College of Chances

The Trip pt. 2

Week 1

The first day was intense by only the second hour. The group got in the night before, Gabriella was nervous about letting Barnaby loose but he done good staying close to the house and he paid no mind to the farm animals.

The first night sleeping in the same bed as Dean was a little nerve racking, shed never been in bed with anyone in every sense of the phrase. When Gabriella had fallen asleep, her and Dean had been on completely opposite sides of the bed but when she woke up in the night, their backs were pressed firmly together, though she wasn complaining she did feel a little awkward about the situation but she let Deans warmth lull her back to sleep.

When she woke up in the morning, she had a pair of arms around her and her head was on a firm chest, she looked up and saw a sleeping Dean, of course, she had known who it was the whole time. This wasn her norm but she would be happy to accept it as such. Gabriella heard the alarm go off so she acted as though she was asleep, not wanting to make it awkward for Dean.

”Good mornin beautiful ” Dean whispered, he gently pulls his arm out from underneath Gabriellas head and gets out of bed after planting a soft kiss to her forehead.

When Dean had gone into the bathroom to get ready for the day, Gabriella opened her eyes and smiled. ”Good morning ” She whispered before getting out of bed herself.


”Dean, breakfast is ready! ” Gabriella calls out, stepping out on the back porch.

”I have never worked this hard this early in my life ” Dean yawns as he walks up to the porch.

”Id give anything for this to be my daily life ” Gabriella smiles.

”Oh Im enjoying it, don get me wrong… Its just a lot, and Barnaby hasn left my side since weve been out here ” Dean says, smiling down at the very happy dog.

”He loves to be outside and with people. ”

”I can tell ”

”Jenny and Sam are up but they have yet to leave their room so Im a little scared to go near the door ” Gabriella says as her and Dean walk back inside.

”Ill go get them ” Dean smiles.

”Sam! Put it away, breakfast is ready! ”

Gabriella takes a drink of coffee to try and keep herself from laughing.

As the day went by, it got hotter and busier.


The second day went about the same way…

Everyone got up, Dean worked outside until breakfast, everyone ate, Dean went back outside, Sam pretty much supervised, Jenny redecorated the house, and Gabriella was basically a house wife, she cooked and cleaned, she tended to the flower beds, and even to the gardens. They all took part in caring for the farm animals though, since that wasn really part of the assignment.

Dean was currently outside working on a tractor that had seemed to be sitting in the barn for years.

”Hey, I figured you could use a nice cold drink ” Gabriella says softly, walking up to Dean.

Dean looked up and smiled. ”You are a doll. ”

”Its my first batch of sun tea, Grandma used to make it all the time when they lived on their farm ” Gabriella smiles, handing Dean the cold beverage.

”So, if the farm is yours, why are you living in town? ” Dean asks.

”Because the farm is in Kansas ”

”Oh… yeah, thatd be quite the drive to school ” Dean chuckles.

”Definitely… ” Gabriella smiles. ”When Grandpa got sick, they moved up here to California to be closer to the rest of the family but they wanted to be buried in Kansas so it was a big thing but… When they moved here they asked Mom and Dad if they wanted the farm and they chewed Grandma and Grandpa up one side and down the other, as did everyone else, they all said. ”We don want that nasty piece of shit! Why would we go back there when we have it so much better here?! ” So, everyone got $1,000 each and I got the rest… I felt bad that I got so much but when I stopped and thought about it, if Mom and Dad got the farm, theyd just sell it and Grandma and Grandpa wanted it to stay in the family. When I die Ill will it to my kids and make it so it can be sold, but my kids are gonna also learn that, that type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable. ”

”Wow… Im gonna have to agree with you there, thats terrible… When our parents passed, they willed us the family house and we lived there until we decided to come here for high school and college but its a shared thing so anything that happens with the house we both have to be present. ”

”Good thing you and Sam get along ” Gabriella smiles.

”Indeed ” Dean chuckles.

”Why don you come in? I can make you something to eat ”

”Let me finish this, and then Ill be in ”

”Dean, youve been working on it all morning ”

”And Im so close to getting it started, I finally got it to sputter ”

”Alright, you got an hour and whether its started or not you
e coming in and eating even if I have to come drag you inside. Understood? ”

”Yes Mom ” Dean says in almost a mocking tone.


