Week 3.

Monday morning of the third week. Everyone woke up to a tornado warning. Gabriella was panicking but also trying to help make sure all the animals were safe.

”Gabby! ” Dean shouts ”Take your ass back inside and calm the hell down! ”

”I want to he- ”

e not helping! You
e making everything worse than it needs to be!! Go inside! We don need you! ”

Gabriella just looked at Dean in shock before turning and running back to the house.

”Dude! ” Sam says, punching Dean in the arm.

”What?! ”

”You couldve been a little nicer, you don realize how the words ”We don need you ” can affect a girl ” Jenny sighs.

”I didn mean it like that, I just don want her out here freaking out… She could get hurt… ”

”And you think her being alone will help her any? Dean shes terrified of storms and what if her being out here with us was helping her just a little bit. Yeah, she was still freaking out but she had us… Now shes inside, alone… Probably freaking out more because the news is still on in there and its on a scanner so she doesn have a picture in front of her telling her how far or how close the tornado is! ” Jenny snaps.

”Lets just get the animals put up and safe ” Dean sighs.


When Sam, Dean and Jenny got back inside, Jenny and Sam went to their room and Dean sats down beside Gabriella.

”Hey… ” Dean says quietly.

”What do you want? ”

”I wanted to say, Im sorry… I shouldve never said that, we do need you, I need you. I just didn want you to get hurt… I thought maybe if you came in, you wouldn be as scared… ” Dean explains.

”How do you think that worked out? ” Gabriella asks, looking up at Dean with puffy eyes and a tear stained face.

”Not too well… Im sorry sweetheart ” Dean sighs, pulling Gabriella to him.

As much as Gabriella didn want to be near him right now, she couldn help but lean into him, taking in his scent, letting herself relax and even fall asleep.


When Gabriella woke up, she was still in Deans arms and still on the couch, it was dark so she assumed she had slept all day. When she tried to get up, she was pulled back.

e not going anywhere sweetheart ” Dean whispers in her ear.

”What time is it? ”

”10pm, You slept through the storm… The tornado went around us ” Dean says softly. ”Theres some light rain and some distant thunder, we
e supposed to have storms all week ”

”What do we do then? ” Gabriella asks, climbing into Deans lap.

”Sam said Mr. Green said to do what we can and stay safe until the storms pass, however… if the rain doesn stop, we may be here a little longer because that bridge we crossed coming in… Yeah, it floods ” Dean says, wrapping his arms around Gabriella.

”So… we could be stuck here? ”

”Until the water goes down enough to cross the bridge, yes ”

”Great ” Gabriella sighs.

”Hey, well be okay… The owners called and said that if we are stuck here for a few days, theyll pay us extra to keep the animals ”

”I don want money I want to to home ” Gabriella whines.

”I know, but at least we have a storm shelter if things take a turn for the worst ”

”Don say that! ”

”Okay, Im sorry… But we
e gonna be okay ” Dean says softly.


The rest of the week was rather boring. It rained and stormed, Gabriella was a nervous wreck and she had baked a very large amount of cake, cookies and a couple pies. Dean still worked a bit out in the barn, Jenny continued her redecorating and Sam done, whatever he was doing.

”Hey gorgeous ” Dean smiles, coming back inside.

”Winchester, if you have your boots on Im gonna cut your feet off and shove them up your ass! ” Gabriella says, having yet to turn around.

e on the back porch, I promise ”

”Chores finished? ” She asks.

”Pigs and cows fed and put away, horses brushed, stalls cleaned and everyone is settled for the night outside ” Dean smiles.

”The horses have been fed too? ”

”Yes, they ate while they got brushed. ”

”Good, go get these wet clothes off and get your brother and Jenny and get in here for dinner ”

Since it had been raining so much, the group took turns going outside to tend to the farm animals, except for Gabriella, Dean wouldn let her go outside due to her fear of storms. The farthest she went was the porches.

Week 4

By the following week everything had dried up and gone back to normal, minus the humidity in the air.

”Oh my god, this is absolutely terrible ” Gabriella groans, pulling her tank top away from her skin.

”Oh honey, I ended up taking mine off ” Jenny states, handing Gabriella a glass of iced tea.

”Thank you. I don think I could deal with having any less clothes on… ”

”Oh come on, just take it off. Its nothing we haven seen before. You remember when you wore that bikini to the beach? ”

”You mean the bikini you made me wear and Dean had to take me home early because I was have a panic attack because I was that uncomfortable? ” Gabriella retorts.

”Jenny, let her be. She doesn have to take her shirt off if shes not comfortable with it ” Dean says with almost an annoyed tone. ”Whats for dinner Sweetheart? ” He asks, grabbing Gabriella and pulling him to her, gently kissing her neck causing Jenny to roll her eyes and walk away.

”I don know yet… I was thinking tacos but Ill have to go into town to get what I need and I kinda feel like thats cheating ” Gabriella explains.

