person not be happy when he had a few billion in his pocket?

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