The next three days were nearly the same.

Everyone took care of their tasks, Sam was the designated reporter when it came to calling Mr. Green. Dean and Gabriella got more comfortable sleeping next to one another, Gabriella had consciously started laying her head on Deans chest, she was always awake for the kisses being placed on her forehead but she wasn about to tell Dean that.

When Saturday hit, they were all extremely relieved, The group sat and lounged on the back porch, roasting marshmallows and talking about the week.

”How ya doing without your phone Jen? ” Dean asks.

”Actually really good, Ive hand drawn so many designs that if I don pass Im gonna riot ”

”Shhh, lets not talk about school… I know we
e here for school but it almost feels like a vacation ” Gabriella whispers.

”Shes right, even though we
e still kinda working, it feels like a little getaway ” Sam states, Dean and Jenny agreed.

”Dinner was really good Gabs. Now, Im gonna go take a shower and probably go to bed. ” Dean pipes up after a few moments of silence.

”It was very good ” Sam and Jenny say in unison.

”Thank you ” Gabriella smiles. ”Come get me when you
e ready for bed, its a lot easier to get up if we go to bed at the same time. ”

Gabriella was being completely honest, it was easier for her to get up if she and Dean went to bed at the same time, but her main reason for wanting Dean to come get her is so they could lay in each others arms before they fell asleep. They had a mutual agreement not to say anything about their little cuddling sessions. Gabriella didn want to admit that she enjoyed their cuddling sessions but she also wanted more, every time she thought about it shed look down at the ring on her finger and her parents words would play over and over in her head. ”Stay pure until marriage Gabriella, no man will want you if you don … God won love you anymore ” Gabriella knew theres was a good chance no other man would want her but after talking with her childhood pastor, she knew God would indeed still love her. Gabriella had decided just to let things play out, if it happened it happened, if not… oh well. When the girl thought about her Parents and their scare tactics, it angered her and reminded her that she had made the right decision to move out when she did.

”Hey, Gabby ” Dean says quite loudly.

”What? Why are you so loud? ” Gabriella asks.

”You zoned out, I called your name like five times. ”

”Oh sorry… Are you ready to go to bed? ” She asks.

”Yeah, you need to get some rest ” Dean says, picking Gabriella up before she had the chance to stand.

”Ya know, I can walk ” Gabriella says shyly.

”I know but you
e trembling and I don want you to end up falling ” Dean states.

”Thanks ” Gabriella whispers and lays her head on Deans chest.

e welcome sweetheart ”


When Dean laid Gabriella down, she instantly got up. ”I have to get ready for bed ” she says in a rushed tone.

Dean pushed her back down on the bed and pulled her jeans off her. ”There, you
e ready ”

”I need to brush my teeth ”

”No, you need to go to sleep. You can do it in the morning ” Dean says sternly.

”Okay… ” Gabriella says quietly, she gave in a little too easily for her liking but she knew Dean was right.

When Dean laid down, Gabriella was right there, wanting nothing but to be held. She was tired and clingy, she had upset herself a bit by thinking about her parents.

”Are you okay? ” Dean asks.

”Yeah, I just… My parents used to tell me that God wouldn love me anymore if I done something they told me not to do and it upsets me every now and again ”

”What would they tell you not to do? ”

”A lot of things… They used it as a scare tactic. I talked to my childhood pastor about it and he said ”Would you never love your children again if they went against something you said? ” And I said ”No, I would continue to love them unconditionally ” and he said ”There you go, you may slip up every now and again but Gods not going to give up on you for a few mistakes here and there, we
e human, we
e bound to make mistakes ” so I think about that and it helps me feel better ” Gabriella explains.

”That makes sense ” Dean says softly.

Dean and Gabriella talked for a little longer before falling asleep, Dean couldn help but to smile when Gabriella would try to say something and it came out as hums and mumbles. Dean fell asleep with a smile on his face as he recalled the past week.


