1703 Round Ball, Super Evolution… (3)

Also, this was a rule of the academy.
Heaven stage and universe stage martial warriors were not allowed to kill Chaotic Beasts within 3,000 kilometers of the transit island.

These Chaotic Beasts were left for the cosmos stage students.

Only a small portion of the cosmos stage martial warriors in the academy had the right to come to the Chaotic Uncharted.

And these Chaotic Beasts were hard to kill for cosmos-stage martial warriors.

Thus, many cosmos-stage and below Chaotic Beasts bred in this region over the years.

However, Wang Teng’s situation was unique.
He was lucky and used the golden light spheres to awaken Little White and Elizabeth in advance.
Their abilities increased tremendously too.

That was how they killed a large number of Chaotic Beasts within a few days.

Now that most of the Chaotic Beasts had been killed, it would certainly be a daunting task for future cosmos-stage warriors who came here to hunt Chaotic Beasts.
The situation had become quite challenging for them.

What would their expression be like when they couldn’t find any Chaotic Beasts after searching for a long time?

Wang Teng didn’t think about this.
He looked at the attributes board and started counting his gains.

He killed an excessive number of Chaotic Beasts over the past few days and he collected an abundance of attribute bubbles.
But, he didn’t count them on the spot.

Now was the time to look through them.

He looked directly at the laws of origin attribute row.

Besides obtaining a large number of golden light spheres and the Origin Energy of Chaos, his greatest gain from killing the Chaotic Beasts was the power of laws of origin.

All the basic elements’ power of laws of origin had reached the second rank.

They used to be at the first rank but now, they had all risen by a level.

Origin of Metal: 550/20000 (second-rank)

Origin of Wood: 320/20000 (second-rank)

Origin of Water: 700/20000 (second-rank)

Origin Of Flame: 400/20000 (second-rank)

Origin Of Earth: 200/20000 (second-rank)

Don’t underestimate the significance of advancing by just one rank.
It was an incredibly difficult feat that represented a complete leap across a whole tier!

Even Wang Teng couldn’t believe it.
He was astonished that he was able to elevate the mastery of his power of origin to the second rank within the Chaotic Uncharted.

Mind you, he was only at the peak of the celestial stage.
It was already extraordinary for him to grasp the power of laws of origin.
Yet, he managed to raise the power of laws of origin to the second rank.
It was unimaginable.

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
A sense of achievement surged into his heart.

Who else could raise the power of laws of origin to the second rank at his stage?

Wang Teng was certain.

Even those talents who entered the Star Rankings like him couldn’t achieve this.

He was absolutely confident that he could surpass his predecessors!

Wang Teng took a deep breath and looked at the power of laws of origin of the other special attributes.

Origin of Wind: 3600/10000 (first-rank)

Origin of Lightning: 2180/10000 (first-rank)

Origin of Ice: 2820/10000 (first-rank)

Origin of Light: 1200/10000 (first-rank)

The power of laws of origin for wind, lightning, ice, and light were all at the first rank.
What’s more, they didn’t increase much.

The number of Chaotic Beasts that possessed a mastery over these four power of laws of origin was scarce.
Wang Teng and the others had killed many Chaotic Beasts, but they rarely encounter one that grasped these four power of laws of origin.

Also, a portion of his advancement to this level came from the dimensional rifts within the chaos.
There were laws undergoing evolution there so it would drop some laws of origin attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng didn’t neglect the attribute bubbles near the dimensional rifts when he was killing the Chaotic Beasts.

He picked up everything he could and left no one behind.

Then, there was the last power of laws of origin, the power of laws of space origin.

Origin of Space: 630/10000 (first-rank)

Without a doubt, the rise in his laws of space origin was the lowest.
Wang Teng picked up some laws of space origin attributes from the dimensional rifts but it wasn’t much.

Until now, he had only received less than 1000 points of laws of space origin.

Wang Teng felt quite helpless about this situation, but he understood that there was no other choice.
He was lucky enough to be able to pick up so many bubbles.

Mind you, the Origin of Space and the power of laws of origin were obtained after he entered the Chaotic Uncharted.
After more than ten days, it had reached 630 points.
This progress is much faster compared to the time spent outside the realm.

If he was outside the Chaotic Uncharted, he wouldn’t have the chance to pick up the power of laws of space origin.

At least for now!

Thus, Wang Teng felt that he should be satisfied.
He was extremely lucky to be able to grasp the power of laws of space origin.

Of course, he still had to work harder!

Wang Teng took out the Broadsword Chaotic Beasts inside his Devour Space and started a new round of farming.

“Again!” Round Ball and the others knew what Wang Teng wanted to do when they saw this scene.
Their expressions turned strange.

They didn’t understand why Wang Teng tormented the Broadsword Chaotic Beasts again and again.

Was it to take revenge?

Or did he have a bad sense of humor?

They didn’t understand so they paid a silent tribute to the Broadsword Chaotic Beasts.

The Broadsword Chaotic Beasts were trapped in Wang Teng’s space cage and couldn’t break free.
It stared at Wang Teng in fear.


Yes, fear!

After enduring these many days of torment, it had had enough.
This person was a devil!

It wanted to commit suicide but it couldn’t.

Whenever it wanted to self-explode, it was bound by the power of space and couldn’t move freely.
Even its “spiritual body” was firmly locked by an invisible force, making it unable to utilize any trace of its soul power.

“Little fish, cooperate with me.” Wang Teng smiled at the Broadsword Chaotic Beasts in front of him.

He pushed his finger out.


Half of the body of the Broadsword Chaotic Beast exploded and turned into chaotic currents.
Attribute bubbles appeared.

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