It was just a simple shirt and slacks, but his face also completed his fashion.

Muttering that it was awkward to wear something like this after a long time, Noel fiddled with his clothes with an awkward expression and looked at Sylvia.

“Will this be alright? I think I would attract too much attention if I wore the priest’s uniform.”
“Of course.”

‘Gosh, what is he saying when his face already attracts attention from 300 meters away.’

As she walked with a handsome man next to her, her heart rate rose, and she felt like her hypotension would be cured by itself.

After walking blankly with a pounding heart, the two of them arrived at Sevis’ meeting place.

When they entered the town square, Sevis, who was standing in front of the fountain with his hat on, saw Sylvia and waved his hand while smiling brightly, but stopped when he saw Noel next to her.
Seeing Sevis’ face, which had become awkward in an instant, Sylvia remembered the incident when she was interrogated like a cheating husband the other day and gasped.

‘Come to think of it, Sevis warned me at that time that all men are animals.
If he meets him today, he’ll know that he’s a good person, right?’

Thinking about them again, Sevis’s words to be careful because all men were animals were a bit funny.

In fact, she was the most dangerous person in the game, but Sevis knew nothing about it.
And even if Noel turned out to be a corrupt priest and had been committing trashy, bad acts, Sylvia was confident that she would embrace him.
That was how serious she was about him.

Thinking about trash, Luca, who had been acting like a swallow at the pyramid event and sweet-talking the madams, came to her mind for a moment.
Although he was a virgin, he was rude and made a fuss about everything.

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‘How the hell will I get rid of the poison? He is a person, so I can’t take out his belly like a pufferfish.’

She would have a lot of fun with Luca… if he didn’t have poison.
Sylvia smacked her lips with regret.

‘Wait, didn’t I decide to go to the secret shop today? If I go there, there might be an item to remove Luca’s poison.’

“Excuse me, Sister?”
“Miss Sylvia!”

While she was thinking, Noel and Sevis called Sylvia at the same time.
Sylvia, who was lost in thought, found the two of them standing awkwardly and realized that she had forgotten to introduce them to each other.
She told Noel in advance, but Sevis didn’t know about it, so in a way, it was a bit rude.

‘Hm, how do I convince him when you can clearly see that he doesn’t like Mr.

After asking Noel to excuse them for a moment, Sylvia took Sevis to the back of the fountain.
As expected, he crossed his arms, pouted his lips as if displeased, and grumbled.

“Miss Sylvia, isn’t that man the priest from last time?”
“He is.
I’m sorry, Sevis.
I had no way of telling you in advance…”
“I don’t think this is right! We were supposed to meet the two of us, so why did you bring someone else?”

As Sevis looked upset, Sylvia felt sorry and scratched her head.

“That’s true, bu…”
“Send him back! We were supposed to hang out just the two of us.
I feel awkward.”
“Ugh, then let’s just apologize and go buy clothes just the two of us… Mr.
Noel said he would buy clothes for us…”

Sevis, who was startled for a moment by the words she was spilling, rolled his eyes around.
Then he stopped, looked at the floor, and muttered as if talking to himself.
Sylvia didn’t miss the look.

“… Even so…”

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‘This is it.
With this, I may be able to convince Sevis.’

“He said he would buy us new clothes, not used ones, but what can we do… Let’s send him away and go to the relief market…”
“New clothes…?”

His red eyes shook a little at the mention of new clothes.
However, he seemed hesitant, perhaps because he was too embarrassed to suddenly take back his words.

‘He’s faltering.
Just a bit more…’

Seeing Sevis’ eyes shaking, Sylvia decided to try and add a few more words.

“Well, if we put the eyes on 10,000 dolls, can we buy new clothes? Let’s work hard and go for 1,000 dolls a day! Alright! I’ll tell Mr.
Priest that he doesn’t need to buy clothes for us.”

As soon as he heard Sylvia’s words, the startled Sevis shouted in surprise.

“What?! What do you mean 10,000 dolls, just 100 of them made my eyes hurt…”
“Sevis, are your eyes the problem? As you get used to it, you’ll get to a point where you’ll be working with your eyes closed.
Let’s try on new clothes.
Wait here.
I’m going to tell Mr.
“Ah, wait…”

As Sylvia turned around with a firm expression on her face, Sevis grabbed her shoulder and turned her back.
She looked at Sevis with a resolute expression, holding back her bursting laughter.

“What is it?”
“I, Miss Sylvia!”

Sylvia pulled Sevis’ hand off her shoulder with a firm expression.

“Sevis, we have a lot of places to go.
After buying clothes from the relief market, let’s go get a thimble too.
My fingers hurt every time I stitch the doll’s eyes, so we have to buy a set of 100 pieces to prevent my fingerprints from wearing out.”

As Sylvia tried to turn around again relentlessly, Sevis hurriedly opened his mouth.

“No! Come to think of it, is there any need to offend him? It’s a kindness that we’re getting for the first time in a while! I’d be really upset if it were me, so I’ll put up with it today!”

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