Wang Teng panted slightly as he looked at the gale wolf beside his feet.

That attack just now looked easy, but he had unleashed all his power in that burst of movement.

Fortunately, his speed wasn’t slower than the gale wolf.
His basic footwork was at the presence enlightenment stage, and his overall battle power was close to the peak of a one-star soldier-level martial warrior.
The combination of these two allowed him to kill the gale wolf renowned for its speed.

Also, the gale wolf that Wang Teng killed hadn’t reached 1-star high-level.
Judging from its ability, it was only at 1-star middle-level.

In front of Lin Zhan’s compliment, Wang Teng appeared indifferent.
He didn’t belittle himself, nor did he feel too proud.

“Not bad, Little Brother Wang.
Your ability and battle skills are not weak at all.” Liu Yan jumped down from the tree and patted Wang Teng’s shoulder in surprise.

“It looks like we have misjudged you.
As the top scholar of the martial arts exam and a martial warrior at such a young age, you are definitely not weak,” Yan Jinming smiled and said.

Everyone couldn’t help but remember their first time meeting a star beast.
They weren’t as relaxed as Wang Teng.
In fact, they were a little disheveled.

They couldn’t be compared to Wang Teng at all.

They thought about what Wang Teng said a few moments ago.
He had told them that they didn’t need to babysit him.
At first, they thought he didn’t want to accept their help because of his ego, but now…

They were obviously thinking too much!

Damn it, were newbies all so powerful nowadays?

“Alright, let’s tidy up and leave quickly.
The smell of blood will lure other star beasts over,” Lin Zhan commanded.

The team members didn’t refute him.
They immediately took care of the corpses of the gale wolves, mainly their claws and their teeth.
Then, they checked if there were any star cores.

As for the other parts of their bodies, like the skin and the meat, they were indeed worth some money, but it wasn’t much.
There were too many of them, which would take up too much space.
No one would waste the effort to keep them.

Wang Teng followed their actions and cut off the sharp claws of the gale wolves and their teeth.
At the same time, he secretly activated his spiritual power and sucked all the attribute bubbles around him.

Wind Force*1

Wind Force*1

Blank Attribute*4

Wind Force!

There were 11 points of wind Force in total!

Wang Teng was elated.
He had another Force element now, and it was even the mutated wind Force.

He had personally experienced the speed of the gale wolves.
They were able to travel so quickly thanks to this wind Force.
Now that he had it, too, his speed would definitely increase in the future.

Looking at all the martial arts in the world, only speed could never be defeated.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh… does it sound frightening to you?

The only regret was that he had the Force but not the compatible talent.
Hence, he couldn’t use the Force for now.

That felt a little awkward.

Wang Teng shook his head and continued collecting the bubbles.

Earth Force*1

Fire Force*1

Fire Force*1

Blank Attribute*2

Water Force*1

Besides water Force, the other attributes were all dropped by his teammates.
He collected 2 points of earth Force, 2 points of fire Force, and 3 points of water Force.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any metal Force!

It seemed like Lin Zhan had solely relied on his physical strength to kill that 2-star gale wolf king and the two 1-star gale wolves during the battle just now.
He didn’t employ any Force at all.

This was a powerful person!

Wang Teng shook his head.
He placed the claws and teeth of the gale wolf in the interlayer of his backpack to isolate the stench of blood.

As for the star core, there was no sign of it.
He wondered if other people had found any.

Very soon, he picked up the last bubble.

Steps Of Gale*1

Wang Teng was stunned.

What is this? His gaze immediately landed on the attributes panel.
He scanned down and finally paused at the battle techniques row.

Steps Of Gale (foundation 1/100)

It’s a battle technique!

Wang Teng was excited and surprised at the same time.
He didn’t expect the gale wolf to drop a battle technique.

Steps Of Gale!

Was it a form of footwork?

If it was really footwork, this would be a pleasant surprise.

He had seen the prices of footwork techniques on the internal Jixin Martial House web.
They were more costly than the offensive battle techniques, and the price would increase exponentially as its class got higher.

Wang Teng wanted to buy some footwork skills.
With his current wealth, if he wanted a good footwork battle technique, he would need to spend a significant portion of his cultivation fund.
That meant that he wouldn’t be able to buy other things.

This is good stuff!

This Steps Of Gale might not appear often, but since he had collected it, he could use his blank attributes to raise its level in the future.

Wang Teng started counting the number of blank attributes he got just now.
There were 16.
Including the ones he saved during his actual combat assessment, he had a total of 51 blank attributes.

At this moment, the rest of the team members had finished clearing up the scene too.

There were nine gale wolves but not a single star core.
Even the gale wolf kind didn’t have one.

Wang Teng was stunned.
It looked like he had been extremely lucky when he managed to get a star core from the volcano salamander.

Lin Zhan gathered everyone before they continued their exploration.

The night was gloomy.
In the Dark Mist Forest, the roars of beasts never went quiet.




You could even hear the shrill cries of birds!

Wang Teng noticed that as time went by, a mist started to form around them gradually.
The forest became even more dangerous.
This was how the Dark Mist Forest got its name.

“It’s getting misty.
Leader?” Liu Yan frowned.

“Find a place to rest.
We will call it a day,” Lin Zhan stopped and said.

No one had any objections.
Wang Teng was the same.

A newbie didn’t have the right to express his opinion!

He was a newbie among the newbies.

The next morning, everyone woke up on a tree.

All the members had chosen a branch and rested on it.
They took turns to keep watch at night to prevent star beasts from attacking them.

“You’re awake.
Yawn~ It’s such a torture to watch all of you sleeping.” Yan Jinming jumped down from the highest tree branch and yawned.
His tone was quite envious.

He was the last person that kept watch at night.

“I will be the last one next time.” Yang Fei smiled.

“Eat something.
We will head to the Wind Valley to hunt single-horn denglong1!” Lin Zhan said.

“Single-horn denglong!”

“Leader, don’t you think that it’s a little too early for us to hunt a single-horn denglong?” Yan Jinming hesitated and asked.

“At first, I planned to hunt the single-horn denglong after Wang Teng had gotten used to the environment here.
I thought that he would need a few days, but after seeing his performance last night, I feel that I can push my plan forward,” Lin Zhan said.

“Leader, although Wang Teng’s performance yesterday is not bad, that is still a 3-star star beast, and it’s a gifted creature at that.
It’s one of the hardest 3-star star beasts to hunt.
Even if we work together, we might not be able to take it out.
What’s more, we have Wang Teng with us.
If we are not careful, we might lose our lives,” Liu Yan frowned and said.

“That’s right, leader.
I feel that Liu Yan’s words make sense.
The single-horn denglong is too dangerous.” Yang Fei also supported her opinion.

Yan Jinyue looked back and forth between her team members and chose to keep quiet.
She decided to continue being invisible.
In the team, this was always her position.

“Wang Teng, what do you think?” Lin Zhan smiled and asked him.

“I don’t have any thoughts.” Wang Teng was speechless. Yuan Fang didn’t give his opinion either.
How can I give mine?1

When he saw Lin Zhan’s awkward expression, he continued, “I don’t mind taking a look at the single-horn denglong you mentioned.
However, since it’s a 3-star star beast, I won’t be of much use.
I will at most provide cover for you at the side.”

He knew his limitations.
This was a 3-star star beast that was close to 4-stars.
Even if he was a bug, he didn’t have such a powerful ability. I can’t do it~

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