‘What was that?’

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Sylvia looked at the shore.
A faint sound, as if she were listening to a conch, brushed through her ears.

‘Right, the fishing rod!’

“Sevis, wait a minute! Let me do some fishing.”
“Wow, you also have a fishing rod?”
“Yeah… I think I’ll catch something.”

Sylvia took the 〈Bad Fishing Rod〉 out of her inventory and threw it as far as she could, focusing her attention on it.
Next to her, Sevis looked at the sea with an expectant glance.
Ta-da! The fishing rod came up a moment later, with a sound effect.


[Rusty Can
– Useless trash from other continents.]


“Let’s do it one more time.”

There’s no way that message popped up for no reason… Sylvia bit her lips anxiously and threw the fishing rod far away once again.
Soon, the rod was pulled tightly, and she pulled it up with all her might.
A message appeared in front of her, along with a strange mass.


[Rotten Fish
– A fish that’s been dead for a while.
Sometimes they can be fished with a bad fishing rod.]


“… Let’s go.”

Given the suspicious message, it seemed that she could definitely catch something good on that beach, but only strange things came up.
She couldn’t understand what was going on.

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‘Is the bad fishing rod the problem? As the name says, it’s not very good…’

It seemed to be due to her equipment.
Isn’t there a better fishing rod in the secret shop? She had a feeling that she could catch a huge item.

After returning home, Sylvia ate the crab salad Sevis had prepared for her and took a shower.
Then, while Sevis was washing up, she sat down on the dining table chair and opened the inventory.


[Grilled King Crab with Ginseng
– King crab meat roasted with sliced ginseng.
It tastes a bit weird, but it’s really good for the body.
HP +20, Strength +20]


‘Oh, wow.’

When she shouted ‘summon’ in her mind, the steaming king crab meat appeared, set on a plate.
It smelled bitter, probably because of the ginseng, but she wondered if the taste is such a big deal when her abilities will increase.
Sure enough, as she put it in her mouth, the ginseng’s unique bitter taste came up.


After she pinched her nose and ate all the king crab meat, she definitely felt herself getting healthier.
When she opened the stats window, she saw that her HP and strength had increased by 20.

‘At this rate, I’ll be able to go to the secret shop soon.’

Next, it was time to see her newly acquired skills.


[Head Smasher
– Basic skill of 〈Hammer Warrior〉.
As you become more skilled, you will be able to smash the heads of monsters faster.
If you use it with bare hands without carrying a hammer, you can fall into the status abnormality 〈Loss of Fighting Spirit〉.]


Sylvia drew her attention to the 〈Loss of Fighting Spirit〉.
It was pretty good for a basic skill.
If she didn’t want to fight monsters, she could use this skill.

And lastly, looking at her stats, she had 10 points to be distributed because her level had increased by 2 after defeating the boss monster.
Feeling that she hadn’t paid too much attention to agility, she invested 10 points in it.

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Level 10 Hammer Warrior
Money: 250g
HP: 100 Strength: 65 Intellect: 10 Agility: 20
Speaking: 100
Karma: 10
Faith: 30
Fatigue: 10


‘It’s good to distribute your stats well.
It’s not frustrating.’

Sylvia analyzed the structure of the game, comparing it to games she had played.

Judging by the rough structure, in order to cleanse the contamination, the target characters must be attacked to obtain items, skills, and dungeon tickets.
Is it a circular structure where maybe the story proceeds only after she meets the main characters and goes to the dungeons, or, on the contrary, the stronger she becomes by clearing dungeons and working part-time, the more she can target various handsome virgins?

Even to plant the world tree to cleanse the contamination, which is the game’s ultimate goal, targeting the handsome virgin men is essential.

‘But what is karma? There must be a negative effect, but I will only know that when something happens.’

The next day, the two people who came out to clear the dungeons roamed the coastal caves 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Since it was a beginner dungeon, the monsters’ attack power was not high, so their HP barely went down.
They wandered around busily, crushing the crabs diligently.

She was able to attack faster than on the first day because of the levels she had gained.
While walking around the dungeon at Sylvia’s pace, Sevis moved his arms up and down, amazed at her strength.

After clearing several dungeons, her level began to rise more slowly than at the beginning.

‘Should I do a few more dungeons and move to a higher level one?’

She had gained 5 levels, reaching level 15, and obtained 4 large marbles and 600 small marbles.
Unfortunately, she didn’t get a single 〈Grilled King Crab with Ginseng〉.
It seemed to be an item that dropped only at the beginning, for beginners.

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‘The requirement to enter the secret shop was to have at least 120 HP.’

