“Flying needle, flying needle… which one should I choose?”

Wang Teng was in a dilemma as he looked through the weapons shop one by one.
Suddenly, his eyes paused on a name.


He saw a familiar name.

Master Lu!

Partner of Jixin Martial House—Master Lu!

What the hell?

Master Lu was a partner of Jixin Martial House? Were his connections so amazing?

“I wonder if it’s the same shop.”

Wang Teng muttered to himself.
He clicked on the shop name on the web and went to look for the customer service window.
He then sent a message.

Wang Teng: Are you there?

Master Lu: I’m here, dear (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~ Is there anything I can help you with?

This familiar tone and these familiar emoticons and expressions.

It was confirmed!

This was the Master Lu he knew.

Wang Teng: I’m an old customer.
I bought a weapon carrier casket and rune bullets from your shop before.
Do you remember me?

Master Lu: Oh, it’s you, dear.
What a coincidence.

Wang Teng: You are a partner of Jixin Martial House?

Master Lu: Yes, dear.
Our shop is the partner of the top three martial arts academies.
I haven’t congratulated you for entering Jixin Martial House, dear.

Wang Teng didn’t directly praise his amazing connections.

Wang Teng: You have a wide range of avenues for your business.

Master Lu: Haha, thank you for your compliment.
We are an old brand.
You don’t have to worry about our credibility and quality.

Wang Teng felt that this Master Lu really looked like an old hand.
Even a big organization like Jixin Martial House acknowledged his shop.
That meant that it was indeed a credible brand.

Wang Teng: Do you have flying daggers or flying needles? Or any weapons similar to them?

Since he had met someone familiar, naturally, Wang Teng was too lazy to look at other shops.

He had bought twice from Master Lu.
This shop’s quality could be trusted.

Master Lu immediately sent a few links to him.

Master Lu: Dear, you can take a look at these first.
These should be the things you are looking for.
If you are satisfied with them, you can place an order.

Wang Teng opened the links one by one.

The first link was a type of flying dagger with six daggers in one set.
They were all of different sizes.
The price tag was 1.5 million!

But it was just a 1-star high-class weapon.

The second link was a set of flying needles.
The thickness of the needles was suitable, and there were 18 needles in total.
Every single one was the length of an adult’s forefinger; they were hard and ductile.
The price was 2 million!

It was a 1-star high-class weapon too, but it cost 500,000 RMB more than the flying dagger.

Wang Teng was actually quite satisfied with these two weapons.

There were more links at the back, so he continued looking.

The following few weapons were either flying darts or flying thorns.
Their designs were terrible, and they weren’t up to Wang Teng’s aesthetic standards at all.

He slowly lost his interest.

However, there was still one last link.
Since Master Lu had sent it to him, he should take a look at it.

When the link opened, he saw a strange-looking weapon.
It was shaped like a spiral cone.
At one glance, it looked very ordinary, with nothing special about it.

Shooting star spiral!

Wang Teng mouthed the name of this last weapon.
He couldn’t help but feel a little curious.
Then, he scrolled to the description at the back.

“What is this?”

A page breakdown drawing appeared in front of him.

This weapon could actually be broken down.
It could turn into a long and thin flying dagger, a rhombus leaf design, and flying needles…

There were nine assemblies altogether.

This is interesting!

There were instructions at the side.
Wang Teng looked at it carefully.

The instructions mentioned that you could assemble the parts together and use them all as one weapon.
While attacking your enemy, you could control the weapon with your spiritual power and let it disintegrate in a split second.
It would form nine different attacks.
You would be able to catch your enemy off guard.

It was obvious that this weapon was tailored for spiritual power masters.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He felt that this weapon was very suitable for him.
This was a must-have for sinister people.

He looked at the price.
5 million!

This weapon had reached the standard of 1-star elite class, but its price was 1.5 million more than the battle sword he got on Mount Bao’an.
That battle sword was 1-star elite-class too.

Wang Teng found it a pity that this weapon’s class was a little low.

He found it very weird that the links sent by the other party were all one-star weapons.
Did he think that he couldn’t afford anything more expensive?

Wang Teng sent him a message.

Wang Teng: Why are there only 1-star weapons?

Master Lu: Oh, you see.
These weapons are only used by spiritual power masters normally, and they like to customize their weapons.
Hence, our shop only has 1-star weapons to let them use while they’re waiting for their order.

Custom made! So this is how it works? Wang Teng had a sudden thought.
He took out the dark ice stone and the star bone.
He snapped a photo of them and sent it to Master Lu.

Wang Teng: Do you recognize these two items?

He wasn’t worried that the other party would have evil intentions at the sight of money.
If that were the case, his shop wouldn’t be able to exist for so long.

Also, Master Lu was the official partner of Jixin Martial House.
With Jixin Martial House as the guarantor, there wouldn’t be any problems.

When the other party saw the two items, he sent a list of surprised emoticons within a few seconds.


Master Lu: Dear, are you willing to sell these items? ( ̄) ̄)↗

Wang Teng: ??

Wang Teng replied angrily: No!

Master Lu: Ah~ Dear, why don’t you consider it again? I’m sure that you’ll be satisfied with the price ヾ(^∀^)ノ

Wang Teng: Go away!

The other party sent a depressed emoticon and then asked: Are you planning to use the dark ice stone and the star bone to make weapons?

Wang Teng: Yes

Master Lu: Looking at their sizes, it’s impossible to forge large weapons with them.
Even if we use other materials as the main ingredient, the weapon forged will be affected by the main material’s limitations.
Its class won’t be too high.
It will be a waste unless you are able to find a material with a similar grade as the dark ice stone.

Master Lu: But, that is hard.
From your words, I think that you want to forge small weapons like flying daggers, right?

Master Lu: In that case, these items are very suitable.
You might even have some leftovers, which you can use to forge another set of flying needles.

Master Lu: You will be able to use these two treasures to their maximum potential.
You won’t have to waste them.

Wang Teng nodded.
This Master Lu was indeed a professional.
His analysis was clear and logical.

Master Lu: Oh right, what talent does your star bone have?

Wang Teng hesitated for a moment before he explained its talent briefly to the other party.

Master Lu: It’s actually ‘spiritual shadow.’ This is a rare talent.
That means that it’s even more suitable to be forged into a concealed weapon.

Wang Teng: I want something like a shooting star spiral.

Master Lu: Erm…

Wang Teng frowned: Why? Is it not possible?

Master Lu: Your taste is as tricky as always.
That shooting star spiral was created by my grandfather before he passed away.
I don’t know how to make it.

Wang Teng was speechless.

Wang Teng: Your grandfather again! Why is your grandfather so impressive when you’re so useless.
Others always say that the younger generation is better than the older generation.
But, for you, the older generation is the impressive one!


Master Lu: o(╯□╰)o

Master Lu: I don’t want this to happen either.
How about this? Give me some time, and I’ll study the blueprint left behind by my grandfather.
I’ll see if I can make it.
I’ll inform you again.

Wang Teng: Alright, I guess this is the only way.
Please don’t disappoint me!

Master Lu: ヾ(◍°∇°◍)ノ゙

Wang Teng: I’ll place an order first.
You can send the existing shooting star spiral to me.

Master Lu: No way, dear.
I still need it for research.

Wang Teng: …Are you planning to dismantle it?

Master Lu: Hahaha, you can trust me more.
I can piece it back!

The other party seemed a little guilty as it sent a laughing emoticon over.

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