”What are you doing? ” Her hands tremble nervously as she presses her back hard against the wall like she wants to disappear into it. Her heartbeat increases rapidly whilst clenching her fingers tightly around the towel wrapping around her chest like she doesn want it to fall off.

”Don make that face, Lilian. I didn bring you here to enjoy life in my empire, OK? You
e here to satisfy me… ” He pauses as he finally lets the robe falls off his body, revealing his half-naked body with just his brief on. She tries not to drool at his perfectly toned abs, his firm nipples that keep screaming for her attention, but the more she tries to resist the urge to stare, the more she find herself looking down there.

”Yeah, that right there… You like what you see, huh? ” His hush voice brings her back to reality, and she snaps her eyes up to see him walking toward her, and her heart quivers.

”I don like pigs… I mean, look at me. I am handsome, wealthy, and I have women throwing themselves at me… ”

”Th…then leave me alone, ” Her voice quivers as she grits her teeth. Hot tears well up in her eyes before they find their way down her cheeks. It was never her fault that shes fat, right? She was born like this, and not what she wished for. Why are they all so mean to her? Why is he calling her a pig?

”Why should I leave you alone, Lilian? You
e my property now, remember? I have never laid a chubby girl before… Starting from you won be a bad idea, right? ” He finally stops in front of her and touches her cheeks while having a dirty smirk dancing at the corner of her lips.

”Maybe after I have a taste of you, I would know what it is like to have a chubby girl in bed, ” He bites his bottom lip seductively as he slowly raises her gaze to look up into his eyes while having his hand on her chin.

”Let me go… ” She tries to turn her face away, but his firm grip on her chin wouldn let her move her face.

”Save yourself the stress, Lilian… You would need it on the bed later, ” His smirk finally widens into a wide smile as he whispers in her ear.

”Drop the towel and show me what youve got there, ” He suddenly pulls away from her and licks his lip seductively, scrutinizing her body with his charming eyes. Seeing the look on her face for some reason, he finds this fun. Not that the young girl did anything to him, but why on earth is it so fun to treat her like this?

”No… Theres no way Ill do that, ” He squints his eyes for seconds before he suddenly chuckles dryly.

”You don say no to me, Lilian. You
e my property. You belong to me! ” His voice is calm, yet the scariest she ever heard, and she shivers on the spot as she stares at the dangerous and scary man in front of her. How shes suddenly here in a lions den with no hope of escaping, is what she never imagined. She has always known her stepmother to hate her, but she never imagined that shell go to the extreme length of doing this to her.

”Re… Ren… Don touch me… ” Her voice quivers as she presses her back further into the wall, tears streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably.

”I beg you, please… Leave me alone, ” She suddenly falls to her knees when her legs can carry her anymore, and he rolls his eyes momentarily.

”Ill spare you tonight, Lilian… Not because of your pleas, but because I am in a good mood. When next I want you… ” He pauses as he squats in front of her.

”Ill torture you until you can take it anymore and beg me to f*ck you so hard, Lilian. Ill make you hit orgasms five times in a row, and I promise that by the time Im done with you, youll never remain the same again, ” He whispers against her ear as a dirty smirk plays at the corner of his lips.

Picking up his robe from the ground, he wears it and glances at her for the last time before he finally strides out of the room, while she breaks down in tears.

How she started as a little girl that was loved by her dad regardless of her looks, how she was bullied in school all her life but was still his princess, how her stepmother treated her like a piece of trash, and now she is stuck with this stranger thats suddenly demanding for sex from her? Hows she going to survive this?

With all the strength left in her, she drags herself up to her feet and hobbles over to the bed, crashing on it as more tears pour down her cheeks.

”Everything will be fine, Lilian. You have to be strong. Crying won solve anything, ” She mutters to herself even if she knows that everything will never be fine, she still can help but cry, even if she knows it wouldn ever help her.

Taking a deep breath, she wipes the tears from her eyes as she stands up and walks over to the closet to pick out some clothes to wear. She strides out of the room after she wears casual cloth.

Striding down the hallway, she finds herself in the garden minutes later as the gentle wind blows on her face. For some seconds, she finally sees a reason to smile as she pushes all her worries and pains to the back of her mind.

The noise coming from the other side of the garden pulls her attention, and she finds herself tracing the voice until she finds two maids trimming the flowers.

”Wow! I still can believe Mr. Ren is getting married tomorrow. Maam Tracy must be so lucky, ” One of the maids whines dreamily, and Lilian pulls a puzzled look.

”Yes, shes lucky. Mr. Ren is every womans dream. Tomorrow is going to be a big day in Bradfords mansion, ” The other one squeaks excitedly.

Lilian stares into space in shock. Ren is getting married? Why did he bring me here to molest me if he is really going to get married? Why was he flirting with me earlier knowing that it was cheating on his fiancee? She questions herself as she slowly turns around and hobbles out of the garden…

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