Of the 25 undistributed points, Sylvia invested 20 in HP and the remaining 5 in agility.
With this, she finally fulfilled the condition to go to the secret shop with 120 HP.

‘Phew… I’ve never worked so hard in my life… When I collect a little more money, I should go to the secret shop right away.’

As Sylvia rubbed her shoulders hard because it felt like they were going to break, Sevis, who was smiling and playing with the marbles they had acquired, looked at her.

“Miss Sylvia, you said that you work 4 days a week at the temple part-time, right? Shall we clear dungeons again tomorrow?”

At Sevis’ sudden question, Sylvia stopped in the same position in which she was rubbing her shoulders.

‘He must be crazy… I have to take a day off! It’s a violation of the Labor Standards Act.’

Sylvia grumbled inwardly, but she didn’t show it.
She moved only her eyes and looked at Sevis.
He was waiting for her to answer with his ears pricked up.

“Huh? … Ah, yes…”

Sevis tilted his head for a moment at Sylvia’s awkward answer.
Soon, however, he took the marbles and walked forward towards the house, clearly happy.
Unlike him, Sylvia walked slowly after him with a pained look, like a servant who had been caught running away at night.
A butterfly that was leisurely passing by quickly darted away as it saw Sylvia’s rascal-like appearance.

I’m tired as f*ck…’

On the fourth day of possessing the game, Sylvia’s spirit, who was scheduled to go to Slothful Hell, was reaching its limit.

How many hours had she slept? Someone shook Sylvia violently, who had been asleep as if she had collapsed.

‘What is it, who’s waking me up so early…’

She tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but she felt a warm hand touching her ear.

“Miss Sylvia! You have to get up!”

Sylvia was forced to open her eyes because of Sevis, who shouted loudly in her ear with his hands held up like a trumpet.
She raised her body, startled by the loud voice hitting her ears.

“Whoa! Oh… Yeah.
I should get up.”

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As she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and blinked blankly, Sevis looked at her with a soft smile.

‘Ugh… Can’t the dog sleep in the morning…!’

Forcefully woken up by Sevis, she looked at his sparkling eyes with a look of despair.
Sevis was very excited, and he looked like a dog waving its tail to its owner to go for a walk.

‘This… This isn’t it.
I want to rest, I want to rest vigorously.’

Sylvia was a freelancer in her real life.
She worked from home three days a week, making only enough money to earn a minimum living, and played hard the remaining days.

‘I lived half-heartedly enough to go to Slothful Hell after death.’

No matter how determined she was to do her best, there was no way she could turn over a new leaf overnight.
In addition, she thought that she deserved to rest for a day as she had been extremely busy during the four days of game possession.

In fact, she wasn’t tired.
Maybe because of the game system, her fatigue disappeared after meeting the minimum sleep time, and the body felt refreshed.
However, her mind was a different part of the problem… If it had been so easy to change her mindset, she wouldn’t have had to go to Slothful Hell.
She wanted to rest vigorously, so she decided to fake illness.

As she pretended to get out of bed, Sylvia flinched and shrieked.
She screamed several times.

“Ow, ow, ow, oh god…!”

Looking at Sevis’ expression, it seemed as though he hadn’t yet understood what was going on.
She trembled even more and did a popping dance on the bed.
As she snapped her arm awkwardly, shouting wickedly, and exaggerated, Sevis gasped and hurriedly approached her in surprise.

“Oh my, Miss Sylvia… Are you alright? We were supposed to go to the dungeon today too… I guess your muscles are convulsing because you overworked yourself.
What do we do… Ah! Do you want me to give you a massage again? We’ll be able to go to the dungeon when you feel better…”

Oh my gosh.
She couldn’t believe that he still wanted her to go to the dungeon.
Seems like she didn’t put her soul into it.
Astonished, Sylvia cast the method again before Sevis finished speaking.

“I want to go, too, but… My body… Ow, ack, ugh… Ugh, argh…”

She trembled and struggled in a bizarre manner, like a person who was being electrocuted, while pretending to be trying to get up.
Then, crawling like a zombie, she leaned weakly against the headboard.
She didn’t forget to twist her neck like a broken doll.
The series of processes were so disastrous that she couldn’t dare open her eyes.
Sevis’ face turned pale at her living corpse-like appearance.

“Oh my, oh my.
Just lie down.
Your condition is too serious.
If you’re like this, you should go to the hospital…”
“N… o.
There’s absolutely no need to go… ow, ugh… to the hospital! I don’t want to go, argh, to the hospital.
I think I will get better… if I sleep.”

As Sylvia shook her head and made a choking sound with a resolute expression as if she were buffering, Sevis sighed as if he couldn’t help it.

“Ugh, you really don’t want to go?”

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