“If I use this invisible force as a form of offensive attack…”

Wang Teng started pondering as he controlled the ball of water in the air.

Suddenly, he had an idea.

He stared at the water intently.
The invisible force kept shrinking as the water started congregating.
It was getting smaller and smaller in size…

Finally, when the water was reduced to one-third of its original size, it couldn’t shrink anymore.


Wang Teng changed his thoughts and compressed the water into the size of a thorn.
Its tip was extremely sharp.


The invisible force became a push force.

The thorn made of water shot out at high speed.
It pierced forcefully into the wall.

Wang Teng walked over to take a look.

A hole had appeared on the wall.
Almost half of the water thorn was submerged in the wall.

The water wasn’t controlled by the invisible force anymore, so it scattered and flowed down.

Besides water stains, no traces were left on the wall.

Wang Teng stared dumbfounded at the hole in the wall.
He really wanted to laugh out loud, but fortunately, he managed to control himself in time.
If not, he would have definitely woken his parents up.

Even so, the excitement in his eyes could be seen clearly.
His eyes were glittering.


Extremely powerful!

This was just a normal stream of water, but under the control of the invisible force, it was able to display such strength.

What if I change it to Force?

I can compress Force and then shoot it out at high speed.
How powerful would that be… 

I can even use special weapons!

The power would be unimaginable!

Wang Teng took a few deep breaths.
He wanted to test the potential strength of his invisible force, but his house wasn’t a suitable place.

That hit just now was enough to leave a hole in the wall.
If he used Force, he would probably tear his house down.

This was something only an idiot would do.
He wasn’t an idiot.

But, I can test its maximum limit.


He prepared his mind and glanced around his room.
All the chairs, tables, cupboards, and even the bed started floating in the air.

In that instant, all the heavy objects that he could get hold of in the room were flying in mid-air under the control of his invisible force.

They floated as though there was no gravity.

This is simple.
I can’t see the maximum limit. Wang Teng shook his head.
He controlled all the items and placed them back at their original spot.

A few seconds later, the room looked the same again.
It was as if nothing had happened.

He thought for a moment and jumped down the window with his weapon carrier casket on his back.
He left his house and came to a small and empty forest in his district.

He looked around him.
There was no one.
The security guards rarely came here.

Wang Teng activated the runes on the weapon carrier casket and took out his battle sword.
He threw it into the air, and his invisible force surged out.

Under the control of his invisible force, the battle sword started flying around Wang Teng’s figure.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The battle sword started flying faster and faster.
The sound of it breaking the air could be heard.
Very soon, only the lingering shadows of the sword could be seen.

He controlled his battle sword and flung it towards a huge tree.

The tree trunk, which was huge enough for a person to hug it, got pierced by the battle sword directly.


It’s cleaner and sharper than an attack from a martial warrior.
The penetrating power is astonishing!

Wang Teng analyzed the situation in his heart.
Then, he stretched out his hand, and the battle sword flew back slowly.
Just as he was about to keep it, he had a new idea.

The battle sword turned and landed beside his feet.
Wang Teng stood on it.

Under the control of the invisible force, the battle sword rose up while shaking.
It flew in the air slowly.

Is this considered riding on the sword?!

Wang Teng couldn’t help but smile.

After flying for two rounds and slowly getting used to it, he wanted to pick up the speed.
Suddenly, a stinging pain was felt in his head.

The battle sword started falling uncontrollably.

Wang Teng fell from the sky.
Fortunately, he reacted in time and twisted his body while bearing the pain in his head.
He landed on the ground.

That was dangerous!

He heaved a sigh of relief.
He rubbed his head and muttered to himself, “Is that the limit?”

But I didn’t expect myself to last this long! This is surprising.

Wang Teng kept his fallen battle sword into his weapon carrier casket as he thought about this.
Then, he carried it and went home.

I want to try controlling Force with the invisible force, but I went a little overboard.
I can only wait for the next time. He gave a forced smile.

Riding on a sword!

This was a scene that would only appear in fantasy novels and dramas.
Yet, he was able to experience it.

It felt quite good.

A silent night.

The following day, Wang Teng went down for breakfast with two eye bags under his eyes.

Today was university application day.

Wang Shengguo ate his breakfast and reminded Wang Teng, “I think you know what school you want to get into.
Your mom and I won’t interfere in your decision.
Whether you choose to apply to The First University or stay in Donghai, we will support you.”

“I understand, Dad.” Wang Teng nodded.
Then, he continued, “I also want to see what good news the different universities will bring to me today.”

“You will have to consider that personally.
You can handle the three principals from the top three martial arts academies, so those admission teachers shouldn’t give you any problem,” Wang Shengguo smiled and replied.

“I have the initiative.
There won’t be any huge problems.”

Wang Teng finished his breakfast and went out.
He drove his car to Donghai No.
1 High School.

A banner was hung above the gates of Donghai No.
1 High School.

“Congratulations to Wang Teng from class eight for gloriously becoming the top scholar of the Donghai martial arts exam.”

The standard of this banner was much higher than the banners outside the martial arts academy and his district.

Look, gloriously becoming!

Become your head.
Why are there big red banners everywhere? Wang Teng didn’t know what to make of it anymore.

He came to the class eight classroom.

The classroom was extremely noisy.
When Wang Teng walked in, it turned silent in an instant.

“The boss is here!”

“Let me bow to you!”

“Boss, you’re amazing…”

They were talking about Wang Teng a moment ago, and now, the man was here.
All the students were excited.

They gathered around Wang Teng, whether or not they were familiar with him in the past, and greeted him enthusiastically.

The top scholar!

A top scholar actually appeared from their class!

Also, he was the top scholar in the martial arts exam!

Just thinking about it made them feel honored.

In the martial arts era, the title of the top student of the martial arts exam weighed more than the top student of the normal university entrance exam.
In the future, they might have an influential figure who came from their class.

Wang Teng couldn’t handle this enthusiasm.

“Wang Teng!”

At this moment, their headteacher, Fan Weiming’s, voice was heard outside the door.

“Teacher, are you looking for me?” Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief and ran out of the room hurriedly.

“The admission officers from a few top universities want to talk to you.
Follow me,” Fan Weiming said.

“Okay, let’s leave now.” Wang Teng nodded hurriedly.

“Hahaha, you must have been frightened by your classmates.” Fan Weiming laughed.

“They’re so scary!” Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.

“Who asked you to score so well? You are the top scholar for the martial arts exam! I didn’t expect a top scholar for the martial arts exam to appear in my class.
This is something I won’t even dare to dream of in the past,” Fan Weiming lamented.

“Are you surprised? Are you shocked?” asked Wang Teng.

Fan Weiming: …


As the two of them chatted, they arrived at the principal’s office.
The admission officers that were making small talk with the principal stood up one by one and looked at Wang Teng with bright smiles.

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