There were no other martial warriors in the training lobby of the martial warrior building.

Only Fu Tiandao and the five people were present.

The five figures stood lazily beside Fu Tiandao.
Even so, their presence could not be ignored.

Wang Teng was slightly astonished when he felt the aura these people were releasing.


He walked over and greeted him.

“Hi!” Fu Tiandao nodded and smiled.
“You came pretty quickly.
Come, let me introduce them to you.
They are the Tiger Warrior martial warrior team.

“This is an outstanding team I picked out from more than ten teams.
They are experienced in field operations and actual combat.

“Also, all the team members are 3-star soldier-level martial warriors.
Their team leader is a 3-star peak-level martial warrior.
He’s only a step away from breaking into the 4-star level.
If you follow them to Xingwu Continent, your safety can be guaranteed.”

After he finished speaking, he said to the muscular young man among the five people, “Lin Zhan, this is the top scholar of the martial arts exam this year, the person I’ve been telling you about—Wang Teng.

“He will be following you in the future.”

The muscular young man nodded and stepped forward.
He raised his hand and said, “Hello, I’m the leader of the Tiger Warrior team, Lin Zhan.”

Wang Teng looked at the two meters tall and bulky figure.
He could discern that the person was releasing his aura purposely.
He smiled gently in response.
“Hello, I’m Wang Teng.
Please take care of me in the future.”

He stretched his hand out and held Lin Zhan’s hand.

The atmosphere froze for a few seconds.

The two people were confronting each other secretly.
Although they had smiles on their faces, they were actually cursing in their hearts.

This brat is very strong! Lin Zhan was surprised.
He didn’t use his full force, but he was close to becoming a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Yet, Wang Teng was able to withstand his pressure for so long.

Looking at his expression, he doesn’t seem to be having any troubles.
And he isn’t pretending either.
Looks like he’s really a capable person… Lin Zhan thought to himself.

“Hahaha, as expected of the top scholar in the martial arts exam!” Lin Zhan laughed heartily and released his hand.

He knew when to stop.

He didn’t exert any more force.
He still wanted his dignity as a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.

“You’re speaking too highly of me.” Wang Teng smiled.
He wasn’t annoyed or furious by the other party’s tricks.

He came out of nowhere, and the principal had stuffed him into their team.
It was impossible for them not to have any unhappiness.

Thus, he didn’t blame the other party for testing him.

If he was too weak, the Tiger Warrior team might regret their decision on the spot.

“Lin Zhan, I didn’t lie to you, right?” asked Fu Tiandao.

“Principal, what are you saying? I’ve always trusted you.” Lin Zhan sniggered.

At this moment, the other four members of the Tiger Warrior team looked at each other.
They could see a hint of astonishment in one another’s eyes.

“All of you can introduce yourselves too,” Lin Zhan said to them.

“I’m Yang Fei, an earth element martial warrior,” a humble-looking young man opened his mouth first and said.

“Yan Jinming, fire element martial warrior.”

“Hello, hello, I’m Yan Jinyue, a wood element martial warrior.”

The two people who spoke next were a pair of siblings.
The man was fair and quite handsome.

Wang Teng touched his chin. Hmmm… he’s just a little less handsome than me.

As for the lady, since they were siblings, she wouldn’t be any worse.
She looked dainty and pretty.

She was even a little shy and seemed a little confused.
Wang Teng was surprised.
She didn’t look like an experienced martial warrior.

However, Wang Teng knew that he shouldn’t see things from the surface.

When the other party wasn’t shy, he briefly felt the aura she displayed.
It was real.

As for the last person…

It was a young lady with a mature temperament.

“Liu Yan.
I’m a fire element martial warrior too.”

The lady smiled and revealed her sparkly white teeth.
She seemed bright and cheerful, someone who would put a smile on other’s faces with her energetic personality.
She patted Wang Teng’s shoulder and told him, “Little Brother Wang, follow me in the future.
I will protect you.
Don’t worry, there will be benefits too.”

She even winked at him after she spoke.

“Enough, Liu Yan.
Don’t tease the young man anymore.” Lin Zhan shook his head helplessly.
“You know my name already.
I’m a metal element martial warrior.”

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up when he heard Lin Zhan’s attribute.

Not bad, not bad!

This was exactly the element he lacked out of the five main elements.

This Leader Lin might help him get some metal attributes.

Lin Zhan suddenly felt as though he got eyed by a star beast.
He frowned, but when he observed carefully, he didn’t see anything.

What happened just now?

He glanced at Wang Teng.
He hadn’t noticed the glimmer in Wang Teng’s eyes just now, so he didn’t know whether he was the one who gave him that feeling or not.

It seems like it’s just my illusion.

Maybe I haven’t recovered because I just came back from Xingwu Continent. Lin Zhan shook his head.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.
The more he looked at Lin Zhan, the more he felt that this was a fat and huge sheep.
He was a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior, almost!

He must get close to him quickly.
He could lay his hands on him easier if he got more familiar with him.

Oh, he mustn’t let go of the other four martial warriors either.
They would share happiness and difficulties together!

We will definitely be good teammates in the future… 

While these thoughts raced in his mind, he didn’t forget to introduce himself, “I’m an ice element martial warrior, one-star soldier level.”

“Ice element martial warrior!”

The five people from the Tiger Warrior team were amazed.
Before this, they only knew that Wang Teng was the top scholar of the martial arts exam and had become a martial warrior at a young age.

At that time, they were already surprised enough.

They didn’t expect him to be a mutated element martial warrior…

This was a talent!

They couldn’t help but exclaim in their hearts.

Today, I just wanted to introduce everyone.
Since you’ve met each other, I’ll let you deal with the matters after this,” said Fu Tiandao.

He reminded them again after he said that sentence.
“Lin Zhan, I’ll hand Wang Teng over to you.
Lead him properly.”

“Don’t worry, principal.” Lin Zhan nodded.

“Wang Teng, I put you in the Tiger Warrior team because I hope that you can follow them and learn how to fight with star beasts and gain relevant experience.
This is a chance for you to go to Xingwu Continent to practice before anyone else.
However, you have to work hard.
You must treat this opportunity seriously.
You can’t always rely on the other members of the team to help you.
When you come back one month later, if Lin Zhan and the other team members give bad feedback and say that you didn’t meet their criteria, I can only remove you from the team,” Fu Tiandao said to Wang Teng.

“I understand.” Wang Teng nodded.

“That’s great.” Fu Tiandao didn’t say anything else.
He waved his hand and left.

After Fu Tiandao left, Lin Zhan said, “We just came back from Xingwu Continent and need to rest for two days.
We will leave for Xingwu Continent again two days later.”

“Okay.” Wang Teng had no objections.

“Have you bought your weapons and equipment?” Lin Zhan nodded.

“I have my weapons but no equipment.
What equipment do I need?” asked Wang Teng.

Lin Zhan shook his head secretly.
As expected, he was still a newbie.

He explained to him patiently, “You will need a set of battle uniforms.
A good battle uniform will fit your body perfectly.
It must be comfortable to wear and shouldn’t affect your movements when fighting.
Its defense ability needs to be good too.
You have to choose your uniform carefully.
Then, you will also need a bag.
A communication watch is a must…”

“Can I use this watch as a communication watch?” Wang Teng showed him the watch that Fu Tiandao gave him the other day.

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