Ming Shu was shocked by the name of the host.

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What the hell is this little scumbag from Haotian Taoism?

It doesn’t match the temperament of a villain at all.

Ming Shu opened her profile page and found that there was nothing she could change.
She took two bites of the steamed bun and summoned the harmony system to change her name.

[ … ] is there no other use for it now other than this function?

The Harmony System finished changing Ming Shu’s name.

[ host, do you want to watch the little fairy fight? ] She tried her best to make her presence known.

The Little Fairy was nowhere to be found.
What was she looking at? She wasn’t looking!

The harmony system didn’t care whether Ming Shu looked at it or not.
It would open up at the slightest disagreement.


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The harmony system needed to be taught a lesson again.

Ming Shu ignored the harmony system and exited the post.
She looked through the missions and found a mission that was closer to her.

[ public enemy of Taoism: I will accept this mission.
Send me the specific address.

The other party seemed to be online and replied very quickly.

[ fairy, don’t run: Eh, Brother, your name is a little poisonous.

[ public enemy of Taoism: I will work hard.

[ fairy, Don’t run: ? ? ? ]

Fairy, don’t run.
She didn’t understand what this public enemy of Taoism wanted to work hard for.
However, he didn’t say much and quickly returned to the main topic.

[ fairy, don’t run: the son of a rich businessman has been haunted by a ghost.
I Can’t get away from here, go and help me solve it.
As long as it’s solved, the reward will be yours.

[ public enemy of Taoism: address.

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[ fairy, don’t run: brother, can you do it? ]

[ public enemy of Taoism: Can I do it? Do you want to try, brother? ]? ]

The subtext of this sentence was more like: are brothers gay?

[ fairy, don’t run: … ]

Fairy, don’t run.
Maybe you were scared, but it took a whole minute for her to send an address.

Ming Shu had nothing to clean up.
She ordered the two little ghosts to watch the house and went down the mountain.

Even if she had a phone, she could only beep on the tractor.

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An extraordinary life.

Starting from the tractor.

The address was in the city.
Ming Shu took the train there.
When she arrived, it was already evening.

The first thing to do when she entered the city —

Eat, eat, eat!

I’ll Pamper you with snacks!

Ming Shu finished her food and took a taxi to the address given by the fairy.

Outsiders were not allowed to enter the villa area.
Ming Shu could only call the other party.

The person who came out to pick Ming Shu up was a middle-aged man.
He had a big belly and ran out with cold sweat on his forehead.

Ming Shu:”…”Why didn’t you drive?

“Was it a girl who called me just now?”The middle-aged man stepped forward and asked carefully, his eyes slightly surprised.


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The middle-aged man quickly recovered from Ming Shu’s appearance and looked around.
“May I know where the master is?”

He didn’t think of the young girl in front of him as a master at all.
At most, he thought of her as the master’s disciple or something.

Ming Shu pointed at herself.

The middle-aged man was stunned at first, but then he was full of shock.

This was completely different from what he had imagined!

This was a young and beautiful girl dressed in ordinary clothes, with a bun on her head, looking youthful and energetic, and carrying… well, the signature dim sum of the XX building.

Ming Shu ignored the middle-aged man’s incredulous gaze and pretended to be pretentious… No, an expert.
She said calmly, “Lead the way.”

Maybe Ming Shu was too calm, but the middle-aged man nodded blankly and led Ming Shu in.

There was only one woman and two servants in the villa.

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