Chapter 101: I’m Really Ugly!

“The Xingwu Continent!”

Wang Teng’s expression changed a little.
Ever since he became a martial warrior, he knew that he would have to go to the Xingwu Continent sooner or later.

“I’ll consider this carefully,” he replied to Fu Tiandao.

I do hope that you will stay in Donghai, whether it’s for business or personal reasons.
Donghai needs more powerful martial warriors!” Fu Tiandao continued.

Wang Teng nodded.
He didn’t give his answer immediately.

Fu Tiandao didn’t continue when he saw Wang Teng’s reaction.
He stood up and said, “After your application, there will be more than a month before your school starts.
I will help you to look for a small martial warrior team in the martial arts academy.
You can join them later and head to the Xingwu Continent.”

“That’s fast!” Wang Teng was astounded.

“There’s no time to waste on the path of martial arts.
If you’re a step faster, you will be many steps ahead of everyone else.
Don’t you want to widen this distance?” Fu Tiandao smiled and asked.

It was obvious that Fu Tiandao’s words spoke right to Wang Teng’s heart.

He had already flung many people behind him.
This was the best time to widen the distance between him and the rest.

Also, as a cheater, it would be highly embarrassing if he was surpassed by someone else.

“Is the Xingwu Continent dangerous?” Wang Shengguo couldn’t help but ask at the side.

“The instant he became a martial warrior, the danger will always follow him.
He will never be able to get rid of it unless he becomes invincible.
At that time, there will be no dangers anymore.”

Fu Tiandao looked at Wang Shengguo.
He didn’t console him.
Instead, he told him the truth rather than giving him false hopes.

He also asked him in a meaningful tone, “Will there be no danger if he doesn’t become a martial warrior?

Wang Shengguo immediately recalled his recent experience.
If Wang Teng wasn’t a martial warrior, his situation would have been worse.
The Wang family might be suffering a huge crisis now.

Danger was always relative.

They were never safe!

With his experience, he naturally understood this logic.
He could only sigh secretly.

“Alright, you don’t have to send me off.
Wait for my news.”

The few of them came to the entrance of the house.
Fu Tiandao waved his hand and drove his car away.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei suddenly turned silent when they saw Fu Tiandao leaving.
It was a good thing that their son became a martial warrior.
However, they were still worried about the dangers he would face.

They felt like parents sending their child overseas.
They were elated that their child had managed to get into a university, but when they sent him off, they kept reminding and nagging.
They even wiped their tears secretly.

This was probably the innate ability of a parent.

“Dad, Mom, don’t look as though your son has just died.
I’m still alive,” Wang Teng said in a helpless tone.

“Pfft, why are you talking about such unlucky things?” Li Xiumei said.

Wang Shengguo let out a long sigh.
He said emotionally, “You have grown up.
You’re not only powerful, but you’re also more mature now.
You are able to remain calm and confident in front of the three martial arts academies’ principals.
You can support the family in a crisis, and your assets are more than mine too.
As your father, I know that there’s nothing I have to worry about.
I only hope that you will always place your life as the priority, no matter what you do.”

“I understand, Dad.” Wang Teng turned quiet too.
Then, he winked at Wang Shengguo and said, “Anyway, Dad, why do you sound a little envious? Are you jealous of my billion yuan assets? Shall I give you some?”

“Go away!” Wang Shengguo raised his leg and kicked Wang Teng.

This stupid child.

What did he mean by being jealous? Your dad is already so old.
I have my ego!

Wang Teng laughed and dodged the kick.

“I’m going out!”

He ran out of the door.

Fu Tiandao’s words gave Wang Teng some pressure.
He needed to improve everything he could improve before he went to the Xingwu Continent.

Jixin Martial House.

A red banner was hung above the main entrance.

‘Welcome Wang Teng, the top scholar of Donghai’s martial arts exam, to our Jixin Martial House.’

Wang Teng got out of the car and stood at the main entrance.
He stared at the glaring line of words in a daze.
Suddenly, he felt incredibly embarrassed.

