The next morning, Gabriella was the first one awake, as soon as she saw how she and Dean had been laying she quickly and carefully got up.


When Dean woke up he saw Gabriella was gone, he let out a soft, disappointed sigh as he got up.

”Gabby? ” He calls out softly, not wanting to wake his brother and Jenny.

”In the kitchen ” Gabriella calls back.

Dean gets up and walks into the kitchen.

”Howd you sleep? ” Gabriella asks.

”Pretty good actually, you? ”

”Aside from a stiff neck, I slept pretty good… You made a nice pillow. Ive never had a heated pillow before ” She smiles, handing Dean a cup of coffee.

”Thanks ” Dean smiles ”Im also gonna take that pillow statement as a compliment ” he chuckles softly.

”Good, it was meant to be one ” Gabriella smiles. ”Pancakes? ”

”Please ”

”Dig in, just save some for the other two ” Gabriella smiles, sitting a plate full of pancakes in front of Dean along with a clean plate. ”Orange juice, apple juice, and milk is in the fridge, like Ive said countless times, make yourselves at home ”

e not eating? ”

”I already have, Im gonna… go… shower ”

”Okay ” Dean says, happily digging into the pancakes.


When Gabriella got back, Dean had just finished eating and Sam and Jenny were still sleeping.

”How was your shower? ” Dean asks.

”It was nice ” Gabriella smiles ”Kinda lonely ” She whispers thinking only she could hear, it wasn until then, Dean realized she was trying to invite him to shower with her, he decided it was better not to say anything right now.


Once everyone was up, they got ready for the day and left for the store. They carpooled in Deans car since it was bigger.

They got extra of everything on their lists since there wasn really anything specific. After that, the group went to Sam and Deans house so they could get their things, then they went to Jennys so she could get her things, and then finally, they went back to Gabriellas, where they usually tend to hang out the most.


By the time everyone was ready, Gabriella decided to call their history teacher to let him know they were leaving early. Gabriella seemed to be the only one who read the little booklet cover to cover so she was the only one who knew Mr. Green was to check their stuff.

When Mr. Green arrived, everyone else was confused.

”Whats he doing here? ” Dean asks.

”Well, if you had read the booklet… You would know why ” Gabriella winks.

”Im here to check your things Mr. Winchester ” Mr. Green states.


”Everything seems to be here, I want to receive a call when you all arrive at the cabin and I would like to receive a call at the end of every day with a summery of how the day went and what all happened that pertains to the assignment ”

”Yes, Sir. I have a question ” Gabriella states.

”Yes? ”

”I was wondering if I could take Barnaby, my one year old German Shepherd, with me. I would find someone to leave him with but Ive had bad experiences with that… I went on a trip one time with my sister and when I came back I was a week away from putting him in the ground ” Gabriella explains.

”Let me make a phone call ” Mr. Green smiles and walks away.

”Why not let your parents watch him? ” Dean asks.

”Are you kidding me? The would beat my ass for having a dog ”

”Right, they don know and your Dad hates dogs ” Dean sighs. ”Your sister? ”

”Last time I asked she said ”Im not a babysitter… especially not for you ” so thats a big no ”

”What a bitch ”

”I just got off the phone with my brother and he said that it is perfectly fine with him and his wife if you take your… Barnaby, was it? ”

”Yes ”

”As long as you get there early enough for them to meet him ”

”Absolutely ” Gabriella smiles.

”Alright, off you go ”

”Thank you Sir ” The four young adults say in unison. Once everything was loaded, they were on their way.

Upon arriving, the older couple was over the moon about Barnaby and he was just as happy.

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