A camp was built by humans outside the Dark Mist Forest.
It was like a transfer station.

Lin Zhan parked the car at the camping ground.
Then, everyone carried their luggage bags and headed towards the Dark Mist Forest.

“The Dark Mist Forest is very dangerous at night.
Nonetheless, you will have to experience it sooner or later.
Since we’re already here, we might as well go into the Dark Mist Forest now.”

Lin Zhan was leading the pack.
He had to turn his head to speak to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was walking in the middle.
This was their deliberate arrangement.
Yang Fei and Yan Jinming were at the back, while Yan Jinyue and Liu Yan were flanking Wang Teng.

Wang Teng smiled bitterly in his heart. I’m being taken care of like a chick.

This was the first time he was entering the forest, and it was at night too.
Lin Zhan and the other members were well-experienced, no doubt, but they didn’t dare to let down their guards.

As the sun set, the light gradually disappeared.
The forest turned completely dark.

“Wear your infrared night vision glasses.
Everyone be careful!” Lin Zhan shouted.

Wang Teng took out a pair of black-rimmed infrared night vision glasses from his bag.
This was one of the necessary items that Lin Zhan had mentioned before.

This kind of battle-style infrared goggles was light and convenient to carry around.
It even had runes to enhance its functions.
Its firmness, flexibility, and fitting were all perfect.
It wouldn’t affect one’s fighting ability.

Wang Teng had Spiritual Sight, but there was no need for him to stand out.
Also, Spiritual Sight consumed a lot of his spiritual power.

It was better to use these battle-style infrared glasses first.
He would save his Spiritual Sight for emergency needs.


Just as everyone was about to head deeper into the forest, Lin Zhan raised his hand and stopped them in a low voice.

The team members walking behind him immediately raised their vigilance.
Looking at their stance, they seemed to be prepared to attack or defend at a moment’s notice.

Wang Teng followed the others and squatted down.
He held his battle sword tightly in his hand and scanned his surroundings.

“It’s a gale wolf!”

Lin Zhan squatted below a tree and called the rest of his team members over.

After everyone gathered together, they focused on an object on the ground.
It was a pile… of shit.


A few handsome men and pretty ladies squatted together in the middle of the night to look at a pile of shit.

This scene was so interesting.

Wang Teng wanted to complain, but when he saw Lin Zhan and the other team members’ solemn expressions, he decided against it.
They didn’t seem to be fooling around.

“This shape, this color, and… this smell.” Yan Jinming pinched his nose and nodded as he continued, “This is indeed a gale wolf.”

“Wang Teng, observe and learn,” Liu Yan reminded him.


Wang Teng nodded.
He memorized the characteristics they mentioned just now in his heart.

“Everyone, be careful.
These feces seem very fresh, so it must have left just a moment ago.
Gale wolves move in a pack.
If we meet them, it will be a little troublesome,” said Lin Zhan.

The group continued walking.

As they headed deeper, they noticed more and more traces of gale wolves.
Based on Lin Zhan’s guess, there were at least seven to eight gale wolves hunting together in this area.

“The claws and teeth of gale wolves are good materials for forging weapons.
If we meet them, let’s try to take them down,” Liu Yan carried her machine gun and said nonchalantly.

“Don’t act rashly.
We have Wang Teng in our team now.
We need time to learn to work with one another.” Lin Zhan was more cautious.

“Leader, what level are the gale wolves?” asked Wang Teng.

“They are at most 1-star high-level.
If it is a wolf king, it might be 2-star,” Lin Zhan said.

“If we really meet them, you don’t have to take special care of me.
I think I can handle a 1-star star beast,” said Wang Teng.
He didn’t want to be a burden to them.

“Are you sure?” Lin Zhan was surprised.

“Wang Teng, the star beasts in the Xingwu Continent live among other star beasts from birth.
They are very experienced in fights, and they are fiercer and harder to handle than the star beasts on Earth.
You don’t have to push yourself too hard,” Liu Yan frowned and said.