Fu Tiandao was really fast.
He went off half an hour before him, but the banner was already hanging over the main entrance.

Could he have prepared it beforehand?

Wang Teng hurriedly lowered his head and pretended that he didn’t see anything.
He crawled into his car and drove into the martial arts academy.

His car was a frequent sight at the academy.
Furthermore, the banner was hanging there.
Even the guards knew who he was and let him in directly.

When the car drove in, the guards stood behind it and discussed among themselves.

“Is that the top scholar of the martial arts exam?”

“It’s him, it’s him.
Yes, it’s him.”

“I heard that our principal went to look for him personally before he managed to snatch him back from the hands of Bailian Martial House and Leiting Martial House.”

“This treatment, wow…”

Wang Teng didn’t know that the guards were talking about him.
After he parked his car, he arrived at the third floor of the martial disciple training building.

He could already enter the martial warrior building, but he wanted to visit the martial disciple building one last time.

The third floor.

The moment Wang Teng came up, many gazes landed on him.
Then, the entire room turned quiet for some time before low voices of discussions were heard.

“Wang Teng!”

“The top scholar of the martial arts exam!”

“I didn’t expect a boss to be hiding among us!”

Zhang Shaoyang and Peng Hai knew Wang Teng, so they rushed over and started talking to express their astonishment.

They were all professional martial arts disciples, but they were still struggling at the advanced stage.
They didn’t know when they would become martial warriors.

Yet, Wang Teng had already become the top scholar in the martial arts exam.
He was able to choose any of the top universities in the country and would get to enjoy huge amounts of resources in the future.
It would just be a matter of time before he became a martial warrior.

His future was bright, but theirs were uncertain.

Just thinking about this gave them complicated emotions.
To be green with envy was not enough to express how they were feeling.

Wang Teng chatted with the people he was familiar with for some time.
Then, they went to practice on their own.

At first, they thought that everyone was at the same level.
After seeing Wang Teng soaring high in the sky, they didn’t want to lag behind too much.
Hence, they worked even harder in their training.

Also, Wang Teng was still toiling hard even after becoming the top scholar! What reason did they have to relax?

“Pant!” Wang Teng let out a loud breath and then pretended to practice.
In reality, he was picking up attribute bubbles.




Time went away in a flash.
Soon, it was evening.
Wang Teng’s Enlightenment had finally hit 100!

The Enlightenment column changed slowly.

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (0/100)

Wang Teng suddenly felt something strange happening in his mind.
He felt that his understanding of the various scriptures and battle techniques had improved a lot.

He continued looking at his attributes panel.
The proficiency of his scriptures and battle techniques suddenly increased by 2 to 3 points in an instant.

Scripture: Red Flame Scripture (foundation 35/100), Deep Ice Scripture (foundation 25/100), Earth Loess Skill ‘Earth Element Shield’ (foundation 29/100)

Battle Techniques: Basic battle techniques (presence enlightenment for fist, sword, blade, footwork, stick), Basic Arrow Skill (foundation), Gun Kungfu (foundation 3/10), Fire Kirin Sword Skill (foundation 59/100), Phantom Ice Fist (foundation 31/100)

Only his Gun Kungfu increased by one point.
It rose from two to three points.

Spiritual realm! A new realm! Wang Teng was deep in thought.

He tried picking up enlightenment attribute bubbles again, but he realized that they had no effects on his spiritual realm enlightenment.

Wang Teng left the martial arts academy after achieving his goal.

As expected, after reaching 100, there were changes to his enlightenment.
He wondered what would be the effects if he used his spiritual realm enlightenment to read or understand a new scripture or battle technique.

He was a little excited.

He was looking forward to his Spirit attribute, which was about to touch 100 too.
He wanted to reach it as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it now.

Wang Teng went back to the Fuhua Villa District.
When he reached the entrance, he saw another conspicuous red banner hanging above the gates.

“Congratulations to our district’s resident, Wang Teng, for becoming the top scholar of the martial arts exam!”

He covered his face uncontrollably.
Why was this thing present everywhere!