Week 2

The second week was a little harder. Jenny had tried to sneak out to the car to get her phone but Gabriella had the key to the lock box and Dean had the keys to the car. Gabriella was getting a little overwhelmed with everything, she had bit Deans head off a couple times due to stress, it also didn help that she thought her period was nearing and she couldn track it because everything was on her phone. Deans short temper came out a lot when he got one of the old cars on the property started and then it died and he couldn get it started again. Sam seemed to be okay but the fact that he had to make sure everything they were doing was legal was getting to him, he knew they hadn done anything illegal but he had made so many phone calls to so many people and they all said the same thing, there wasn a lot of restrictions in the county, although it was a relief it still bugged Sam because it wasn helping a whole lot with his particular assignment.

By the middle of the week the group wasn talking to one another and when they did, they gave short answers.

Its currently Wednesday night, Gabriella had made dinner, she and Dean cleaned up then Gabriella went to their room and broke down. Dean waited a bit before going to check on her.

”Hey, you alright? ” He asks softly.

”Im fine, go away ”

”Okay… Im gonna go shower and then we can go to bed if youd like ” Dean sighs.

Gabriella nods before getting up and leaving the room. When she flopped down on the couch she dropped her head, not wanting the others to know she had been crying.

When Sam left the room, Jenny moved over by Gabriella. ”You okay? ” She asks.

”Yeah, just stressed… Can I ask you something? ”

”Yeah sure ”

”Why does Dean announce that hes gonna take a shower all the time? ”

Jenny chuckles softly and shakes her head. ”You
e too innocent for him ” she smiles.

”I don understand… ”

”He wants you to join him ” Sam butts in, having come back.

”What? ” Gabriella asks, the color draining from her face.

”I do it all the time with Jenny, except now its a little more blunt. Hes trying to invite you to join him without coming out and saying ”Come join me ” have you never done that before? ”

”Ive never… Been with anyone ” Gabriella says honestly.

”Oh, Jennys right, you are too innocent. Go join him ”

”Really? Now? You think hes gonna let me after I bit his head off? ”

”Yeah. If he didn , he wouldn have told you hes going to shower ” Sam states.

”You really think so? ”

”Hes my brother, I know so… ”

Gabriella smiles softly before getting up and making her way to the bathroom thats attached to the bedroom, Dean and Gabriella had been sharing, as she walked into the bathroom she fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

”Um… Dean ” Gabriella says softly.

”Yeah? ” Dean asks, poking his head around the shower curtain.

”Mind if I join you? ”

”Not in the slightest! ” Dean grins. ”Ill even help you undress! ”

”No, I can do that ” Gabriella chuckles softly, slowly undressing herself.

As soon as Gabriella got into the shower, Dean grabbed her and kissed her.

”What are you doing? ” Gabriella asked, pushing Dean away.

”Ive wanted to do that since you ran into me, the first day at college ” Dean whispered.

”Why didn you? ”

”Because I didn think youd be okay with it ”

”Oh… that makes sense ”

”There are also other things but those can wait ” Dean smiles softly as they finish showering


”Other things ” came later


Once they had finished ”other things ”, Dean laid down on the bed beside Gabriella, chest heaving, sweat and water dripping from his body, he looked over to Gabriella and smiled.

”Wow… ” Gabriella pants ”Can we do that again? ”

”Honey, youve gotta take a break. That was your first time, if we do anything else you won be walking tomorrow ” Dean chuckles.

”So? ”

”So, youll be in bed, too sore to move and well have to tell Sam and Jenny why you
e not making breakfast ” Dean smirks.

”No! No one can know!! Please don tell anyone! ” Gabriella whisper yells.

”I won , but we
e not doing anything else, not now ” Dean says softly.

”What about a kiss? ”

”I think we can work that in ” Dean chuckled, leaning towards Gabriella and placing a soft kiss to her lips.


The rest of the week went pretty smooth, aside from a not so pleasant visit from Gabriellas ”Aunt Flo. ” Although Gabriella wasn too happy with it, Dean was because that meant he didn get her pregnant. Sam was happy because his brother finally got the girl he wanted and Jenny, well Jenny was simply ready to go home.

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