Jixin Martial House.

Wang Teng met the other five people from the Tiger Warrior team.

Wang Teng was wearing his battle uniform and battle boots.
He had a backpack on his back and the weapon carrier casket on his shoulder.

All his weapons were placed inside his weapon carrier casket.
Even his heavy bow was able to fit inside.

He had to admit that the design of the weapon carrier casket was amazing.
Although it wasn’t big, it utilized all the space inside to its maximum potential.

All he needed to carry in his hand was the shield.

As for the flying daggers, he placed them in his clothes.
That way, he would be able to launch a deadly attack with just a move of his thoughts.

As compared to Lin Zhan and the other members, his equipment was considered relatively simple.

The other five members had many bags on them, some even sporting luggage bags.
When Wang Teng asked them about it, he learned that they were filled with ammunition.

He moved his eyes around and saw the heavy rune machine gun Liu Yan was carrying on her back.

Who said that only men were allowed to use guns?

Guns and beauties.


They were a match made in heaven.

Liu Yan wore a tight-fitting battle uniform, showcasing her figure.
Along with the rough-looking heavy machine gun, she exuded a wild and fierce kind of charm.

Wang Teng shifted his gaze and looked at the two large-sized battleaxes in Lin Zhan’s hands… He could only exclaim in his heart, That’s a real man!

Yang Fei was using a mace, while Yan Jinming and Yan Jinyue used a blade and a sword, respectively.
When they stood together, they gave off a capable and mature aura.

“Alright, since everyone is here, let’s set off.”

With a wave of Lin Zhan’s hand, everyone grabbed their luggage.
They boarded the car and headed in a direction.

Half an hour later, the car drove into a military camp.

“This military camp was erected after the dimensional rift leading to Xingwu Continent appeared.
It’s heavily guarded, and there are many martial warriors hidden in the surroundings to prevent any accidents from happening,” Lin Zhan explained.

Their car was stopped at a checkpoint.
The five members took out their martial warrior credentials and passed them to the guard.

Wang Teng saw their actions and followed their example, taking out his martial warrior credential too.

The guard was holding a scanning device.
He scanned the martial warrior credentials one by one before scanning everyone’s faces.
After confirming that there were no errors, he let them in.

Lin Zhan explained as he drove into the military camp, “You won’t be able to enter this place if you don’t have your martial warrior credential on you.”

Along the way, they could see a huge number of patrols in the camp.

They parked the car in the parking lot and locked it.
Then, they came to a plaza.

There weren’t many people here.
The most conspicuous thing was the gigantic door frame made of steel right in the middle of the plaza.

It was at least 30 meters tall, around 20 meters wide, and was shaped like a circular arc.

In the middle of the door frame was a pitch-black, deep, and long whirlpool.
Once you glanced at the whirlpool, your gaze would be attracted by it unconsciously.

Honestly, anyone who saw the dimensional rift for the first time would get a shock.

Wang Teng was no exception.
At this moment, he was standing in front of the enormous door frame, unable to speak for a long time.

“What do you think? Are you blown away?” Lin Zhan smiled and asked.

The other four members looked at Wang Teng with smiles on their faces.
In the past, they had a similar expression when they saw the dimensional rifts for the first time.

Wang Teng nodded.

“Let’s go.
When you reach Xingwu Continent, you will be even more flabbergasted,” Lin Zhan smiled and continued.
He was the first to walk towards the door.

There were many large machines placed at the side of the gigantic door.
Wang Teng didn’t know whether they were used to stabilize the dimensional rift or to monitor something.
There were also staff operating the machines, keeping a vigilant eye on things.

These staff members ignored Wang Teng and the team members.

Wang Teng glanced at them and then followed his team members.
He walked forward.

Lin Zhan and the rest passed through the dimensional rift without stopping.

Wang Teng took a deep breath and then followed them closely.
He stepped through the door.

It felt like an instant, yet at the same time, it felt like a long time had passed.
His world was spinning and his vision had turned pitch black…

Suddenly, he felt solid ground under his feet.
Wang Teng opened his eyes.
Lin Zhan and the rest of them were standing not far away.

They had already recovered from the teleportation.
When they saw Wang Teng recovering so quickly, they were surprised.

When they passed through the dimensional rift the first time, they had retched for a long time, and their heads hurt terribly.
They had to rest for half a day before they could move normally.

This fellow is not ordinary! They exchanged glances with one another.
This thought appeared in their minds in unplanned unison.

Wang Teng had no idea what they were thinking.
At this moment, his gaze was attracted by the attribute bubbles beside those people.

There was a bubble below his feet too.

Where did these bubbles come from? Wang Teng was puzzled.



Space attribute!

They were space attributes!

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He never imagined that these bubbles would actually be space attributes!

Could they be from the dimensional rift?

While pondering, he didn’t forget to pick up the bubbles.

Ever since getting spiritual power, he had tried many experiments.
Now, he was able to use his spiritual power to pull the attribute bubbles towards him.
He didn’t have to walk around and pick them up anymore.

If not, other people would always look at him as if he were an idiot when he ran around everywhere.

In the past, he could barely stand the glances thrown at him.
However, for the sake of picking up attributes, he became an idiot again and again.

Finally, he was freed from that torture!

He didn’t have to be an idiot anymore!

He pulled all the bubbles beside his team members toward him and collected them.


His space attribute increased by 0.8 points.
Wang Teng’s gaze landed on his attributes panel.
He finally saw a change in his talent row.

Space (0.8/1000)

It’s a talent attribute!

Wang Teng’s heart was filled with ecstasy.
This was a gift from heaven!

The moment he entered Xingwu Continent, he was given such a huge surprise!

It looked like Xingwu Continent was very friendly towards him.

Although he didn’t know the exact use of this space talent, he had some idea of what it entailed.

In those game novels, they always boasted about how fantastic space talent was.
Hence, this space talent wouldn’t be too shabby!

Just as Wang Teng was thinking about this, Lin Zhan opened his mouth with a smile.
“Welcome to the Xingwu Continent!”

Wang Teng regained his senses.

Xingwu Continent!

Oh right, he had come to the Xingwu Continent!

He scanned his surroundings.
This seemed to be a giant hall.
There was a huge circular arc door frame behind him that looked similar to the one on the other end of the dimensional rift.
The whirlpool in the depth of the door was spinning slowly.

“Let’s go out and take a look,” Lin Zhan said and walked out.

The other followed him closely.

When they walked through the door and reached outside, Wang Teng realized that they were in a tall tower just now.

At the moment, they were standing at the bottom of the tower.

“This is the Force tower! It’s situated in the middle of the city.
The entire city’s energy is supplied by this tower,” said Lin Zhan.

Wang Teng raised his head and noticed that the tower was a few hundred meters tall.
Its entire structure was made of steel, and it pierced into the clouds like a steep and dangerous peak.

There were countless occult runes carved on the building.

At the bottom of the tower was a plaza.
Unknown black rocks paved its floor, and they were carved with runes, too, exuding a mysterious aura.

Wang Teng felt a vast and powerful pressure pushing him down from the sky.
He was dumbfounded.

He couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

“This is the product of the Xingwu Continent’s civilization.
Do you find it a little unbelievable?” asked Lin Zhan.

“This Xingwu Continent is indeed a little different from my imagination!” Wang Teng breathed out loud as he replied.

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