Chapter E.I.G.H.T

”Hey Lillian? What can you tell me about Braxton miles? ” She reached down into her file drawer and pulled one out.

”Well he is 31, single, he just got his bachelors in teaching, he has no priors, thats pretty much all the school has on him. I had The Agency do a deep dive, and they sent me the results of the search, but I haven looked at them yet, why are you asking? ”

”Last night my target was at the club, Bang, and Braxton was the head bouncer. I left my fake ID on the counter at home, so naturally the wouldn let me in, and I noticed that he was checking me out, so I told him that if he got me in, I would pay him back, any way that he wants. Thats not the problem though. He just asked me if we had meet before, and of course I said no but he still thinks that he does. I mean our disguises aren great so when he calls to collect, he will find out its me, that is if he doesn before then. ” When I finished I looked up at Lillian, and to say she looked puzzled was an understatement.

”Hmph. ” Lillian said as she pulled up the report on her phone.

”It says here that he is a nine on the recruitable scale. Ill run it by Dom but I think that he will agree that we should recruit him, that is what we are gonna have to do, we cant risk him figuring out who you were. Thats just a whole can of worms we don want to open. You want to be the one to do it Lee? ” I nodded.

”Yeah Ill do it tonight. ”

”Okay, do you have chips at your house? ” Lillian asked, referring to the GPS trackers that everyone in The Agency had in their necks. Each chip had a tracker and an lethal ejection in it. They would put it in a shot and inserted the micro-chip in that way, so that way they could have leverage over all the agents we recruited. With the tap of a password protected button the chip would explode, killing you instantly. When you were done with all your training they would give you a test, and if you passed they would celebrate it by giving you another shot to counteract the chip, but if you failed they just exploded it.

”Yeah, I have two, my Dad has some as well. So we should be all set. ”

”Okay, perfect! I will call Dominic and update him for you. ” Lillian replied.

”Kay. See you Friday! ”

”See you then lee! ” She called after me then I turned around and left.

”Whats the verdict? ” Nico asked when I came out. I opened my mouth to tell him when Lillian stepped out after me.

”Okay, first things first, Nico, Jeffery, go to class. It sounds like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bailey you know the options I gave you, and although you didn really do anything per say, I am gonna suspend you for the week to get your anger under control. You didn have to beat these me- boys up so severely. ” Nico, Jeff, and I hid a laugh from Lillians not so subtle change of words.

”Sean and Damon, I am very dissapointed in you guys, you both have a week of suspention, for your awful behavior and quite honestly , she beat the crap out of you, so you need you recovery time. I am also going to have to do 10 hours of community service when you get back and it will be done while smiling. I recommend that both of you go ahead and see a doctor other than our school nurse. I am going to call both of your parents and tell them about your immature behavior and recommended you seek professional counseling. There will be absolutely no toleration for bullies or fighting at this school, don let this happen again. Do I make myself clear? ” Everyone nodded (well almost everyone did except for Damon).

e dismissed. ” Lillian said if she turned around and went back to her office.

”She didn even ask us for our side of the story! ” Damon shouted while throwing his hands up in the air.

”She checked the schools video feed, idiot! ” I shot back.

”Whatever, Im going home! ” Damon said as he got up and stormed down the hall, with Sean falling close behind.

”Bailey I was supposed to give you a ride home. So how are you going to get there? ” Nico asked, his voice was laced with concren.

”Crap, I forgot about that. Okay so still come over after school and I can just walk home. Are you going to stay over? ”

”Yeah Ill stay over but you can walk home, its far away. ” Nico replied by looking at me like I was insane.

”She can take my car, if she can pick me up from school, then I can drop her off and continue on to my house. ” Jeff offered.

”No its okay, I can call Dominic to pick me up or I can see if I can take Lillians car. You should come over with Nico though you can spend the night then I can take you both to school tomorrow and pick you up or you can both drive your own cars. I will have my stepmother and her son coming over later tonight so we can meet him and then I have to leave for about an hour but that will be later tonight. Dominic will probably stop by but Im not sure, it will probably be pretty chaotic but you can still come. ”

”Oh, sure Ill come. Are you sure though? ” Jeff asked, while looking completely sh youocked that I had invited him over.

”Yeah, we
e sure, itll be fun! ”Nico added, as I nodded. Just then Lillians office door opened and she stepped out.

”Dominic just called, and mentioned that Nico was going to give you a ride home. Dominics got somewhere he has to be, so you can take my car, and then he will be done in time to pick me up. ”

”Okay, thanks! ” [God I love that woman!] She turned and went to go back to her office.

”Hey, call me and let me know if you need me to come and get you, if Doms not done. ” She nodded and went back into her office, after throwing me her keys.

”I had better get going. Guess Im going to pick up Sniper early. ” That earned a chuckle from Nico and a confused look on Jeffs face as I headed out the door. It was around noon when I left the school. I went and picked up sniper, my German shepherd, dropped him off at the house, swish cars, and went to go get groceries. When I was finished it was around 2:00. Sign I went up to my room and got changed into my gym clothes, then got back in my car and went to the gym. I was at the gym for an hour and fifteen minutes, before I realized that I needed to get home. I got out of the gym as fast as I could, then sped the whole way home (which was only 5 minutes away). When I got here it seemed that my dads wife and her son were already here. [Dads going to kill me!] I was getting out of the vehicle when Nico and Jeff pulled up. [Good, Im glad they
e here!]

”Hey guys! ” They both waved then we walked in. As soon as we came in I heard voices coming from the living room, walking into the living room I saw Laurel, sitting there with her son, and it was none other than…. Damon!

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