, I would stay indoors all my life just so I can save myself from insults and embarrassment.

”Why is she so fat? ”

”The sight of her is irritates me, ”

”It wouldve been good if she lose some weight, ” Hearing those whispers as I wait in the lobby for the said interviewer, I can help the sadness and pain that fills my heart. Do they think that I didn want to lose weight? Do they think that this is what I wish for myself? I also want to be slim and be called a beautiful young lady. I also want to walk in those elegant clothes and heels, but what was I supposed to do when I was already cursed with this ugly look?

”Lilian Sanchez, its your turn, ” Im finally going to leave these bitches. Standing up to my feet, I follow the lady that just came to call me as she leads me to God knows where.

Arriving at the office of a young man, the interview kicks start immediately.

”Congratulations, Miss Sanchez. You passed the first stage of the interview. Youll be directed to the manager for the second stage, before the CEO would interview you himself, ” The man says to me with a genuine smile on his face. Its the first time someone is ever going to smile at me genuinely.

Leaving his office to the managers office as per his description, I arrive at the office after searching for it for some minutes.

A few minutes later

Standing in front of the said CEOs office, my heart beats rapidly against my chest as I clench my sweaty hands. I passed the first and second stages, but Im so worried about the final stage. What if I don end up passing it?

Taking a deep breath, I muster courage and push the door open after I knocked and he ushered me in. Stepping into the office, my heartbeat stops abruptly as I behold the most charming young man I have ever seen in my whole years of existence. His raven hair is clinging to his head with some strands curled on his forehead, he has thick eyebrows, small heart-shaped pink lips, long eyelashes, and his skin. I guess his cream must cost so much money to be able to afford this smooth skin. Gosh! Hes so handsome.

”You are the new assistant my manager talked about, right? ” Still having his gaze on the screen of the desktop, he speaks up in his deep baritone voice, and my heart melts slowly.

”Yes, Sir, ” I finally find my voice. My breath seizes for seconds when he finally raises his gaze to look at me, as his brown charming eyes pierce into mine. Is he a human or a magic creature?

”What are you doing here? ” His voice sounds angry this time, snapping me out of my world of fantasy, and the disgusted look on his face scares me.

”Sir, I… ”

”Who let you into my office? ” He snaps at me angrily.

”I was sent here by the manager for the final stage of the interview as… ”

e not qualified. Get out, ” He cuts me off with pure disgust written on his face and sounds in his voice.

”But Sir… You have not interviewed me yet, ” My heart beats rapidly as I pray silently that its not what Im thinking. I hope its not my bad luck again.

”I can work with you. I can let a pig work in my company. Do you want to see yourself out, or do you need the security to help you out? ” He spits at me, and my heart sinks into my stomach. My fear has finally come true. I shouldn have expected less, this was bound to happen anyway.

”You couldve asked me to leave without calling me a pig, right? ” The tears I have been fighting back finally find their way out of my eyes as I turn and walk out of his office, slamming the door behind me…

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