The heart of martial arts, even a god wouldn’t be able to handle it, much less an earth armor pig.

When the long sword stabbed into its body, Force gushed out and directly froze its internal organs.
The pig was killed in a single move!

Lin Zhan looked at the time and burst out laughing.
“Less than a minute.
Come, take out your energy stones!”

Yang Fei and Yan Jinming’s expressions turned strange.
They sighed secretly and accepted their defeat.
While shaking their heads, they took out ten energy stones and gave them to Lin Zhan.

Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue clicked their tongues unhappily.
They were beaten by Wang Teng’s shamelessness.

How was he able to use this move? Where did his dignity go?

“This move might be a little shameless, but it’s actually the most effective and energy saving.” Lin Zhan smiled and stretched his hand out.
“Give me the energy stones.”

“Leader, you’re jackals of the same lair!” The two ladies rolled their eyes.
They took out their energy stones helplessly and gave them to him.

What a huge loss!

Wang Teng walked over and saw this scene.
He was speechless.
“Here I am fighting with my life, but all of you are just using me as your gambling material!”

“Cough, cough, the forest is so boring.
This is to liven up the mood,” Lin Zhan replied shamelessly.

“Wang Teng, why didn’t you use Force to attack just now? Why did you use that move?” Yan Jinyue couldn’t help but ask.

Most importantly, she wanted to listen to Wang Teng’s thoughts.
How sadistic was he to be able to think of that move?

“Save when you can.
I’m just a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
I have a limited amount of Force.
If I can finish this battle using the simplest method, why should I waste my Force?” Wang Teng replied matter-of-factly.

“Look, Wang Teng understands it more than you.
How can you call yourself seniors?” said Lin Zhan.

“There are many ways to save Force.
He doesn’t have to use this method.” Liu Yan was unwilling to accept defeat.

“I feel that this method is excellent, and I find it easy to execute.
I can try it again in the future.
I’ve decided to call this move the Heart of Martial Arts—Thousand Years of Pain!” Wang Teng shamelessly used the name of a legendary move of a certain manga in his past life.

“Go away.
Don’t use this method in front of us.
It hurts our eyes.” The two ladies, Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue, immediately got annoyed.

The three men laughed uncontrollably.
This Wang Teng was a weirdo!

He even gave his move a name after using it.
Was he afraid that other people wouldn’t know about his move if the name wasn’t loud enough?

“Alright, take the tusks and scales of the earth armor pig, and we will leave,” Lin Zhan said.

Yang Fei immediately walked over to take care of the earth armor pig’s corpse.
Wang Teng aided him at the side.
The pig’s scales were extremely tough and strong.
If you wanted to skin it without proficient skills, it would be challenging.

When Yang Fei was taking off the scales, Lin Zhan and the others kept watch of their surroundings.

Yang Fei’s actions were skilled.
Very soon, he took off the armor of the earth armor pig and put it in his bag.
His backpack immediately became full.
He didn’t take the whole scale armor of the earth armor pig, though.
If he did, he wouldn’t be able to stuff it in his bag.

“Huh?” Yang Fei suddenly made a sound.
He had an elated expression as he said, “I think there’s a star core!”

He used his knife to cut the abdomen of the earth armor pig.
Then, he took out a yellowish-brown uneven round object.

“Hahaha, leader, come and take a look.
There’s a star core!” Yang Fei laughed loudly.

Lin Zhan and the other team members were shocked when they heard this.
They immediately gathered around.

“F**k, Wang Teng, I have nothing to say about your luck!” Liu Yan exclaimed in surprise.

Wang Teng was stunned too.
He had only killed three star beasts, and two of them gifted him with star cores.
Was he really the son of Lady Luck?

He felt a little proud of himself.

“Keep it.
Don’t reveal your wealth,” Lin Zhan reminded him.
Then, he said, “See if there’s a star bone.”

Yang Fei threw the star core to Wang Teng and shook his head.
I’ve already inspected it.”

The star core and star bone were both hidden in the star beast’s body.
They were like light lamps at night.
You would be able to detect them immediately once you used your Force to scan the insides.

This was how they searched for star bones and star cores yesterday night with the corpses of the gale wolves.

Unfortunately, the gale wolves didn’t have any star cores, much less star bones.

When humans killed more and more star beasts, they started to gain more experience.

Normally, only star beasts with star cores would have star bones.
If the beast didn’t have a star core, it shouldn’t be able to give birth to a star bone.

That was why Lin Zhan asked Yang Fei if there was a star bone.

Wang Teng kept the star core.
The gains by the team would be sold after they returned to Earth.
The money would be split according to a certain percentage.
That was how all teams worked.

Of course, the main things that Wang Teng received after killing the star beast were attribute bubbles.

Earth Force*4

Blank Attribute*6

The gains were not bad.

The team continued their journey to Wind Valley.

Around noon, Wang Teng and his teammates arrived outside a valley.

This valley was shaped like a gourd.
The mouth of the gourd was the only entrance, as its sides were lined by unscalable cliffs.

A burst of strong wind gushed out of the valley.
It sounded like the wails of ghosts and howls of wolves.

Lin Zhan stood outside the entrance and observed for some time.
His expression changed slightly, “Someone has been here.”

“Indeed, traces of people can be seen.” Yan Jinming squatted down to take a look.
He said with a worried expression, “Did we waste our trip?”

“Are we still going in?” Liu Yan asked.

“If the other party is inside and we meet them coincidentally, we might need to engage in a fierce fight.
I wonder how strong they are?” Yang Fei said.

“Since we are here, we have to take a look.
When has the Tiger Warrior team been scared of anyone?” Lin Zhan scoffed with a cold expression.

“Wang Teng, be careful!” He reminded Wang Teng before stepping into the valley first.

Wang Teng and the other teammates followed closely behind him.

The paths in the valley were difficult to walk.
The biting cold wind blew hard against them, making it even more challenging to balance their bodies.
Their faces hurt from the piercing cold.

Fortunately, they were all martial warriors, so they could barely handle it.

They walked cautiously for some distance, but they didn’t see any humans.

“Could they have left already?” Yan Jinming frowned and asked.

“Let’s go further.
Be prepared to fight anytime.
Last time, we saw the single-horn denglong not far ahead.
I wonder if it’s still there?” Lin Zhan replied.

The team members held their weapons in one hand and the shield in the other.
They remained vigilant of their surroundings.


Suddenly, a white figure stooped down from the cliff at the side.
Its speed was astonishing.
The air around it was torn apart, letting out a shrill and sharp screech.

“Be careful!”

Lin Zhan shouted.

Liu Yan’s expression changed.
She felt that the white figure was targeting her.
However, Liu Yan was caught off guard, so she wasn’t able to react in time.

Wang Teng was standing beside her.
His expression abruptly changed, and he pushed her away.
At the same time, he swung his battle sword out.


A huge force crashed onto him.
The green-colored Force collided with him and knocked him off his feet.
Wang Teng didn’t have time to think.
The Force in his body exploded as he neutralized the powerful and violent force of impact.

The wind energy formed by the green Force shot out in all directions like sharp blades.
Wang Teng was right in the center.
He felt as if there were hundreds of wind daggers slashing his body.

The plants around him were reduced to shreds.
The wood splinters floated and danced in the air.


Under the bombardment of the enormous force, Wang Teng was slammed heavily into the stone wall.
His chest felt stuffy.

If he hadn’t defended himself in time just now using his Force or if he hadn’t worn this battle uniform, he might have been seriously injured.

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