Starting a new school was always scary but going to college? That was terrifying.

Gabriella Smith, a 20 year old girl, is starting her first day at college and she was late.

”Okay Barnaby, Ill be home soon, you be a good boy okay? ” She says to her one year old German Shepard, before running outside to her car. On her way to the college, Gabriella gets a phone call from her mother, Grace.

(G will be for Gabriella and M will be for Mom)

(G) ”Hey Mom, I know I didn come over, I overslept and Im running late now, Ill call you when I get off work tonight and you can come over to the house if you want ”

(M) ”Its okay honey, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. ”

(G) ”Yeah, just rushing… Im really nervous and I don want to be late ”

(M) ”Its okay, just be careful ”

(G) ”I will Momma… I love you ”

(M) ”I love you too Gabby ”



Gabriella pulled up to the school, grabbed her books and sprinted into the building. As she made her ways through the empty halls she bumped into someone and fell back.

”Oh my gosh Im so sorry! I wasn watching where I was going. Im running late and its been a crazy morning ” Gabriella says with a panicked tone.

”Hey, its okay… Don worry about it, Im actually in the same boat, Im headed to the office to get a few things. ” The person Gabriella had run into says in a soft tone. He helps her up and picks up her books.

”Have we met? ” Gabriella asks.

”Have you had a one night stand? ” He asks.

”No, never ”

”Then probably not ”

”Well, Im Gabriella Smith ”

”Dean Winchester ”

”Winchester? You were two years ahead of me in school! ”

Dean thought for a moment and then his face lit up. ”Gabby? ”

”Yeah! ”

”You were that girl that always sat with me and Sammy at lunch… You
e the reason I could never keep a girlfriend too ”

”Yeah… Sorry about that ”

”Don worry about it, your friendship was more valuable than them ” Dean smiles.

”Thanks… I think… ”

Dean chuckles softly and drapes his arm over Gabriellas shoulder as they walk to the office.

”Hows your brother? ”

”He looks dead from all the hours hes putting in but hes doing good. ”

”Now, I know he went into law but what are you studying? ”

”Engineering… Don need it, but… I figured why not get the degree. What about you? What is Miss Smith gonna go with her life? ”

”Cooking and Music ”

”Nice, musical meals ” Dean smiles.

”Actually… Thats what my restaurant is gonna be called… ” Gabriella grins.

”No way! ”

”Yeah, you teased me about it in high school but I actually like it, its got I nice ring to it. ”

”Sam is gonna be absolutely thrilled that you
e here! ”

”Why don you guys come over for dinner tonight? We can catch up. ” Gabriella suggests

”Sounds like a plan… Meet me outside and we can swap numbers, I got a new one and my phone is in the car ” Dean smiles.

”Okay ”

After Dean and Gabriella got everything the needed from the office, Dean showed Gabriella to her first class.

Gabriellas day was going great so far, her classes were simple and easy, she even made a friend in her first class. Her phone went off a couple times and she had forgot to put it on silent so everyone looked at her.


Finally! It was time for everyone to go home, or back to their dorms. Gabriella was one

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