Chapter 113: I Saw A Back View!

Xingwu Continent was the name of the main continent in this Otherworld.

A vast city was magnificently situated in the south of the Xingwu Continent.

At this moment, in the center of the city, in an enormous palace, a young man was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the hall.
There was an ancient-style tortoiseshell laid in front of him.
It was the size of his palm.

He knocked the tortoiseshell slowly and gently.
It gave off a clear and loud knocking sound.

Stars were shimmering in his eyes as if there was a universe hidden in them.
Suddenly, the stars spun, and the vacant space around him started retreating.

The next second, the young man abruptly closed his eyes as two lines of blood left a long trail on his cheeks.
His black hair turned snow-white in a split second.

It was as if all his vitality had been sucked away.

“What’s wrong with you?” A stern and slightly agitated voice rang out in the dark.

The young man waved his hand.
After some time, he mocked, “I’m someone at the brink of death.
What can happen to me?”


The man in the dark took a deep breath.
His voice turned back to being stern and indifferent.
He then asked, “What did you see? Tell me truthfully!”

“I see a back view.”

“A back view? That’s all?”

“A back view, a sword that can kill immortals and devils, a blade that can cut the Milky Way, a fist that can destroy the sun…”


“Hmph, you just don’t want to believe it.
Our world… that person might be our last hope.”

“How can he do it alone?”

“Let me give you a piece of sincere advice.
Can you let me go?”

The person in the dark turned silent.

“Hmph, I’m about to die.
I can’t do anything anymore.” The young man scoffed.

“You’re still my younger brother.
If you go outside, you won’t be able to survive with your weak body.
I can’t let you go out to die.”

“I’m already no different from a dead person.
It doesn’t matter if you let me leave or not.
Why can’t you allow me to have one last look at the world before I die? It’s about to…”

“Enough!” the man in the dark shouted in a low voice.
Then, he sighed and said, “Forget it.
You can leave.
You can come back anytime you want to.
This place will always be your home.”

“That person, don’t have any interactions with him!” The young man dropped this sentence and kept the tortoiseshell on the ground.
He had nothing else he needed to pack.
He staggered his way out of the hall…

He wouldn’t be coming back!

“Let’s go,” Lin Zhan said as they stood at the bottom of the tall tower.

There were long staircases in all four directions of the tall tower.
They climbed down the stairs and walked for a distance.

They soon passed through a door.
The next instant, a whole new world entered Wang Teng’s vision.
The prosperous street with an exotic aura welcomed him to a new adventure.

This was a giant city made of steel.
The entire city seemed to be in the Middle Ages, but there weren’t any steam products.

The buildings in the city had a foreign style, but hints of Earth architecture could also be found.
The integration of two different styles had resulted in a unique design.

The people on the streets were all dressed distinctively, and their dressing was completely different from humans on Earth.
However, you were able to see some people in battle uniforms occasionally.

“Why does that lady…” Wang Teng was stunned when he saw the ears of a lady that walked past.

“This is a young lady from the rabbit tribe of the orc race.
Old Brother Wang, it looks like we are the same kind.
You noticed her at one glance.” Yan Jinming placed his arm on Wang Teng’s shoulder and sniggered.

“Brother, don’t lead Wang Teng astray.” Yan Jinyue was displeased.

“That won’t happen.
I’m discussing life philosophy with him,” replied Yan Jinming.

Wang Teng was speechless for a few moments.
He then asked, “There are other races in the Xingwu Continent?”

“That’s right.
This place is very different from Earth.
When you visit the Jixin Martial House branch in this city, you will be able to learn some basic knowledge of the Xingwu Continent.”

Lin Zhan drove a car out of the parking lot after he finished speaking.
Then, he brought everyone to the Jixin Martial House branch in this city.

In the car, the other five team members could tell that Wang Teng had many questions in his mind.
They started explaining to him without stopping.

For instance, the races in the Xingwu Continent, the language here…

There were many races in the Xingwu Continent, not only the orc.
There were the dwarf race, the giant race, the mermen race, and many others.

With so many races, there were naturally many languages.
It was quite complicated.

Of course, there was a commonly used language in the continent too.
It was the human language.

Wang Teng stuck his tongue out in astonishment.

Orc? Dwarf? Giant? These only exist in novels, right?

There were so many races in the Xingwu Continent!

“You must be shocked.
When I first came here, I suspected that we had transmigrated into a novel,” said Liu Yan.

“What if we can’t speak to the people here properly?” Wang Teng asked.

“Don’t worry about that.
There’s a way to solve it.” Liu Yan kept him in suspense.

“I have another question.
Since we have peaceful ties with the Xingwu Continent, why can we enter the Xingwu Continent, but the people here can’t come to Earth?”

This question had been bothering him for a long time.

“That’s because the people here can’t pass through the dimensional rifts.
A powerful person from the Xingwu Continent once tried to force his way through, but he didn’t succeed.
Instead, he received a strong backlash and almost lost his life,” Lin Zhan jumped in on the conversation.

“What is that so?” Wang Teng got even more puzzled.

“This answer is not something we have the right to know.” Lin Zhan gave a bitter smile.

“So, this is the reason why these two worlds can be at peace?” Wang Teng asked again.
He was like a curious child with endless questions about the world.

“It’s not that simple.
There are other reasons too,” Lin Zhan replied.
He then thought of something, and his expression turned a little ugly.
He didn’t explain further.

The waters of the Xingwu Continent run deep.

Wang Teng sighed secretly and stopped probing.
He just gazed at the scenery outside the car.

The entire Xingwu Continent’s civilization seemed to be still in the Iron Age.
Whether it was the environment, the buildings, or the atmosphere, it wasn’t as advanced as Earth.
However, because of the presence of Force and runes, man-made structures that seemed ahead of the times could be seen occasionally.

For instance, the steel cars speeding along the roads, the Force airship flying towards the horizon in the air, and the steel figurines moving freely along the streets with a cracking sound…

The exotic feel and the modern feel were both very strong!

Oh my god, that must be a beauty from the foxmen race.
Her figure is so good.
She looks so sexy…

Before the car stopped, Wang Teng recognized the branch of Jixin Martial House.

Hmph, that unexpected building!

Everyone got out of the car and walked into the martial arts academy.
Lin Zhan directly led Wang Teng to the main building.

The main building of the martial arts academy was different from the one on Earth.
Here, it looked more like a distribution center.
There were many martial warriors from Jixin Martial House gathered here.
They were resting, playing, accepting missions, and some were even selling their spoils of war.

The arrival of Lin Zhan and his team attracted the attention of the people in the hall.

They were all martial warriors from Jixin Martial House, so they always saw each other and were naturally familiar.
Someone opened his mouth.

“Hey, Lin Zhan, did you bring a newbie?”

“This newbie looks a little young.
Did he become a martial warrior at such a young age?”

“Could he be a young master from some wealthy family?”

Voices came from all directions.
with a hint of disdain and mocking in their tones.
They didn’t care about Wang Teng’s feelings at all.

“Don’t listen to them.
They are all like this.
They don’t have any evil intentions!” Lin Zhan spoke to Wang Teng.
Then, he shouted at those people, “Come on, what do you know? This is the top scholar of the martial arts exam in Donghai this year.
Our principal personally told me to bring him along.”

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