Sylvia’s eyes flashed at the strange feeling.

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‘Dear heavens!’

The place where she was leaning her face against was Noel’s… precious place.

‘Wow, amazing.
This feels like a good dream.’

Did God grant her wish after hearing her complain about what kind of R-rated game this was?

Men and women usually have a kiss scene when they fall, but Sylvia slapped her lips on Noel’s lower body.
Since the height of the stairs was substantial, their teeth would have been broken if their mouths bumped into each other, so it was much better to bump her lips on his lower body.

And it was not enough, so she even enjoyed the luxury of sniffing and rubbing her cheeks on it.

‘Is it because he’s handsome? I think he smells sweet… I want to take his pants off.’

She smiled for a moment at the ecstasy and, thinking that she was a little vulgar, she kept a straight face even though no one was watching her.

Perhaps because of the unintentional stimulation, the front of Noel’s pants was rapidly tightening.
Now, Sylvia’s intention was to properly stimulate him.

‘I’m not a pervert, I’m just a player who does their best when attacking.’

She braced herself even more, denying her perverseness.

What should she do? When she glanced at him, Noel was groaning at the shock of catching her with his whole body.
She thought that if she did well, she would be able to make him groan for another reason.

Sylvia decided to lie down a little longer, pretending to be unconscious.
If she kept lying on his p*nis while being conscious, he would see her as a pervert.

While she was enjoying the cushion-like feeling of his swollen front, Noel came to his senses and talked to her.

‘I wish he would have come to his senses a bit later.’

“Ugh… Miss Sylvia! Are you alright?”

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When Sylvia showed no reaction, the surprised Noel shook her once more.

“Miss Sylvia?!”
“Ah… Mr.

Sylvia opened her eyes exaggeratedly and pretended to have regained consciousness belatedly.
However, she did not remove her head from between his legs.
The embarrassed Noel reached down, not knowing what to do, but Sylvia was faster.

After raising herself, she looked… at his lower body, in which she had been rubbing her face, with an expression of dismay.

She used a manner in which she pretended not to know because he would be embarrassed if she openly said that he had gotten an erection.

“Oh my! What should I do? Why did I fall on this… you must be troubled.”
“It was an accident; it wasn’t Miss Sylvia’s fault.”

As she pretended to be naive and apologized repeatedly, Noel smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

‘It was accidental at first, but it was deliberate after that.’

Strongly using her brain that was in charge of lewdness, Sylvia crawled forward and unannounced grabbed his hand.
She didn’t forget to naively blink her clear green eyes, which were reminiscent of a green forest.

“I’m really sorry.
What should I do? How could I… Noel’s lower body…”
“It’s nothing.
It’s fine so don’t worry about it.”

She noticed Noel was troubled because his front still hadn’t subsided.
His red face further stimulated Sylvia’s mind.

She pretended to ponder for a moment as she quickly shook her eyelashes, and then brought the hand she was holding to her chest.


The warmth of his hot hand passed through the thin fabric.
As the bewildered Noel looked desperately at Sylvia, wondering what was going on, she bit her lips lightly and turned her head to the side.

“Even if it was an accident, since I rubbed my face on Mr.
Noel’s… lower body, wouldn’t it be fair to each other if you did this?”

She put her hands on top of the soft, stiffened hand, and pressed it tightly.
Maybe it was because her speaking skills had improved; her expression didn’t change at all while shameless words came out.
Noel was astonished, forgetting his honor with his mouth wide open.

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“What? What is fair…”
“Ah! Was I too shameless?”

Sylvia, who quickly shook her head, grabbed Noel’s head this time and buried it in her chest.
The rough breath that reached her chest made her stomach tickle.

“Ack, Miss Sylvia…”
“It should be fair now, right?”

She smiled like someone who had everything, wrapped her arms around the lemon blonde hair, and buried it deeper in her chest, as if she were embracing a baby.
Although he was embarrassed, he couldn’t shake her off firmly.
He was excited, so even though he was a priest, he seemed to have lost to his instincts.

Seeing Noel being calmly embraced by her, she felt her lips dry and her body becoming hotter.

‘He just touched my chest but I’m feeling hot down there.
How good would it be to take off his clothes and stuck it in properly?’

Fortunately, the thunderstorm hadn’t struck yet.
It seemed that she deceived the system with the talk about it being fair.
Or was it because her faith had increased? Sylvia felt Noel’s hot breath reaching her chest and turned on the 〈Virginity Radar〉 for the first time in a while to check his status window.

‘Friendship is 70? What? When did the friendship rise so much?’

