Chapter 100: SSS Grade Proposal By Jixin Martial House

“I choose Jixin Martial House!”

The moment Wang Teng finished speaking, the principals of Leiting Martial House and Bailian Martial House turned silent.

Fu Tiandao laughed loudly.
“Guys, thank you.”

“Can we take a look at your proposal?” Jiang Hong asked unwillingly.

He needed to know why he lost.

Gu Hefei looked at Fu Tiandao with the same expression.

The three martial arts academies were competitors.
Any lost talents were their loss.

“Please,” Fu Tiandao said nonchalantly.

The two principals instantly took Jixin Martial House’s proposal and leaned together.
They read the proposal quickly.

“Fu Tiandao, you’re insane!” Jiang Hong’s eyes turned wide with astonishment when he saw the proposal.

“Do you know what this proposal means?” Gu Hefei couldn’t help but ask.

“I gave this proposal to the headquarters, and our president approved it personally.
That’s how it got decided.
What do you think? Do you accept defeat?” Fu Tiandao asked.

“Your president approved it personally!”

“You win.”


The two of them exchanged glances.
They could only show their respect.

What was the difference?

When they reported their proposal to the headquarters, they wasted much saliva before they finally managed to get this S-grade proposal.

What about Jixin Martial House?

They immediately gave the highest level SSS-grade proposal.

The difference only seemed to be two levels, but it was a chasm.

In their memories, the top three martial arts academies had only approved 23 SS-grade proposals in the past few years.
Now, these people were all powerful characters.

All of them had the potential to reach the general stage!

Actually, the principals also wanted to apply for the SS-grade proposal for Wang Teng.
They felt that Wang Teng had this potential.

But, the people above had their doubts.

They felt that the future was full of accidents and probabilities.
They should invest in talent, but they mustn’t invest too much at once.

Hence, they suggested giving him the S-grade proposal first.
After he entered their martial arts academy, they would observe him for some time.
If his performance was outstanding, they would consider changing his proposal to SS-grade.

Most of the talents that signed an SS-grade proposal went through this route.
Very few of them were offered SS-grade proposals right away.

As for SSS-grade proposals, there were less than five of them.

Those five people were all general-stage martial warriors now!

All of them were younger than 35 years old, so they would definitely become important pillars of China in the future.

This was the difference!

Jixin Martial House gave Wang Teng an SSS-grade proposal, while Leiting Martial House and Bailian Martial House could only give an S-grade proposal.

They appeared a little stingy in comparison.

Jiang Hong and Gu Hefei felt a little dejected.
They had no mood to compare anymore.

“That’s vicious of you!”

But, they still glared at Fu Tiandao.

The two of them were a little embarrassed.
They said to Wang Teng, “We’re sorry for our proposals.”

They had witnessed Wang Teng’s actual combat assessment personally and were confident about his future.
Unfortunately, they couldn’t make the decision alone.

It was a pity that they missed this talent!

“You’re being too polite.
I’m grateful that you think so highly of me,” Wang Teng replied hurriedly.

The two principals felt much better because of Wang Teng’s modesty.
Fu Tiandao nodded his head secretly when he saw this scene at the side.

Displaying his skills when he should and keeping humble at the right time—this was the indication of a good character.

He was delighted with Wang Teng’s performance.

“Since you have already made your decision, we won’t disturb you anymore.” The two of them got up and left.

After sending them off, Wang Teng came back to the living room.

“Sign this proposal in case accidents happen,” Fu Tiandao said.

“Principal Fu, do you have so much confidence in me?” Wang Teng wasn’t in a hurry.
Instead, he asked him back.

“Haha, I’m not the only one who has confidence in you.
Our president has high hopes for you too.
You have been training in our martial arts academy.
Don’t think that you can hide it from me.” Fu Tiandao smiled mysteriously.

Wang Teng’s heart skipped a beat.

“But, you don’t have to worry.
Everyone has their secrets, especially martial warriors; they have even more secrets.” Fu Tiandao seemed to know what he was thinking, so he reassured him indifferently.