Wang Teng didn’t know that the news of him becoming the top scholar of the martial arts exam had already spread to every corner of Donghai.
Not everyone in the city knew it.
However, the families with children in school already viewed him as the ‘child next door’ and used him to educate their children.

Wang Teng probably never expected that one day, he would become ‘the child next door.’

Just as he was prepared to leave in his car, he saw a small figure at the sentry post talking to the guards there.

The figure was very strange.
Their entire body was covered with clothes, and they were wearing a baseball cap.
The mask covered their entire face, and all that was left to be seen was a pair of bright and black eyes.
They had their hands in the pockets.

Looking at the hot weather today, anyone who saw the figure would find it strange.

He could faintly hear their conversation.

“Are you saying that you are here to look for someone? But, looking at your sneaky appearance, we can’t let you in,” the guard frowned and said.

“I’m looking for Wang Teng!” The strange person’s voice was extremely recognizable.
It was soft and airy.
At night, it would sound like a ghost.

“Hmph, the top scholar of the martial arts exam, right? Many people are looking for him now.
Are we supposed to let everyone in?” the guard replied nonchalantly.

“I know him,” said the figure.

“Everyone who came to find him said the same thing.
We don’t know who’s speaking the truth.
Hurry up and leave.
Don’t disturb our work.”

The guard finally started chasing the person away.

Wang Teng drove the car over and lowered the car window.
He tried his luck.

“Brother-in-law!” the figure said softly.

There was a hint of surprise in her tone.
She seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief, but it wasn’t obvious.

“Young Master Wang!” The guard saw Wang Teng too.
This strange person actually knew Wang Teng, and the person even called him brother-in-law.
The guards exchanged glances with one another.
One of them said hurriedly, “We didn’t know…”

Before he could finish, Wang Teng waved his hand and replied, “It’s alright.
This is your responsibility.”

The guards felt relieved instantly.
They smiled and said, “Congratulations on becoming the top scholar for the martial arts exam!”

“Thank you!”

Wang Teng thanked them and then asked Lin Chuxia, “Why did you run out alone… Forget it.
Get in the car first.”

Lin Chuxia sat in the car.
The guards let them in immediately.

Wang Teng asked as he drove his car into the villa district, “Tell me, why did you come?”

Lin Chuxia furrowed her thin eyebrows and said, “I felt that the air around me was getting sticky and uncomfortable again, so I want to find you… Huh, I feel more comfortable now.”

Wang Teng chucked in his heart.

Just now, he had already picked up all the attribute bubbles floating around Lin Chuxia.

Demon Lotus Poison Body*10

Poison Force*7

Lin Chuxia looked at Wang Teng with her bright eyes.

Wang Teng didn’t explain anything.
Instead, he asked, “Does your sister know that you came to find me?”

“She doesn’t,” Lin Chuxia said indifferently.

Wang Teng instantly felt his head hurt.
He took out his phone and dialed Lin Chuhan’s number.
He passed his phone to her.
“Here, inform your sister.
If not, your mom and sister will be worried.”

Lin Chuhan was doing some tutoring work to earn more money so that she could return money to Wang Teng as soon as possible.

She didn’t expect to receive a call from Mother Lin telling her that Lin Chuxia had disappeared.
She was so worried that she didn’t know what to do.

This had happened a few times in the past, but that was when Lin Chuxia was young and didn’t understand the situation.
As time went by, she slowly accepted fate and stayed at home obediently.

So many years had passed, but Lin Chuxia started playing the disappearing act again.


There were no signs at all.
It was so unpredictable.

At this moment, Lin Chuhan’s phone rang.
She looked at the caller ID and picked up the call.
However, it wasn’t Wang Teng’s voice she heard.


Lin Chuhan heaved a sigh of relief.
At the same time, she flared up in anger and shouted word by word, “Lin Chuhan! Do you know how worried Mom and I were!”

“I know~”

Lin Chuhan felt stuffy in her chest.
She almost vomited a mouth of blood.

