Chapter 105: Five Top Universities

The principal’s office wasn’t big.
It even seemed a little simple and plain.

There was a sofa and a coffee table opposite the office desk.
Principal Yu was personally making tea.

The admission officers from the different schools sat down along with Wang Teng.

“It’s my honor that you’ve all come personally.
I’m overwhelmed,” said Wang Teng.

“Talented people always have some special privileges.
You are one of them,” A fat middle-aged man complimented Wang Teng without holding back.
He smiled and continued, “Let me introduce myself.
I’m the admission teacher from Huanghai Military Academy.
You can call me Mr.

Another teacher at the side noticed that Mr.
Qin took the initiative, so he said hurriedly, “Wang Teng, I’m the admission teacher from Donghai University.
You can call me Mr.

“The First University.
You can call me Mr.

The teacher from The First University was a man around thirty years old.
He was a little distant, with a hint of arrogance in his voice.

“I come from the Capital Military Academy.
My surname is Zhou.”

“I’m from Jinlin University.
You can call me Ms.
Xia.” Ms.
Xia was the only female among all the teachers.
She wasn’t stunning.
She looked ordinary, but she had an elegant and mature aura.
Her voice was soft and gentle, as though a warm breeze just blew past your face.

Only the teachers from these five universities came today!

But, these five universities were the best in the entire country.

The other universities felt that they were unable to beat them, so they chose not to come.

As long as Wang Teng wasn’t stupid, he wouldn’t give up the top universities and choose their second-rated universities.

At this moment, Mr.
Huang from The First University opened his mouth calmly, “Wang Teng, you should have heard of The First University before, right?

“We have the most abundant teaching resources in the entire country.
Our teachers are all at least four-star soldier-level martial warriors!

“Most of our school leaders are six-star soldier-level martial warriors too.

“We can give you ample guidance whether you have questions with your daily cultivation or difficulties when breaking through your level.

“Next, let’s talk about resources.
You won’t be able to imagine the resources you can enjoy at our school—scriptures, battle techniques, dan pills, energy stones, etc.
We can provide the best of everything.
I’m not looking down on other schools, but they are weaker than us in this area.

“Also, we have many outstanding alumni.
Some are businessmen, while others have entered the political world.
Some went to the military too.
As long as you come to The First University, these seniors will be your invisible network.

“Everyone needs to rely on themselves, but with them standing behind you, it will save you a lot of trouble.

“Our principal is an 11-star general-stage martial warrior.
He’s a respectable and powerful person in the education world.
He’s renowned worldwide!

“Before I came, he told me that I must bring you to him.
He really wants to meet you.

“Come to The First University.
If you don’t, you will definitely regret it.”

When they heard the entire speech, the teachers from the other four schools had a change of expression.
Even the elder sitting at the top of the education world in the north had taken notice of Wang Teng?

“Wang Teng, the teachers and resources that Jinlin University has is on par with The First University.
We have many outstanding alumni too.
In fact, we are not worse than them.
Our principal is similarly an 11-star general-stage martial warrior, and he has a huge say in the south.
Donghai is also in the south.
Jinlin University is more suitable for you,” the admission teacher from Jinlin University said quickly.

However, her words were less powerful as compared to The First University.
Even the principal of The First University was aware of Wang Teng.
It meant that he had high hopes for him.

Once Wang Teng entered The First University, he would be their key student.

“Wang Teng, let’s not talk about anything else.
Our Donghai is an important business city.
Donghai University’s resources are on par with any other university.
Our teachers are competent too.
We have 5-star, 6-star, and 7-star soldier-level martial warriors.
We have as many of them as you want” Mr.
Li from Donghai University sounded like a wealthy man.

Then, he chuckled and continued, “As for our principal, he is an 11-star general-stage martial warrior.
He has talked about you many times in front of me.
If he didn’t have something to attend to, he would probably have come here personally and snatched you over.
He will never allow you to run away.”

Wang Teng was flabbergasted.

Oh my god!

Three 11-star general-stage martial warriors appeared in an instant.
The pressure on him was enormous!

At this moment, only the teachers from the two military academies hadn’t spoken.
They couldn’t help but glance at each other.

Tit for tat!

Qin from Huanghai Military Academy continued to smile as he said calmly, “Actually, the quality and quantity of resources and teachers of our schools are all similar.
There’s not much difference.
Even if there is, its effects won’t be significant.

“Wang Teng, I’ve seen videos of your actual combat assessment.
You are very strong.
Come to the military academy.
This is where you can develop your ability.

“We are forming a troop in the Xingwu Continent.
As long as you perform well in the academy, you will be given a military rank and will be able to go to the Xingwu Continent to fight and command your own troops.

“The greatest worth of martial warriors can only be displayed on the battlefield.
The Xingwu Continent is undoubtedly a vast battlefield.

“From a certain perspective, martial warriors are soldiers.

“Our martial warriors are always fighting!

“A soldier that doesn’t want to be a general isn’t a good soldier.

“And only a military academy can satisfy this requirement.

“Also, the higher authorities have discussed and agreed that once you enter our Huanghai Military Academy, you will immediately be given the rank of a sergeant.”

The three admission teachers from Jinlin, Donghai, and even The First University had a change in their expressions.
“You… you’re shameless.
You are actually using the military rank to attract Wang Teng.”

“Hmph, you can do it too,” Mr.
Qin smiled and replied innocently.

“That’s right, you can do it too if you can.” Mr.
Zhou from the Capital Military Academy nodded.
Then, he said to Wang Teng, “Our Capital Military Academy offers the same conditions.
However, as compared to Huanghai Military Academy, we have another advantage.”

He paused and glanced at Mr.
Qin proudly before saying, “One of our outstanding alumni—General Lei Yao—is in charge of the ‘Crimson Tiger’ troop in Xingwu Continent.
The Crimson Tiger troop has been around for ten years and is a mature army.
If you’re good, we can ensure that you will join them and have a steady progression in the future.
You will make a name for yourself.”

Zhou spoke firmly and enthusiastically.
His words were highly persuasive.

The other teachers turned silent.
They had high hopes for Wang Teng, so they came personally to try their best and get him into their schools.

However, the importance the schools placed in Wang Teng got higher each time one of them spoke, and the conditions they gave were getting more and more enticing.

“Wang Teng, a few alumni from our Huanghai Military Academy are forming the ‘Black Falcon’ troop too.
They have just been formed, so there are many difficulties along the way, but it also means that there will be more opportunities for you.
On the other hand, Crimson Tiger is already matured.
The generals inside are at their prime age.
Even if you are able to achieve a high rank in the future, there’s a limit to it,” said Mr.

“Hmph, can you give Wang Teng a general position in your Black Falcon troop? I think that you’re just painting an illusion for Wang Teng,” Mr.
Zhou said with disdain.

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