College of Chances

Getting Ready

A couple months later, Gabriella found out that her new friend Jenny, was actually Sams unofficial girlfriend and, her, them and Dean were going on a trip together, everything was paid for by the school, the history teacher had actually giving them all an assignment to do on it. The trip was actually a camping trip to some rural property that was owned by the history teachers Brother. The only things they would have is, the landline phone that is out there, the one car they were all to carpool in and their phones could not be taken, as well as their laptops and any other electronic devices. The assignment was for them to live like the old farmers lived, to an extent. They each had their own assignments for each task. The lived like normal people but Dean was in charge of making sure everything that needed fixed was fixed, there were even a couple old cars on the farm that he was given permission to work on, Gabriella was in charge of cooking, Jenny was in charge of keeping the house clean and designing the house (temporarily) and Sam, he had to make sure everything was being done legally. As for living in general, they were to have home cooked meals only, they were to water the garden and feed the animals, that was a group effort and a favor to the older couple that lived there. There were going to be two new queen beds in the two bedrooms as the couple who owned the house didn feel comfortable letting a bunch of young adults sleep in their beds. Jenny was to bunk with Sam and Gabriella was to bunk with Dean.

”You will be there for one month so make sure you take enough toiletries to last, the only time you are to run to the store is if you absolutely need it, you will be provided with a sum of money once you arrive, you will also be paid by the day to take care of the farm itself. In your booklets you will have a list of what you will need as a group and what you will need individually, ladies, Im sure you can read between the lines as to what you may need. You will be leaving early Monday morning, you are all dismissed. Have a good weekend ”

”You too Mr. Green ” Gabriella smiles softly as the group leaves the classroom.


”This is gonna be so fun! ” Dean grins.

”Lets just hope our interior designer can last without her phone ” Gabriella teases.

”Ill be fine! Im actually really excited, my parents won be calling me every hour ” Jenny states.

”Hey, at least your parents call you… My mom just barely calls me once a week and my Dad never calls ” Gabriella chuckles.

”At least you two have parents ” Dean says with a blank expression.

”Right… Sorry, we weren thinking ” Jenny says quickly.

Sam and Dean both bust up laughing at the girls expression.

”What is wrong with you two? ” Gabriella asks.

”We don have our biological parents anymore but we do have Bobby, you remember him Gabs? ” Dean asks.

”Yeah, the cranky old drunk ”

”Yeah, we still got him, hes the best parent we could ask for ”

”Ya know… its kinda sad when kids prefer another parent figure than their own parents… ” Jenny sighs.

”Shows just how shitty their parents really are ” Dean states.

”Hey, why don we go back to my place for dinner, we can make up the lists and go get everything tomorrow ” Gabriella pipes up, changing the subject.

”Thats a good idea, we don have any homework to do since we all got that out of the way last week ” Sam says.

”Longest week I have ever had! I thought it was never going to end! ” Dean sighs dramatically.

”Oh honey, youve got no idea ” Gabriella chuckles. ”I knocked out two months worth last week because I knew this could possibly put us behind and I wasn about to have that. My parents are paying for college, if I got behind they would kill me ”

”Yeah, mine too ” Jenny states.

”So did you both do two months worth? ” Sam asks.

”No, just Gabby… She was thinking ahead ” Jenny states

”Howd they even let you do it? ” Dean asks

”I have my way ” Gabriella winks.

”You slept with the professors?! ” Dean almost shouts.

”Ew no! I bought them lunch and gifts and even slipped them each a couple hundred dollars ”

”Whered you get all this money? ” Sam asks

”Well… my parents are… well off as were my grandparents and when my grandparents passed, I got a couple… hundred… million… From them… and their farmland… and the house ” Gabriella explains.

”Woah… and your parents are still paying for your college?! ” Jenny asks.

”They don know how much I got because in the will it was said that only I am to know the amount… my parents aren the nicest when it comes to money ”

”So they
e… greedy? Do they know about the farmland and the house? ” Dean asks.

”Yeah, they know about the farmland and the house and yes they
e very greedy, they don care if I marry someone with money, as long as I don have more than they do. ”

”Do you? ”

”Yeah, like five times the amount… Im not saying a word to them because they could easily sue me for every penny and win ”

”Sam? Can they really? ” Dean asks.

”Potentially, if they have proof that she done something to their property while she was 18 and older, they could even sue her if they was able to somehow prove she was stealing money to pay for college ” Sam explains. ”Whether not it holds up in court though is up to the judge ”

”College has paperwork for all the payments made and my parents have to sign them, Thanks to my Dad I can be in the room when payments are being made and they
e cash only. Anything that happened on their property happened while I was under 17, I move out on my 18th birthday. ” Gabriella states.

”Then theres really nothing they can do, the court should be able to look up what the will said and they would dismiss that ”

”I have a copy of the will, I know who got what ”

”Then they really can use that either ”

”Were you prepared for all this? ” Dean asks.

”Me? Yeah, Grandma and Grandpa give me a copy of the will and they actually gave me the hand written one too ”

”Damn, you
e smart and prepared ” Dean smiles.

”Thanks, I learned from the best ”


By the end of the night, the group had decided to leave the next day, the we
e going to get their stuff and head out, wanting to make it seem like a vacation as much as possible.

The boys and Jenny also decided to stay the night at Gabriellas, everyone crashed in the living room. Sam and Jenny were the first to fall asleep, then Gabriella fell asleep leaving Dean awake. Gabriella had been sitting by Dean and had fallen asleep with her head on his shoulder. Dean wanted her to be more comfortable so he carefully moved her so she was laying down, he then fell asleep not too long after.

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