1701 Round Ball, Super Evolution… (1)

“Space concealment!”

Wang Teng was overjoyed when he comprehended this skill.

A skill that could allow him to hide in space was simply heaven-defying!

While Wang Teng could use the space talent to hide in space previously, it was nothing but the crudest use of space.
It couldn’t be compared to Space Concealment.

The method he used in the past would definitely leave traces in the places where he hid.
Anyone who grasped the space domain would discover it easily.

However, Space Concealment was different.
It was a method that could allow one to hide in space and cover traces and fluctuations as well.
Even powerful warriors who had grasped the space domain wouldn’t be able to discover them easily.

That was the difference!

That was why the Broadsword Chaotic Beasts were able to evade the pursuit of other Chaotic Beasts that had mastered the laws of space origin.

It was clear that the Space Concealment was more advanced and profound than all of Wang Teng’s previous hiding techniques.

Wang Teng felt that he had hit the jackpot.
All his effort in capturing this Broadsword Chaotic Beast that had mastered the laws of space origin had finally paid off.

This was indeed a pleasant surprise.

Wang Teng only wanted more laws of space origin.
He didn’t expect a special skill to drop.
If this wasn’t luck, then what was?

Furthermore, besides the Space Concealment, the other attribute bubbles he obtained were the laws of space origin.
It was a pretty good harvest.

At this moment, he looked at the Broadsword Chaotic Beasts in front of him.
His eyes were shining as if it was a delicacy.

“Hey, don’t tell me you want to eat it?” Round Ball saw his expression and asked curiously.

“Can they be eaten?” Wang Teng asked.

“Nope.” Round Ball replied.

“Then why did you ask?” Wang Teng was speechless.

“Your eyes are shining.
I thought you wanted to eat it.” Round Ball chuckled.

“This is a treasure.
I can’t afford to eat it.” Wang Teng waved his hand and kept the Broadsword Chaotic Beast in his Devour Space.

“Treasure? A Chaotic Beast that has comprehended the laws of space origin is indeed a treasure.
But if you don’t kill it, what are you keeping it for? Once it leaves the Chaotic Uncharted, without the nourishment of the origin energy of chaos, it will die soon,” Round Ball said in surprise.

“I have my ways.” Wang Teng didn’t explain further.

He was going to get more attributes out of it gradually.
It would be too wasteful to do it all at once.

As for the other Chaotic Beasts, Wang Teng had no choice but to kill them.
There were too many of them.

However, Chaotic Beasts that had comprehended laws of space origin were different.
Such Chaotic Beasts were relatively rare.

Furthermore, there were even fewer Chaos Beasts who had comprehended Space Concealment.
He wouldn’t know when he would be able to encounter one again.
It’ll be a cold day in hell when he does.
He had to keep it and fleece it slowly.

Round Ball rolled its eyes.
It didn’t know what he was thinking.

It couldn’t understand what Wang Teng wanted to do.

Elizabeth and Little White were also a little surprised but they did not probe further.

Everyone continued hunting Chaotic Beasts.

“Wang Teng, I think you can release the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion and the Lightning Spirit to hunt the Chaotic Beasts together.
This will be beneficial for their growth,” Round Ball suddenly reminded him.

Wang Teng paused for a moment, then quickly caught on and nodded in agreement.
He released the Lightning Spirit and the Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion.

“Squeak~” The moment Lightning Spirit appeared, it sensed a large number of Chaotic Beasts around it.
It was so frightened that it hid on Wang Teng’s head.

The Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion was shocked as well when it saw this scene.
However, it had been with Wang Teng for a long time and had seen all kinds of situations.
It was used to it.

It only panicked for a moment before calming down.

However, when its gaze landed on Little White, it could not help but be shocked.
Then… it felt envious!

Mid-tier imperial-level!

There were also dozens of clones.
It was probably some powerful skill.

Little White was much stronger than it.

Damn it, those who were favored had nothing to fear!

When would it be able to have its master’s love?

It wanted to become stronger too.


“Little one, why are you so timid?” Wang Teng pulled the Lightning Spirit off his head and lectured it speechlessly.
“Go and hunt these Chaotic Beasts.
I’ll give you all the golden balls of light you get.”

As he spoke, a golden light sphere appeared in his hand.

“Squeak!” The Lightning Spirit instantly became excited and wanted to pounce on it.

“If you want to eat it, hunt it yourself,” Wang Teng grabbed it tightly and snarled.

There was no way it was going to eat for free.

“Squeak!” The Lightning Spirit let out an aggrieved cry.


Didn’t you say you were going to support me? You liar!

That wasn’t what you said when you tricked me into signing the contract.

“Don’t act like a spoiled child.
I won’t fall for this.” Wang Teng threw the Lightning Spirit in his hand at a Chaotic Beast.
“Go, Pika… No, go, Lightning Spirit!”


A brown Chaotic Beast that looked like a cheetah saw something flying towards it and thought that it was an attack.
It immediately let out a roar and opened its mouth to bite at the Lightning Spirit.

“Squeak!” The Lightning Spirit’s voice became extremely shrill as if it was frightened.
Its entire dumpling-like body seemed to have exploded.


Round Ball, Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion, and the others looked at Wang Teng speechlessly.

Was this something a human would do?

The Lightning Spirit was still a child!

How could he treat it like this?

However, what happened soon after widened their eyes.

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