Did it rise a lot because of her maneuver at the well, or was it because of their contact just now? Could it be because she improved her stats while Noel was on the business trip? She tilted her head for a moment.
There were many reasons, but it wasn’t clear which one it was.

If playing tricks had a lot of influence on the increase in friendship, it was necessary to play tricks as much as possible.

She didn’t know why, but if his friendship was at 70, she would be able to properly target him sooner or later.

A message popped up as if answering her question.


[Wrapped in Sylvia’s soft chest, Noel can’t come to his senses.
Friendship increases by 5 points.]

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‘As expected, touching him regardless of death made a huge contribution to raising his favor.’

And adding what happened just now, Noel’s friendship is at 75 points!
It is said you can’t beat a retreating man.
Being prepared for death and touching him was the fastest way to gain his favor than anything else.

‘Let’s raise it as much as we can today.
Just until the thunderstorm strikes.’

She hugged the back of Noel’s back even tighter and smiled dangerously.
Then, she lowered her head and whispered in his ear.

Noel, is this fair?”
“I… ugh… I think this is enough.
It’s enough to the point that it’s overflowing.”

Noel answered, catching his breath.
But Sylvia did not back down.

“It’s not.
Be generous.
Thinking about it, for it to really be fair… I think you should touch this place and not my chest.”

Unable to find a place to put down one of the hands that was embracing Noel’s head, she pulled Noel’s arm that was ambiguously leaning backwards.
Then, without giving him a chance to stop her, she brought it to her lower parts.

“Ah, wait, wait, Miss Sylvia!”

He, who was acting obedient like a lamb, looked up in surprise, perhaps because he had belatedly regained his rationality.
He panicked and tried to pull back the hand that touched Sylvia’s lower body.
However, Sylvia held his hand tightly, using the strength stat she had built up in the dungeon.

Of course, she was much weaker than Noel, who exercised every day, but it was enough to keep him from removing his hand, pretending she couldn’t help it.
He was surprised, but he didn’t seem to dislike it.

Noel glanced down and blushed, then lowered his head with an expression that he didn’t know what to do.

“At this rate… ah… I don’t know if this is fine.”
“It’s fine.
Though it’s true it should be the same thing, I don’t think it’s very good to put the Priest’s face down there.”

Sylvia gave an irrelevant answer, pretending to have misunderstood Noel’s words.
No matter how brazen she was, she didn’t have enough courage to pull Noel’s head and bring it down.

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Noel continued to stutter with a flushed face.

“Ugh… W-what are we going to do if someone comes in and sees this…”
“Sorry? I just thought it was right to do the same thing because I was rude to Mr.
“No… Ah…”

Sylvia, who replied shamelessly, gently pressed down on Noel’s hand, which was touching her underwear.
Sylvia’s lower parts got wet when his soft hand touched her fleshy, exposed bump over her underwear.
The fabric of the underwear was so thin that one could feel the texture of her pubic hair from just rubbing their fingers a little.

When she looked at Noel’s face, who was at a loss, she was even more excited.

As the two of them were silent, the inside of the library became as silent as a dead rat.
The large body created a shadow over Sylvia, who was sitting against the library bookshelf.
As she pressed his hand deeper with her legs slightly open, he closed his eyes tightly.

Noel’s hand was too large to stay on only a small piece of fabric.
Thanks to that, his hand was narrowly touching the skin that had been slightly exposed to the side of her dainty panties.
Noel’s face turned even more red as she pressed his fingers deeper downwards so that he could feel her slightly wet panties.

“Wait, that’s enough…”

While she was speaking, Noel trembled and took his hand off Sylvia, pulling himself back.
He turned his head, chewing on his lips, and hesitated.
Then, he opened his mouth.

“It’s… it’s a little…”

Noel sat down in front of Sylvia and sighed deeply.
Unable to speak anymore, he covered his mouth with his hand and slightly lowered his eyes.
It was amazing that he still had self-control left.

‘Is it because his friendship isn’t strong yet? It might still be too early to let him put his hand inside my underwear.

“If you don’t like it, I’ll do it with you.
With my feet, since hands aren’t good.
What do you think?”

She responded to Noel’s words casually and decided to make further progress.

Approaching him to stimulate him further, she took off her shoes, lifted her foot, and brought it slightly above the swollen front of his pants.
When she raised the tip of her foot and stimulated him, Noel, who was about to say something, flinched and immediately closed his mouth, chewing on his lips.

Pressing discreetly with her toes, she pushed it up and swept it down a few times, and his lower body swelled and wriggled, as it couldn’t expand further.

“Ahhh… Miss Sylvia.

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