1702 Round Ball, Super Evolution… (2)


A burst of purple electric light erupted from the Lightning Spirit’s body.
Then, it turned into a thunderbolt that surged forward with great force.


The cheetah-like Chaotic Beast’s body got penetrated and exploded.

The lightning orb formed by the Lightning Spirit circled once before returning to Wang Teng’s side.
It landed on his head.


Everyone turned silent.

What just happened?

In a blink of an eye, the Chaotic Beasts exploded.

Was the Lightning Spirit so powerful?

A sharp glint appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.
He looked at the Chaotic Beast that had been pierced by Thunder Spirit and subsequently exploded.
It appeared that the beast had truly been killed, as there were no signs of it resurrecting.

He pulled the Lightning Spirit down and sized it up curiously.
“You can kill Chaotic Beasts.”

“Squeak squeak!” The Lightning Spirit whined pitifully.

“Don’t act pitiful.
The Chaotic Beasts can’t withstand a single blow from you.
What are you afraid of?” Wang Teng was exasperated.

Others might think that the Lightning Spirit got bullied.

“Tsk tsk, this little creature is quite powerful.” Round Ball floated over and clicked its tongue.

“It’s just a little timid.
You still need more experience.” Wang Teng’s eyes gleamed as he tossed Lightning Spirit once again.
“Go and slay the Chaotic Beasts.
Don’t come back until I say stop.
If not, I won’t feed you calamity lightning next time.”

“Squeak squeak!” The Lightning Spirit panicked when it heard that Wang Teng wasn’t going to feed it calamity lightning.
It squeaked and dashed towards the Chaotic Beasts.

Wang Teng and the others witnessed the frenzied side of Lightning Spirit as it transformed into lightning, darting through the Chaotic Beasts with incredible speed.
In an instant, it pierced through seven or eight of them, causing them to burst open, unable to regenerate.

Golden light spheres floated up one by one.

The Lightning Spirit devoured all the golden light spheres it received like a purple gluttonous snake.


It couldn’t reject the golden light spheres anymore after feeling its benefits.

He even laid his eyes on Wang Teng and Little White’s golden light spheres.
It eyed Wang Teng stealthily and swiftly dashed towards a golden light sphere that was released when Little White and the others hunted down a Chaotic Beast.

Just when it was about to succeed, the golden light sphere suddenly disappeared.


The Lightning Spirit froze on the spot and spun around in a daze.
Then, it looked at Wang Teng innocently.


Wang Teng gave it a meaningful look.


The Lightning Spirit squeaked and didn’t dare to look at him again.
It also didn’t dare to steal other people’s golden balls of light anymore.
It went and kill the Chaotic Beasts obediently.

Wang Teng shifted his gaze away and sighed in his heart.

It was hard to lead a large team!

“Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion, since you can’t utilize the power of laws of origin, assist Little White in hunting down the Chaotic Beasts,” Wang Teng shouted at the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion that had already joined the battle on the other side.

The Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion was in a state of distress as it realized that no matter how it killed these Chaotic Beasts, they would still “resurrect” in some form.

Confused about the situation, it suddenly heard Wang Teng’s words and immediately nodded.
It rushed towards Little White.

It was close to Little White so their cooperation was seamless.

With one luring the Chaotic Beasts and the other responsible for delivering the killing blow, their efficiency increased significantly.

However, when the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion saw Little White slaughtering the Chaotic Beasts, it couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment and melancholy in its heart.

Both of them had been loyal followers of Wang Teng since their days on Earth.
They had been through countless battles and conquered territories together.

Now, you could say that Little White was crowned a duke while it was only a marquess.
No one could understand the bittersweet feeling in its heart.

Since Wang Teng released the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion, he had to keep an eye on it.
After all, it was currently the weakest among them, and he didn’t want it to perish in the battle.

That was why he noticed the dejected look in the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion’s eyes immediately.
It was easy to understand what happened.

But, there was no point in being impatient.
Opportunities are unpredictable, and no one could accurately predict when they would arise.

It might be the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion’s turn next.
Who knew what fate had in store for it?

Of course, it could be next time, next next time, next next next time…

Thinking about this, he suddenly felt that the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion was quite pitiful.

Cough, as its master, how could he gloat? Stop it.

Wang Teng threw this thought to the back of his mind and focused on killing the Chaotic Beasts.

Unfortunately, he didn’t meet any other special Chaotic Beasts.
Most of them had grasped the power of laws of the basic five elements’ origin.

Time passed gradually.
Another five days went by.

In a certain area of the chaos.


Flames surged and the power of laws of origins erupted.
A Chaotic Beast resembling a ferocious tiger let out a resentful roar and burst in an instant.
It turned into a vast expanse of chaotic currents.

Golden light spheres and attribute bubbles appeared.
Wang Teng picked them up.

He looked around him.
They had killed all the Chaos Beasts in this area.
It was desolate.

On the other hand, there was a significant increase in the chaotic energy current.
After the Chaotic Beasts were killed, a part of them transformed into attribute bubbles, while a greater part of them returned to the chaos, potentially to be reborn as Chaotic Beasts in the future.

Wang Teng and the others had killed many Chaotic Beasts in this area over the past few days.
They couldn’t find any more Chaotic Beasts nearby.

Even if there were, there were only a few lone ones.
They hid in the chaos and didn’t dare to appear again.

Wang Teng wouldn’t want to spend so much effort to kill these Chaotic Beasts.

The powerful individuals of the Stellar Academies probably never expected the Chaotic Beasts within 3,000 kilometers of the transit island would be eradicated so thoroughly.

Normally, the Chaotic Beasts in this area were useless to martial warriors below the heaven stage.
No formidable warriors would come here to hunt for Chaotic Beasts.

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