Ming Shu found someone to repair the Taoist temple.
The Taoist temple was not big, but it was not a job that ordinary people could do.
They spent money like water.

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“Sister, sister, a Taoist priest is coming up the mountain.”

The little ghost floated in from outside and shouted at the top of his voice.

“Come up then.”It had been so long since the incident in the ancient tomb, and she was already very surprised that a Taoist priest came to find her.

“Where are you going?”The workers behind couldn’t see the little devil and thought that Ming Shu was talking to him, so they asked in confusion.

“Nowhere.”Ming Shu got up and walked out.

The workers looked at each other.

This employer had always been strange and liked to talk to himself occasionally.
If it weren’t for the fact that this was a Taoist temple, they would also be a little scared.

The Little Devil followed Ming Shu, but they didn’t dare to go out.
There were Taoist priests outside.

When Ming Shu walked out of the Taoist temple, a few Taoist priests happened to be outside.

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The leader was Xiu Lun, whom she had met before.
The rest of the Taoist priests were not familiar with him, and most of them were old.

Ming Shu raised her standard smile and greeted them.
“Rare guest, did you find evidence to arrest me?”

“Xun Yi, we didn’t come to you for that matter,”Xiu Lun said.
“We have already investigated that matter.
It has nothing to do with you.”

“That’s a pity.”I didn’t get to take the blame.

Xiu Lun:”? ?”

What was a pity?

“Then why did you come to me?”

Xiu Lun looked at the people around him and said in a low voice, “The sword you used in the ancient tomb, was it obtained from the Ancient Tomb?”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows.

She didn’t get it from the ancient tomb, so she didn’t lie.

Xiu Lun frowned.
He didn’t believe what Ming Shu said.

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He said, “Xun Yi, the thing that came out of the ancient tomb is very important.
I hope you can give us the sword.”

“You want me to give it to you?”I don’t care about my reputation!

Moreover, this is the Little Devil’s thing.
How can I give it to you.

Xiu Lun asked, “How can you give it to us?”

Ming Shu asked, “Did you forget something?”

Xiu Lun was a little confused.
What did he forget?

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“I am the scum of Taoism, scum… you are looking for me now and asking me to give it to you.
Did you not take your medicine today?”

“This matter involves the entire Taoism, and even the entire metaphysics world…”

Ming Shu raised her hand.
“Don’t give me that nonsense.
The metaphysics world, what does Taoism have to do with me? I am just a monster, a scum.
The matter of saving the world has nothing to do with me.”

Xiu Lun:”…”is there no end to this!

The Taoist priest behind them couldn’t help but shout angrily, “Xun Yi, don’t force us to be violent!”

Ming Shu said with a smile, “Aiyo, I like it when you are violent.”

The Taoist priests:”…”

Ming Shu’s attitude of not being afraid of boiling water made the Taoist priests’mentality explode.

“Arrest her.
I don’t believe we can find the sword.”

This suggestion was approved by the other Taoists.
She was a demon herself.
They caught her for the benefit of Taoism and the metaphysics world.

Xiu Lun stopped them.
“We are not here to cause trouble.”

“But with her attitude, she can’t give us the sword.
If we can’t get the sword, we can’t find the thing.”

Ming Shu listened to their conversation and understood.

They wanted to find it with the sword… speaking of which, what was the name of the Little Fairy?

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It was something thousands of years ago.
The people of the metaphysics world probably didn’t want to drink tea with him.
They must want to destroy him.

It was quite pitiful.

They finally came out, but they were still being hunted down.

However, Ming Shu was not in the mood to pity the little fairy.
She was surrounded and attacked.

“Xun Yi! Hand over the sword if you know what’s good for you!”

“We can let you off easy!”

Xiu Lun didn’t stop these Taoist priests.
They surrounded Ming Shu and started shouting.

“I won’t hand it over.
Hit Me!”

“You asked for it!”

“Okay, come on!”

Ming Shu made a fighting pose.

The Taoist priests looked at each other and attacked at the same time.

A fight broke out at the entrance of the Taoist temple.
The workers inside heard the noise and went out.

However, when they arrived, they only saw the Taoist priests lying on the ground.
It seemed that it was over.

Their employer was sitting on the ground and eating a steamed bun with a sigh..

Why was this scene a little strange?

“Miss Xun Yi, this…”

“You came at the right time.”Ming Shu looked at them.
“Throw these people down the mountain.”

The workers:”…”

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If the people on the ground weren’t still moving, they would have suspected that she asked them to throw the bodies away.

In the next few days, people kept coming to look for Ming Shu.

Their goal was that sword.

Not to mention that the sword belonged to Little Devil, even if it wasn’t his, she wouldn’t give it to her enemy.

Hence, the Taoist temple, which was usually quiet, suddenly became lively.

The workers didn’t know what happened.
They went out every day to carry people down the mountain.

Their employer was really good at fighting.

So many Taoist priests were not her match.

The Taoist priests:”…”Bullsh * t! She cheated!

In order to save her energy, Ming Shu used a talisman.
The host’s skills were not good to begin with.
There was nothing wrong with using her signature skills to deal with them.

She just… drew better than the host.
The effects were more varied and lasted longer.

After all, she had ascended before.
How could she be more stupid than these people who didn’t even know how to ride a flying sword?

After a busy day, the workers had all rested.

Ming Shu sat by the window.
The moonlight shone on her body, as if giving her a layer of hazy halo.

The air around her suddenly turned cold.

The light in front of her dimmed.
Ming Shu raised her head slightly and saw a tall man standing in front of her.

He was wearing the same clothes as last time.
He didn’t look messy at all and looked as clean as if he had just bought it.

The doll was carried by him and almost fell to the ground.
The doll looked very pitiful.

He stood in front of Ming Shu.
The moonlight was blocked by him and his entire face sank into the darkness.

“You’re blocking my moonlight,”Ming Shu said indifferently.

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About ten seconds later, the man turned his body, and the moonlight fell on Ming Shu again.


He was here to take his sword.

Ming Shu put her hand behind her head and smiled.
“I gave it to those Taoist priests.”

The temperature dropped rapidly.

Ming Shu shrank her body.
What a Little Vixen!

Ming Shu looked around and picked up a feather duster.
She jumped up and waved at the man.

You are courting death!

You still dare to run last time!

Eat Me If You Wear Me… Okay, I don’t have anything to eat, but you wear me!

You still dare to run!

I will let you run!

The man easily grabbed the feather duster.
His ink eyes were cold.

“Let Go!”Ming Shu shouted at him.

The man tightened his fingers and the feather duster made a slight cracking sound.

Ming Shu took a deep breath and forced out a smile.
“I will say it again, let go.”

Crack —

The Feather Duster broke into two.

Ming Shu held half of the Feather Duster and looked at the person in front of her and the feather duster for a few seconds.


The little fairy is going to turn the sky upside down!

Break Up!

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