Ming Shu didn’t know what du Qin was trying to say, but it was not a good time to ask, so she could only change the topic.

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“What’s in that locked room?”

Hu took a few seconds to answer.
“That room.
When we first came here, that room was already locked.
Maybe it was locked by my old man.
There was enough room and I was busy.
Then something like this happened… so I didn’t go to see what was inside.”

“Can you open it and see?”

“Yes, yes.”This room was now his, so of course he could open it.

Hu didn’t have a key either.
He found something and opened the lock.

Unexpectedly, the room was empty.
There was nothing inside, not even sundries.

Ming Shu walked around the room.
The room was cold, but there was no yin qi.

Hu called out to Ming Shu nervously.
“Do you see anything?”

“Not yet.”

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He had invited so many people, but none of them could solve the problem.
Hu was just disappointed.

“Let’s see.”Ming Shu took out two folded safety talismans and gave them to him.
“One for you and one for your wife.
Don’t leave your body.”

“Okay, okay…”Mr.
Hu accepted.
“Shall I arrange a room for the master first?”

– yes

Hu arranged a room for Ming Shu and Du Qin.
When they had dinner in the evening, Mrs.
Hu seemed to be fine, and she personally cooked.

There used to be servants in this yard, but too many bad things happened later, so the servants couldn’t work anymore and left.

Fortunately, Mrs.
Hu was not a person who knew nothing and could take care of herself.

“I don’t know if you are used to it…”

Ming Shu tasted the food and nodded.
“Not bad.”

“As long as master likes it.”Mrs.
Hu seemed to be relieved and sat next to Mr.

Ming Shu ate happily.
Du Qin didn’t even move his chopsticks.
He held the doll and sat there like a statue.

With him around, Mr.
Hu and Mrs.
Hu didn’t dare to speak loudly.

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“Master, this… little brother doesn’t want to eat?”Mr.
Hu asked tentatively.

“He’s trying to lose weight,”Ming Shu answered casually.
“Ignore him.”

Hu and Mrs.
Hu looked at each other and didn’t dare to ask again.

The main thing was that Du Qin’s aura was a little scary.

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Hu served Mrs.
Hu some soup and said softly, “Drink some soup first.”

Hu smiled at Mr.

After dinner, Ming Shu chatted with Mr.
Hu for a while.
Then she walked around the yard and returned to her room.

As soon as she closed the door, it was dark in front of her.

She didn’t need to look to know who it was.
Ming Shu reminded him, “Your Room…”

Her cold hand held her shoulder and pushed her against the door.
A cold kiss fell on her lips, forcing her words back.

Ming Shu:”? ?”

What’s wrong with this little zombie?

Ming Shu raised her head slightly.
She didn’t have any skills with him.
She only knew how to plunder and kissed him without any warmth.

The man closed his eyes slightly.
He could only see a few cold, ink-colored pupils.

His long eyelashes swept past, bringing with them a slight tickle.

Ming Shu simply leaned against the door, relaxed.
The man’s slender body pressed over, entangling every inch of her temperature.

What he coveted was the temperature of her body.

Thinking of this, Du Qin let himself get lost.

Ming Shu was kissed so hard that her brain was short of oxygen.

Du Qin let go of her lips at the right time.
His lips were still close to hers.
He whispered, “Hug.”

“Little zombie, you are very cold.”

“Hug.”Du Qin stubbornly used one word to express his intention.

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Ming Shu:”…”

Why aren’t you following the script!

Why are you so cute!

Ming Shu helplessly reached out her hand and hugged the cold man.

The man’s lips touched her cheek and moved down bit by bit, finally landing on her neck.

Ming Shu didn’t say anything.
She felt du Qin rub against her several times.
Then he quietly tightened his arms and held her in his arms, not moving anymore.


His tone had always been one-tongued, but now there was a question in it.

“Yes.”Ming Shu nodded.

A normal person would probably be an ice sculpture by now.

As soon as Ming Shu nodded her head, her body flew into the air.

Princess du Qin carried her up.
Du Qin walked towards the bed and stuffed Ming Shu into the quilt.
Then he hugged her with the quilt.
“Like This?”

Ming Shu:”…”

Do you think that the cold air on your body can be blocked by a quilt? What kind of misunderstanding do you have about yourself!

Du Qin saw that Ming Shu didn’t answer and suddenly reached out to pinch her face.

“Little zombie, don’t Push Your Luck!”Ming Shu patted his hand.

Du Qin’s long eyelashes trembled slightly and he said in a low voice, “Du Qin, you are the one who lives, you are the one who is appointed.”

This was the longest sentence Ming Shu had ever heard him say.

She thought he couldn’t speak.

Feelings can speak, but he just didn’t want to say such a long sentence?

“Little zombie is not nice to listen to?”


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Who is a little zombie!

He is not!

“But that’s what I want to call you.”Ming Shu deliberately moved closer to him.
“What should I do?”

Du Qin didn’t say anything.

He hugged Ming Shu without saying a word and tightened his arms.
Ming Shu suspected that he was trying to suffocate her in the quilt.


Ming Shu wanted to pull the quilt away, but du Qin pressed her back with an expressionless face.

Ming Shu:”…”

“Let Go.”


“Say it again?”Ming Shu’s tone was not friendly.

The latter closed his mouth, but didn’t let go.

Ming Shu:”…”

I’m so angry! This kind of person should be thrown into the cold palace!

Ming Shu struggled for a while.
Her hands and feet were wrapped in the quilt, so it was not easy to use.

She looked up at the person next to her and rubbed against him with all her strength.
She kissed the corner of his mouth and then rubbed against him again, completing a complete kiss.

Ming Shu’s kiss was much more skillful than his random kiss.

Ming Shu successfully saved herself.

She kicked him off the bed and wiped the corner of her mouth.
“Du Qin, if you dare to be rough with me again, I’ll kill you!”

Du Qin didn’t think much of it.
She had said it many times, but she didn’t do anything to him.

“Come up and try!”

Du Qin’s hand, which had just been placed on the bed, paused for a moment and then retracted.
He stood up silently and retreated into the darkness of the room.

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Ming Shu sat on the bed and looked at the darkness over there.

She covered her head and fell to the ground.
She didn’t want to think about it anymore.

You Can’t Pet a Little Vixen who wants to die.
Once you pet her, she will go to heaven.

Ming Shu turned her back to the other side.

After an unknown amount of time, Ming Shu turned around.
“Little Zombie.”

The person standing in the darkness moved a little, indicating that he heard her.

“Come here.”

The Shadow on the other side swayed a little.
Then Ming Shu saw him walking over and standing two steps away from the bed.

In the darkness, no one could see each other’s expression.

Ming Shu sighed softly.
“Come up.”

“You’re cold.”

Ming Shu was stunned.
She thought that he was afraid that she would hit him before so he restrained himself.

“I’m not that delicate,”Ming Shu said.
“Come up.”

Du Qin walked two steps to the side of the bed.
He slowly climbed onto the bed.

“Take off your clothes when you sleep.”

”…”du Qin thought for a moment and suddenly stepped down from the bed.

“Hey, why are you running?”Ming Shu grabbed him.

“I won’t.”

“What do you mean I won’t? I’m giving you face, but you still want to show off, don’t you?”

“Clothes, I won’t.”

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