Wang Teng didn’t say much.
He signed his name on the proposal.

Fu Tiandao nodded in satisfaction.
He passed a black wristwatch to Wang Teng.

“This is the Force wristwatch invented by the martial warriors.
It is made of a special material and won’t get affected by water or fire.
It can even withstand the attack from a martial warrior without breaking.”

“Once you enter your personal information, you can log in to our martial arts academy’s internal web—Jixin.

“The billion-dollar worth of resources mentioned in the proposal will be transferred into your account batch by batch.
You can buy the resources you want from our martial arts academy’s internal web.

“But, you must consider carefully.
Don’t waste this huge amount of money.
If you fully utilize it, you can significantly enhance your skills.

“Also, you have three chances to seek guidance from our president.
This is a rare opportunity.
Many talents aren’t able to get this chance.
You should take advantage of it.

“Finally, this is the right to purchase a house in ‘Deer Garden.’ The people living there are all family members of martial warriors.
The ‘Deer Garden’ is under the name of the top three martial arts academies, so the security there is very high.
So far, no one has dared to create trouble there.
I know that your family met some trouble recently, so if you move there, you won’t have to worry about their safety.”

Wang Teng listened with rapt attention.
These were all written in the proposal, but Fu Tiandao’s reminder was worth pondering over.

The offers were all generous, especially the last one.
It was just what he wanted.
If his parents moved to ‘Deer Garden,’ he would feel more at ease too.

Li Xiumei hadn’t looked at the proposal just now, so when she heard Fu Tiandao’s explanation, she was flabbergasted.

A billion dollars worth of resources!

Her son’s assets had surpassed her husband’s many years of hard work.
It was hard not to be astounded.

Were martial warriors all so wealthy?

Wang Shengguo felt a little depressed.
By right, getting surpassed by your son should be a happy thing…

But, this money was so easy to earn!

It was so easy that it stimulated him greatly!

However, the right to purchase a house at ‘Deer Garden’ caused his eyes to light up too.
A man was only able to move forward without worry if his family was safe.

“You will need to apply for your university tomorrow.
Have you decided which one you want to go to?” Fu Tiandao asked.

“Not yet.
I looked at the cut-off point of the universities this year.
I think I’ll be able to get into all of them,” said Wang Teng.

After the result came out, all the schools had released their cut-off points immediately.

The martial arts exam was different from the normal university entrance exam.
For the normal university entrance exam, the cut-off points for the schools would only be released after the application process.
Many students couldn’t apply for the right universities and weren’t able to get into the universities they wanted.
It was a pity.

As for the martial arts exam, the schools weren’t the only ones choosing the students.
The students were choosing the universities too.
Thus, the cut-off points were released early.

“With your score, you won’t have a problem entering any university.
The problem is choosing the one that’s most suitable for you.
Your exam result has already been sent to all the top universities.
As long as they are not blind, I believe that they will look for you soon.
They might even look for you at your school tomorrow,” Fu Tiandao smiled and said.

“That’s so troublesome.” Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.
He suddenly thought of something and asked, “Principal, do you have any suggestions?”

Fu Tiandao smiled and replied, “The resources, atmosphere, and ability of the teachers of the top few universities are all around the same.

“Resources are earned through competition.
The more outstanding a person is, the more resources the country would distribute to him.
Hence, good students never lack resources.

“In recent years, the Donghai University and the Huanghai Military College are inching their way up.
There’s not much difference between them and The First University.
They were even able to beat the other universities in the martial arts grand competition a few times and claimed the championship.

“Comparing the military college and normal universities, military colleges are stricter.
They have more control over the student’s freedom, but there’s an advantage.”

Fu Tiandao paused for a moment at this point.
He only continued when he saw Wang Teng looking over.

“The military college is a quick route to gain power.
If you are outstanding enough and you earn military exploits, you might be able to take charge of an army in the future.
You will have great influence.

“Especially in the Xingwu Continent.
I don’t mind telling you that we are currently forming large troops.
We need to send fresh troops there urgently…”

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