The moment Wang Teng and his friends left the pub, the staff looked at the mess on the ground and turned to ask a 30-year-old man wearing a fitting suit.

“Manager, are we going to let them go just like that?”

The suited man glared at the staff member who had asked the question and replied furiously, “What else can I do? Do you want to ask them to stay?

“You’re not observant at all!

“That Zhao Gangbao is a beginner-stage martial disciple, and his brother is an advanced-stage martial disciple.


“As for the rich second generations, all of them come from wealthy families with assets of over a hundred million.
Most importantly, there are two martial disciples among them.
Let’s not talk about the one that got beaten.
The one that acted just now should be an intermediate stage martial disciple.

“He became an intermediate stage martial disciple at such a young age.
Do you know what that means?

“He would at least become an advanced stage martial disciple.
Idiot! If you want to die, don’t pull me along.”

The staff member was speechless.
A second later, he started admiring the young man from the bottom of his heart… His manager had already investigated the backgrounds of these people.

No wonder he could become the manager while he was only an unimportant low-level worker.

The moment they met a problem, the difference between them was evident as night and day.

“What do we do now?” The staff immediately asked for advice modestly.

“Let’s wait for some time.
Didn’t that Zhao Gangbao say that he will call for reinforcements? He is revengeful in nature, so he will definitely come back.
He might break some things again, so we can calculate the losses after they leave.

“That bastard.
Why does he have to provoke the rich second generations? Do you believe that he won’t be able to get away with his revenge this time?

“Even if his elder brother comes, it might be useless.” The man in the suit started cursing the troublemaker.

He thought for a moment and continued, “We will put all the losses on him.
Also, we must preserve the surveillance images in the pub.
They are our evidence, so we can’t lose them.
I’ll make a copy later and send them to our boss through WeChat.


“Since this matter is linked to a few martial disciples, normal people like us can’t deal with it.
We can only let the boss make the decision.”

After Wang Teng and the other people left, they didn’t have the mood to go anywhere else.
Hence, they went back home.

It was past 10 pm when they reached their homes.

Wang Teng didn’t go to the Jixin Martial House after that.
Instead, he surfed the Internet at home and flipped through pieces of information to strengthen his understanding of the martial arts era.

What happened tonight was a warning to him.

He had just met a random gangster, but this gangster’s ability was already close to the intermediate stage.

Had he not collected attributes furiously for the past two days and leveled up, he wouldn’t have been able to settle today’s affair.
It would have led to a huge disaster.

The percentage of people practicing martial arts wasn’t high within the population of a few billion.


But, the problem was, when they were thrown into the sea of humans, you wouldn’t know when you would be unlucky and meet one of them.

What if he offended a real martial warrior in the future?

The other party could injure him and the Wang family with just a flick of their fingers.

He never wanted to experience the lesson from his past life again.

When Wang Teng just got reborn, he had felt a sense of danger in his heart.
Now, the premonition was getting stronger.

He must become a real martial warrior as quickly as possible.

Martial disciple—even an advanced stage martial disciple—wasn’t enough.
He would only have some ability to protect himself if he became a martial warrior.

A little later than 11 pm, Wang Teng finished bathing and prepared to hit the bed.
He picked up his phone to set an alarm.
He needed to wake up early tomorrow.

When he turned on his phone, he noticed that he had received two messages on WeChat.

Although it was still 2009 in this world, WeChat already existed here and was popularized.
Everyone would post some moments on their WeChat when they had nothing to do.

There were many followers of the martial warriors’ friend circle, and it was extremely popular.
This was because the martial warriors could enter the Xingwu Continent through the dimensional rifts.

Thus, they took photos of many amazing sceneries and wonders in the Xingwu Continent, as well as the exotic beauties there…

Nowadays, showcasing clothes, bags, and luxurious cars was all too low!

The high-class and classy trend now was posting photos of the other world!

Wang Teng looked at his two messages.
One was sent more than an hour ago.

Brother Wang Teng, I’m home.
—From Bai Wei.

There was a cute emoticon at the end of the sentence.

The other message was sent three minutes ago.

Brother Wang Teng, I’m sleeping soon.
—From Bai Wei.

She had added a sleeping emoticon at the end.

“Why is this little girl so polite? I understand her message after she reached home, but why does she have to message me before she sleeps?” Wang Teng had a weird expression on his face.


He pondered for a moment.
This message was sent three minutes ago.
She should be asleep now, right?

Oh, it was sent four minutes ago.

He decided that he shouldn’t reply to her to prevent disturbing her.


Wang Teng scrolled through a few of his friends’ posts.
Nothing piqued his fancy, so he put down his phone and closed his eyes to get some rest.

Within a minute, his breathing stabilized, and he entered deep sleep.

On the other end of the phone, in a pink princess room, Bai Wei waited for a long time but didn’t receive any reply.
Disappointment appeared uncontrollably on her face.


“Slap!” She threw her phone and almost went crazy.
After rolling around a few times on her bed, she felt frustrated.


The next day, Sunday.

Wang Teng woke up early in the morning.
After having his breakfast, he left the house under the contented gaze of his father, Wang Shengguo.

“Finally, I don’t feel that gaze anymore.”

After the sports car drove a long distance, Wang Teng shivered.

“Could this be the legendary gaze of love?”


“Ssss… That was so scary!”

After some time, Wang Teng arrived at the Jixin Martial House.

A few attribute bubbles were scattered on the grass field and the pathways in the martial arts academy.
He picked them up along the way and walked into the martial disciple training building.

Some students were practicing in the training lobby on the first floor.

Wang Teng took a look around briefly.
Most of them were those who came the earliest yesterday.

Wang Teng had a deep impression of them.
He thought that he was early enough, but these people were even earlier than him.
They were indeed hardworking.

However, on this path of diligence, I, Wang Teng, will not admit defeat.

Wang Teng walked over and greeted them politely.
He also collected the attributes these people had dropped.


Basic Sword Skill*1

Basic Footwork*1


Basic Fist Skill*2


“This is a good start! I’m so happy!”

After collecting the attributes, Wang Teng didn’t stop moving.
He walked straight up the stairs to the second floor.

His actions attracted the attention of a few students.

The young man practicing his sword skill kindly reminded him, “Based on the rules of the martial arts academy, a beginner stage martial disciple isn’t allowed to go up to the second floor.”

“I know.
Thank you for your reminder.” Wang Teng turned around and smiled.
“But, yesterday night, I accidentally broke through and became an intermediate-stage martial disciple.”

When he finished speaking, he had already climbed the second fleet of stairs.
His figure couldn’t be seen anymore.

He boasted so calmly and even flicked his sleeves, not leaving anything behind.


The young man practicing his sword skill froze on the spot.

“He, what did he say?” He asked the other students in disbelief.

“This brat just came yesterday, right?”

The students didn’t answer him directly.
Instead, they retorted with another question.

“That’s not right.
He came on Friday night.
I saw him,” another student suddenly said.

“He became an intermediate stage martial disciple after practicing for two days? Are you kidding!”

“That’s definitely impossible.
He must have practiced martial arts before he came to the martial arts academy.
Look at him.
He’s obviously a rich second generation.
The poor study while the wealthy learn martial arts.
His family is influential, so he definitely learned martial arts earlier than us.
It’s easier for him too.”

Everyone agreed with this explanation.

No one believed that someone in this world could turn from a weak, useless human being into a beginner stage martial disciple and then an intermediate stage martial disciple within two days.

This was impossible.

Genius wasn’t enough to describe such a person.
You could only call him a monster!

—Of course, that was excluding those people who cheated and had bugs!

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