” Dean smiles, rinsing the shampoo out of Gabriellas hair with the detachable shower head.


After the couple showered, Gabriella took Dean to the kitchen and made sure he ate.

”Honey, I can make my own plate ”

”I got it, you sit there and stay… Ill make it… what do you want on it? ”

”Everything ”

”Soft or crunchy? ”

”Soft ”

”Okay ” Gabriella smiles as she makes Deans plate, when ever shed have people over she would tend to resort to how she done things on the farm. She would usually end up making Deans plate as he washed up so it became habit after doing it for a month.

”So, next month is Summer break ” Dean states.

”Yeah, whatcha thinking about? ” Gabriella asks

”Maybe we could take a trip to Kansas, just you and me ”

”What part? ”

”Lawrence ”

”Id love that… I could show you the farm ” Gabriella beams.

”The farm is in Lawrence? ” Dean asks

”Yeah! ”

”Thats where me and Sammy grew up! Well until we moved here ”

”Well, at least we don have to pay for a hotel ” Gabriella winks.

”Gabs! ”

”What?! ”

”What happened to the innocent girl I had at the farm? ”

”You took her and replaced her with me… Remember? ” Gabriella grins.

”Ohh right ” Dean chuckles.

Dean enjoyed his dinner while Gabriella put the rest away and washed the dinner dishes. Once she finished, she sat down at the table with Dean and couldn seem to stop yawning.

”Are you okay? ” Dean asks.

”Yeah, Im just exhausted ”

”Why? ”

”Im supposed to be starting my period before long and its absolutely draining… not to mention Im late. ”

At the last two words choked slightly on the food in his mouth. ”You
e what? ”

”Im late ”

”Are you… ya know… Pregnant? ”

”No, I already took a test. Ive been more physically active these past two months so that usually throws me off ”

”What would we do if you were… pregnant? ”

”Well, if you didn want the baby youd never see me again because Id get rid of you before I got rid of the baby ” Gabriella says honestly. ”You seem to have hard time getting that word out ”

”Yeah… Im not too keen on the whole kid thing yet… not that I wouldn stay, because I would… Id stay and help, all kids need Dads ”

”No Dean… All kids need Dads who will love them… if you couldn love them what would be the point? ”

”I… Um… I don know… But I… enjoy being around so I would hope I could enjoy being around the child too ”

”Thats what my Dad told my Mom… When they had my sister… She ended up in a rehab because of him ”

”Gabriella, your Dad and I are completely different people, I grew up with a Dad who was never around… My Dad went crazy after my Mom died, I don doubt that he did love me and my brother at one point but he was so blinded by rage I think that love turned into resentment… I know what its like to feel unloved and I could never put a child through that. Whether Im ready for a child or not is completely different from if I will love the child or not because I know without a doubt that I will love and care for anyones child who needs it… because… I know what its like to need it and not have it ”

”Dean… I- ”

”Don tell me that you
e sorry… I don want your pity, I don want anyones pity… I want you to understand what Im trying to say ”

”I do… I understand Dean ” Gabriella says softly, gently resting her hand on Deans cheek and wiping away a tear that had fallen. ”I love you ” She whispers.

”Why don we just relax tonight and watch movies or something ” Dean says softly.

”Id like that ” Gabriella smiles.

And thats exactly what they did.

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