”We can have Sammy call and ask ”

”No, its okay… Ill make something else ” Gabriella smiles softly, leaning up to kiss Deans cheek but Dean moved just in time to capture her lips.

”Dean ” Gabriella whispers with a deep blush.

”Last night here ya know ” Dean winks.

Gabriellas face went pale and she just looked at Dean.

”Im kidding ” Dean chuckles. ”Unless of course… You want to ”

”What?! ”

”Oh Sweetheart, you are absolutely adorable ” Dean smiles.

”Dean…I… Im sorry… The other night was simply wonderful but… I don know if I could do it again ” Gabriella says dropping her head.

”So, you
e telling me that night meant nothing to you? ” Dean asks, a little defensively.

”No thats- ”

”Im not one to get too attached but you knew exactly what that meant to me! ”

”Dean… ”

”Don Dean me! God! I shouldve know! You were gone all those years and then you show up and thats all you wanted! Im done with women! ” Dean all but shouts and goes to walk off.

Gabriella grabs the back of Deans shirt and looks up at him with tears in her eyes. ”Thats not what I meant… ”

”Then what did you mean?! ”

”I… I don know how to explain it… ”

”Of course not! ” Dean snaps and walks off to the barn.

”Dean… Wait!… Please! ” Gabriella sighs and goes after him.

Just as Gabriella walked into the barn a crowbar flew past her face. ”Dean! ”

”What?! ” Dean shouts but then freezes when he saw where the crowbar landed. ”Im so sorry… Did it hit you? Are you hurt? ” Dean panics.

”Im fine… Why would you do that?! ”

”Im sorry… I was mad and I just started throwing things, I had no idea you had followed me… I shouldn have been throwing things to begin with… Im sorry Gabby ”

”Dean I… ” Gabriella starts, she goes to play with her ring but when she realized it wasn there she dropped her hands.

”Wheres your ring? ” Dean asks.

”I… I can wear it anymore… ”

”Why? ”

”It was my purity ring… ”

”Your… Oh!… Is that what you didn know how to explain? ”

”Yeah… I made a promise and I broke it… Thats why I said what I said ”

”Why didn you start with that? ” Dean asks.

”I didn know how… You know how many guys that thing turned away?… Just like it almost did you… ”

”No, the ring didn do that… You didn even do that, I just got the wrong idea and started jumping to conclusions. I just wish you wouldve told me sooner… ”

”I know Im sorry… I kinda hoped you wouldve picked up on it when I took it off… ya know… in the middle of our uh… moment ”

”Im not that smart… plus I wasn super worried about what you were doing… it was more along the lines of how you were doing ”

”Well… Now you know ”

”Yeah, now I know ” Dean says softly.

”If youd like… We can- ”

”No, well wait until you
e ready to do it again and if that means I have to put a ring on that finger then so be it ” Dean says sternly.


Gabriella changed her mind nearly 100 times that night until finally she took matters into her own hands. When everyone went to bed, she gave Dean her all and they had a long, wonderful night together… Although the following morning Gabriella found it difficult to get out of bed due to being so sore.

”Time to head home ” Dean sighs, standing on the back porch drinking coffee.

”Yeah… Im really thinking about moving back to the farm after school ” Gabriella smiles. ”Ill need a farm hand… ”

”You proposing something sugarplum? ”

”Not a fan of that one… ” Gabriella states, only earning a chuckle from Dean.

”Not many are… I like it but no one else does. But are you suggesting I go with you? ”

”I mean… if you wanted to I wouldn say No ”

”I will more than happily go with you ”

”Hey! Yall ready? ” Sam asks.

”Yeah, give us a second ” Dean replies.

”So, we gonna make this official? ” Dean asks, when Sam walks away.

”Make what official? ”

”Us ”

”I didn know we weren official ”

”Well we have yet to refer to each other as girlfriend or boyfriend ”

”Well then I guess we should ” Gabriella smiles.

”Well then, Gabriella, will you be my girlfriend? ”

”Yes, absolutely ”

Dean smiles and kisses Gabriella softly, clipping something around her neck.

When they pulled away, Gabriella looked down and found she was now wearing a small blue opal teardrop necklace with a silver chain.

”Dean, its gorgeous ” She smiles.

”I bought it for you back in middle school. Had many girls wanting me to give it to them but I told them it was for the girl I was gonna marry. Im not too big on marriage anymore but if I do marry, its gonna be you. This isn a proposal so don take it like that, think of it as more of a promise ”

”Ive heard you
e a man of your word so Im very happy with just a promise for now ”

”Im not gonna marry you until I know I can support you and give you everything you could ever want including the ring you want ”

”Honey, if you picked this out, you don have to worry about the ring. Id be happy without a ring as long as its you ” Gabriella smiles.


On the ride home, Gabriellas hand never left the necklace and the smile never left her face.

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