Chapter S.I.X

n, then I turned my attention back to damon. I walked over to him and waited for him to stand up, glaring he stood up and held up both his face. I smacked them through a right hook followed by a left job both of which caught him in the chest. He then attempted to throw a right and left hook, I blocked both of them by putting my elbows together in front of my face. Reaching to the side of me I grabbed a hard lunch tray and used it to block the next set of jabs Damon sent my way.

I could hear Sean behind me, so I took the tray and hit him in the wood pipe, then smacked him upside the head with it. [Almost game over for them.] Behind me Damon grabbed my shoulder and caused me to spin around to face him, but before he can do anything I need him in the crotch, which made him bend over. Smirking, I grabbed his hair and pulled his head to my ear.

”If you touch Nico again, Ill rip your balls off and shove them down your throat. ” I whispered so nobody could hear. Then I drove my knee into his nose, then dropped his hair and went to go sit with Nico. At that moment Braxton and a handful of other strong male teachers came rushing into the cafeteria. I hadn noticed the lunch ladies were yelling at us to stop, then at some point they ran to go get help.

”What happened? ” Braxton asked has the other guys want to see if Damon and Sean were okay.

” They attacked my friend then came up to us at lunch. They are being jerks to us because they said we existed. So I asked him if they were five, then he hit me, then I hit him, then they both attacked me. Ask anyone here they saw it all go down. ” I told him.

”Okay, I have to take you down to the office though. Bailey right? ”

”Yeah thats right. ”

”Okay Im going to need you to follow me. ”I nodded then got up and followed him. I looked back to see Nico and Jeff talking to Mr. Hillman.

”Dominic says Hey. ” I yelled back at Hillman, at which he almost instantly paled. [I wonder Dom did?]

”You know Bailey, you remind me of someone, I just don know who. ” He said when we exited the cafeteria.

”Really? ” I said acting totally surprised, he just nodded. Braxton or should I say Mr. miles drop me off at the office then explained what happened, then he left. The principal, Miss Holt, used to be the head of The Agency before she turned it over to her son, Dominic. She had a list of everyone who worked for the agency, she like to know everything about everyone. Lillian was like a mother to me.

”Is that the actual story? ” She asked once Braxton left the room.

”Yeah, other than the fact that Damon was going to hit Dominic but I stepped in front. I had told them to hit me and they didn so he called them a coward, so they went to hit him, but I needed them to hit me so I could hit them back for beating up Nico. Plus the fact that Dom would have hit them back and they are minors, last thing we need is the cops involved. ” I finished.

”Yeah, good thinking. So we have two options, either no punishment or a week of suspension like Damon and Sean. You pick. ”

”Um, I don know. I would like a week off for more cases but I also want to rub it in their faces that they are in trouble and Im not. So how about you pick Lillian, I can decide. ”

”Ill give you the week off, you look tired and Dom told me that youve been swamped with jobs. Take some time off, relax, and make sure you get some sleep.

”Okay, I will. Thanks Lillian. ”

”No problem. What do you think I should do with Jeffrey? ”

”The worst Id give him is detention. He initially didn do anything but didn help me go either. Also when Sean had my arms he was going to jump in and help me but Nico held him back. I mean probably nothing, he was going to help and he didn directly hurt Nico. ”

”Okay, thats what I thought. I wasn going to do anything but I wanted to check with you first and I already knew Nico was going to stay. Lillian loved Nico, every Friday me and my Dad would have Lillian, Dominic, Theo (my Dads partner), Nico, Chelsea (my partner and Dominics sister), Jeremy (my other partner), and my Uncle Nathan, over for dinner. It was nice that we could freely talk about the agency, everyone in that room (except Nico) had killed someone, and knew how difficult it was to have the skills it required. We were one messed up and untraditional family, but we were okay with that.

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