Chapter N.I.N.E

”Hey Laurel! Whats up? ” I said when she came up to give me a hug, but my eyes didn leave Damons.

”Dad sidebar. ” I demanded, as I walked into the kitchen, not giving him time to protest.

”What Bailey?? Do you know how rude that was? ” My Dad spat.

”Yeah, well you want to know what is rude? Beating up Nico because he exists! ”

”You! You did that to Damon? ”

”Yeah, I made him hit me, then I beat the crap out and threatened to show his balls down his throat! He is lucky I didn freaking kill him! ” I shot back defensively. [I can believe him!]

”Calm down Lee. Im not mad at you. I would have been mad if you hadn had beat him up, it just sucks that Damon had to be that person, thats all. ” My Dad said quickly, when he noticed my tone and the look I had on my face.

”Yeah tell me about it! ”

”Hey sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to say that I am sorry for what my son did to your friend. ” Laurel said as she walked into the kitchen. [How did she know?] I doubt Nico said anything about it. Then I saw Lillian and Damon out of the corner of my eye. [Well that explains that!]

”Hey Bay! ” Dominic said as he smacked me upside the head.

”Would you stop that? ”

”No. ”

”well at least your honest. ” I said as I elbowed him in the ribs, he winced when I did. [Oops, I forgot that I kicked him there.]

”Haha How does it feel to get kicked in the ribs while getting up? ” I said while laughing at his pain. [I am so mean.]

e so mean! ” he whined, making him sound like he was four.

”Who is your friend here Bailey? ” My Dad said when Jeff and Nico came over, with Lillian and Damon close behind.

”Dad, this is Jeff. Jeff, this is Dad. ”

”Hi Jeff! wait. The Jeff? ”

”Yes Dad, The Jeff. ”

”Well since we are all here, me and Laurel have an announcement to make. Go ahead dear. ” My Dad said while gently nudging Laurel.

”Well as you know we moved all of my stuff from my house to here. Now I know this is crappy timing with Damon arriving and all but we finally sold the house today! Damon, we moved all of your stuff from your old room to here today, so thats all ready. We didn have time to unpack it yet, so you still have to do that. One more thing as you guys already know, we are leaving for the week, and since you are both suspended, you are stuck together all week, so please don ”t kill each other. ” She said.

” Oh, Bailey, I need you to keep Sniper outside. Damon is very allergic. ” My Dad added once Laurel had finished. I could tell by the way that he said it that he was expecting me to blow up.

”Hell no. Thats not happening ” I said immediately.

”Well that mutt isn staying in this house with me! ” Damon yelled.

”The only way he is staying outside is over my dead body and today goes to show that you aren physically capable of doing that. ”

”Yeah well I know some people! ”

”Damon! ” Laurel shouted while everyone else burst out laughing, all except for Jeff who just looked baffled.

”Take allergy pills. ” Dominic suggested, but it came out as more of a demand.

”Great Idea plus we don even know for sure if you are allergic, so this will be a great test! ” Laurel chimed in.

”Perfect, dead body avoided! ” I replied with a smile, everyone laughed except for Damon.

”When do you leave? ” Nico asked.

”In a half an hour. ” My Dad replied.

”Actually, we have to leave in five minutes, because we have to stop at your brothers. ” Laurel reminded my Dad.

e sorry we have to leave you two alone together. We weren expecting Damon to come down so soon. We hope you guys understand. Oh also, Damon your car is mine. You aren to allowed to leave the house and I would like you to apologize to Nico and Bailey. ”

”Now. ” Laurel stated when he didn say anything.

”Sorry. There happy? ” Damon snapped, Laurel sighed but shook her head and mouthed sorry to me and Nico. [Wow, I can tell he meant that.]

”We have to go but it was nice getting to meet you all. ” Laurel said as she ran upstairs to get ready.

”Bailey come with me. ” I nodded then followed my Dad into his office.

”Why didn you shoot me a text or something about the house? I said as soon as I shut the door.

”We wanted it to be a surprise. I thought youd be happy about it. ”

”I am, its just Im not thrilled about the whole Damon thing. ”

”I know lee. It sucks, but can you please try not to kill him? For me please. ”

”I won . I mean, seriously though, I just had to get stuck with him! ”

”Yeah. ”

”I am assuming we aren going to tell them. Or are we? ”

We definitely aren as far as they know, I place kids with Foster families to explain the leaving at random times and a car salesman to explain some of the money. I have half of it stashed away hidden though. ”

”Perfect. Is that all you needed? ”

”Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you weren going to hurt him too badly. ”

”Aghhh, I wish you didn have to leave him with me though! ”

”I know lee. ”

”Love you dad, have fun okay. ”

”I will bailey, thanks for being a good sport about it. ” I smiled then we both walked out of his office.

”My moms in the car. ” Damon told my dad when he entered. He nodded, wave goodbye, then left.

”Wheres your mom?_ I asked Dominic when I saw Lillian was no longer in the kitchen or living room.

”She had to go to principal stuff. ”

”Okay, so what do you guys want to do, other than sit around awkwardly? ” Asked Nico.