“Pant… never mind, I will not argue with you.”

“Hurry up and come back.
Mom is so worried!” Lin Chuhan said helplessly.

“I finally managed to come out.
I don’t want to go back so early,” Lin Chuxia said stubbornly.

“Don’t you understand your own body…”

Wang Teng signaled Lin Chuxia to pass him the phone when he noticed that they were about to start quarreling.
Then, he said to Lin Chuhan, “Since she’s not willing to go back, let her stay with me.
I’m fine anyway.”

“How can I trouble you? That stupid brat kept asking me why you didn’t come to visit her for a long time.
I didn’t expect her to run out to find you.
I’m so angry.
How about this? I’ll rush over immediately and bring her back,” Lin Chuhan said angrily.

“I’m preparing to bring her home for a meal.
If you want to come, I don’t mind.
We can gather and have some fun together,” Wang Teng winked at Lin Chuxia as he said in a casual tone.

Lin Chuhan was speechless.
She replied after a long time, “You are ganging up to anger me.
I’m not going to care about you anymore.”

She hung up directly.

“Settled!” Wang Teng smiled.
He said to Lin Chuxia, “Let’s go and grab something to eat at my house.
I will bring you somewhere fun tonight.”

“Do I have to eat at your house?” Lin Chuxia felt a little frightened now.

Wang Teng parked his car.

“You’re not even afraid of running away from home.
Why are you scared of this? We’ve already arrived.
Let’s get down.” He got out of the car first.

Lin Chuxia hesitated for some time before she finally got out of the car.
She followed behind him timidly as they walked into the villa.

“Mom, I have a guest.” Wang Teng shouted at the kitchen.

Li Xiumei ran out immediately.
Her gaze landed on Lin Chuxia.
“This is?”

“My table buddy’s younger sister.
I met her on the way, so she’s coming to get some free food,” Wang Teng said light-heartedly.

“Your table buddy’s younger sister?” Li Xiumei’s brain spun one round before she understood.
“Have a seat, have a seat.
Why are you wearing so thick in such hot weather?”

Li Xiumei looked at Wang Teng and replied hesitantly, “My face… is very ugly.”

“Why are young people like you always thinking that you’re ugly? I feel that being yourself is the best,” Li Xiumei said nonchalantly.

“Auntie, I’m really ugly,” Lin Chuxia tried her best to make herself sound more sincere.

“It’s alright.
This is our house.
There’s no one else around.
Hurry up and take off your mask.
It’s really hot,” Li Xiumei said.

Lin Chuxia turned around and looked at Wang Teng again.
He gave her a look of encouragement.

Lin Chuxia gritted her teeth and finally lowered her mask that was covering half of her face.

Li Xiumei stopped breathing for a moment.
She was shocked.
She wanted to rub Lin Chuxia’s head to console her.

“Don’t!” Lin Chuxia dodged hurriedly.

“Mom, Chuxia’s physique is a little special.
Normal people can’t touch her.
Her face is like this because of her unique physique.
However, I have found a cure for it,” Wang Teng explained.

“Special physique? I don’t understand this kind of thing, but it’s good that you have found a solution.” Li Xiumei was enlightened.

“Have a seat first and eat some fruits.
I’ll finish the dishes, and we can start eating immediately.”

That night, Lin Chuxia had dinner at Wang Teng’s house.

When Wang Shengguo returned from his company, he was shocked to find an additional person at home.
His reaction was the same as Li Xiumei when he saw Lin Chuxia, but he didn’t display any signs of disgust.
Instead, he took pity on the young lady.

The two adults were so enthusiastic towards Lin Chuxia that she almost couldn’t handle them.

After dinner, Wang Teng brought Lin Chuxia out and walked around aimlessly.
They had fun playing.
He wanted to let Lin Chuxia get some fresh air.

Lin Chuhan called him a few times, but Wang Teng didn’t pick up.

When it was almost midnight, Wang Teng brought Lin Chuxia to the western suburb mental hospital.

Lin Chuxia felt a little excited.
She found it fun to sneak around like this.

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