“Liu Yan is right.
The star beasts in the Xingwu Continent are hard to handle, especially wind element mutated star beasts like the gale wolves.
They are really fast, and it’s troublesome to fight with one, much less a whole pack.
These animals know how to cooperate.
Even we need to spend some time and effort to get rid of them,” another team member, Yang Fei, chimed in.

Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.
It seemed that everyone thought that he was puffing himself up at his own cost.
He just nodded and replied, “Alright, I won’t push myself.”

The team continued moving forward while keeping aware of the traces of the gale wolves.

Suddenly, Yan Jinming slashed his blade in the air.

A three-meter-long black snake was cut in half.
The two pieces dropped down from the tree.

“Are you alright?” Lin Zhan turned around and asked.

“I’m fine.
It’s just a poisonous snake, not a star beast,” Yan Jinming said indifferently.

Lin Zhan nodded.
Just as he was about to continue walking, he saw something from the corner of his eyes.
His expression changed abruptly as he yelled, “6 o’clock, waist, claw attack!”

At the same time, he stomped on the ground and dodged to his right.
The battleax in his hand formed a semicircle in the air as he swung it up and smashed it behind him.

Yan Jinming’s expression changed slightly when he heard the warning.
He quickly twisted his body.


A green flash of light grazed his waist, almost chopping it into two.

The flash of light went past and cut through the enormous trees in front.
The two large trees growing next to each other were chopped into half, and they fell to the ground with a loud collision.


The next moment, the howls of wolves broke the tranquility of the night.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Many figures were shuttling back and forth through the bushes.
The sound of their bodies rubbing against the leaves made the team members remain on full alert.
Next, green lights started appearing in the forest.
Seven to eight shadows dashed out in a split second and pounced on the members of the Tiger Warrior team.

“Kill them!”

The humble-looking Yang Fei roared in anger.
His eyes widened, and he charged out first.
The battle mace in his hand was dancing around him like a piece of stick.


The battle mace smashed a gale wolf and sent it flying a long distance.
It died instantaneously.

Yan Jinyue held a battle sword in her hand.
Her speed of attacking was really fast.
After blocking a wolf’s claw, she thrust her green blade out, stabbing it into the eyes of the wolf.

The tip of the sword gave off a cold and sharp glint.
Blood splattered everywhere.
The gale wolf had died.

Yan Jinming chopped the head of the gale wolf that had sneaked an attack on him just now with a single strike.
Then, he welcomed the second gale wolf without losing his composure.

Liu Yan leaped onto a huge tree.
The heavy machine gun was still behind her back, and she was now holding a rune pistol in her hands.

Single shots!

A gale wolf below the tree evaded the incoming bullets at an astonishing speed.
The bullets had red flames at the end, marking a path in the air.
Liu Yan had to use three bullets to get rid of the gale wolf.

Then, everyone’s gaze landed on Wang Teng.

Their formation was destroyed, so everyone solved their trouble at the fastest speed before turning their heads and looking for Wang Teng.

It was natural that they were more concerned about a newbie.

Only the people who had encountered the Xingwu Continent’s star beasts would know how dangerous they were.

But, when everyone finally found Wang Teng, they saw him flying at a speed no slower than the gale wolf.
He brushed past the gale wolf, swinging his sword at the same time and forming an icy blue light in the air.
The stomach of the gale wolf was cut open easily.

Fast, accurate, ruthless!

There was no hesitation at all.


On the other side, Lin Zhan smashed the 2-star gale wolf king into a pile of minced meat with his ax.
Then, he twirled the other ax in his hand and chopped the bodies of the two 1-star gale wolves charging towards him.
He also ended his battle quickly.

Then, he kept his battleaxes into the casings behind his back and walked forward without looking back at the gale wolves he killed.
Instead, he looked at the gale wolf lying under Wang Teng’s feet with its stomach cut open.
He was slightly shocked.

In the end, he smiled and said, “It looks like we managed to get a treasure in our team!”

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