”How about the usual? ” Suggested Dominic.

”Perfect. Ill get the alcohol, ” volunteered Nico.

”Okay, is everyone good with that? ” I asked and everyone nodded.

”What exactly are we doing? ” Asked Jeff.

”Truth or Dare with either a shot or two bucks for a chicken. ” I responded.

”Who is all playing? ” Hollared did Nico from the kitchen.

”Damon, Jeff you guys playing? ” Nico called again when nobody answered.

”I guess ” said Damon, while Jeff looked at Nico and nodded.

”Great. ” I said, then I went and got two hats. The first hat was for truth or dare cards, while the second was for the names of who would receive the truth or dare. We threw in a double dare card for fun, and you pick choice for both hats.

”Ill start, ” Nico said. He reached in and grabbed a truth, then he drew Jeff.

”Ummm, if you could only ever talk to one of us who would it be and why? ”

”Probably you nico, because I feel like you are probably the only one that would want to talk to me. ” When Jeff was finished I motioned for him to go next, because he was to the left of Nico.

”I got truth and Dominic. What is your relationship with Bailey? ”

”Friends with benefits ” he replied after a moment of thought, I nodded in agreement. It was my turn next and I drew Nico and dare.

”I dare you to tell Dominic how you feel about his sister. ” I had wanted to get the truth but this would have to do.

”I like her and was planning on asking her out, but haven had the guts to do so. ” Nico said it very carefully as he was expecting Dominic to get mad but he didn .

”About time. ” Replied Dominic.

”Dom, you
e up. ” I reminded him.

”Okay I drew Damon and dare. Damon I dare you to come and kiss your stepsister. ” Dominic said with a twisted grain.

”Oh did I mention that I got a double dare so Bay thats your dare too. ” Added dominic. I flipped him off and walked over to Damon and stood in front of him.

”I don chicken. ” I said while waiting for Damon to respond.

”It has to be on the lips and at least ten seconds. ” Dominica added, because he forgot to specify. Sighing, Damon put his hands behind my knees and pulled me down on top of him. Then I bent down and kissed him forcefully, which he returned with just as much aggression. After about fifteen seconds, we stopped making out and broke apart, we were both out of breath.

”Happy? ” I breathed as I pushed myself off of Damons lap.

”Very, ” replied Dominic with a satisfied smirk. It was Damons turn next.

”I drew Bailey and truth. Where/how did you learn how to fight? ”

”Dominic, and at my house. ”

”You mean our house. ” He corrected with a smirk.

”No, I mean my house Damon. ” At that moment sniper came running in from inside and into the living room. Sniper immediately stuck up his back and started growling at Damon and Jeff.

”Stand down. ” I commanded Sniper as I pointed to jeff. Sniper stopped snarling at Jeff and growled only at damon.

”Be alert. ” I commanded as I pointed at Damon with a smirk. The dog instantly stopped growling but kept his eyes on damon, just waiting for him to move towards me so he could attack.

”What did you tell him to do? ” Asked Jeff.

”I told him that you are okay, but that he doesn like Damon, so he should watch him. Now if I had said D-A-N-G-E-R he would have attacked. I also have hand signals to go with all his word commands as well. ”

”Wow, thats cool! ” Jeff explained.

”So, what do you all want for dinner? ” Dominic asked suddenly.

”We should get pizza! ” Nico said way too excitedly, everybody nodded in agreement. Damon coughed, so he reached forward to grab his water, and when he did, Sniper shut up and growls. Damon jump back so fast, he spilled his water. Grumbling a string of curse words, demon got up and grabbed a towel from the kitchen and clean the water up. [Wasn expecting him to clean it up.]

”I have to go for like 45 minutes, and then when Im heading home Ill pick up pizza. Nico text me what everybody wants. ” I said as I suddenly remembered that I had to recruit Braxton today.

”Where are you going? ” Damon asked nosally.

”To my friend Jeremys house, he needs me to take a look at his computer, if you must know. ”

”God, he had me fix it last week. ” Dominic said as he laughed even though he knew that it was a cover because Jeremy didn have a computer. He was always talking about how he needed to get one, but never actually did.

”The idiot! Im going to run upstairs, grab a few things, then head out. ” Nico and Dominic made a pouty face, but I ignored them and walked upstairs, motioning for Sniper to follow me, which she did. Once I was in my room, I grabbed my gun and put it in the back of my sports bra. Walking to my closet, I grabbed the chip I needed and stuck it in the combat boot, that I was about to put on. Then I went to the mirror and made sure the bulge for my gun wasn visible, it was, so I let my hair down and covered the bump right up. Good to go. Then I made my way downstairs. I went to grab my keys, would realize my car was blocked behind Dominics.

”Hey Dom your car is blocking mine, so Im taking yours. ” I hollered as I grabbed his keys from the table.

”Okay. Take Sniper so he doesn attack someone when you
e gone. I nodded knowing that he wanted me to take him for back up, not because he thought I couldn handle it but because Sniper was a great guard dog and added extra protection. Waving goodbye I motion for Sniper to follow me, then left.

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