Chapter F.I.V.E

d up in the air.

”Yeah- ” he looked down at his cheat sheet,

”Yes Bailey. ” He said once he finally found it.

”Do you workout? ” I asked while looking at Damon.

”Umm yeah, ” he said while smirking and flexing his arms.

”Okay gotcha. Just didn think you did by looking at you, but figured Id ask, since a lot of people do these days. ” I told him ever so innocently. His face turned red with anger, while everyone else in the classroom burst out laughing.

”Okay thats enough! Go sit down Damon thanks for sharing. ” Damon scoffed, then sat down.

”Okay, now lets get started. My name is Mr miles, now Im not sure where you are in your geometry books but….

Ring. Ring. Ring.

”Class dismissed! See you guys tomorrow! ” Braxton said is everyone got up and headed to their next class. Thankfully we only had Jeff in our next class. Jeff was the nice one of them, he has had a crush on me since forever which probably contributed to why he was nice to us. He just followed Sean around because he used to be a jerk so nobody would hang out with him, so he stuck himself with Sean.


When class was done and we were heading to lunch I saw Jeff running up to us.

”Hey! Wait up, ” he shouted but I just rolled my eyes and kept walking.

”What do you want? ” I spat as Jeff approached.

”Look, sorry about earlier nico. They
e just-. ”

”Yeah, go ahead and make some excuse for them. ” [Some people never change!]

”I-I. There isn one. Just sorry Nico. ” Jeff said quietly as he walked away.

”Hey! ” I hollered after him, he turned around and came back.

”Yeah? ”

”You should get some new friends. ” I said.

”Yeah! How about you come sit with us at lunch? ” Nico asked, I wanted to hit him upside the head, but I refrain myself.

”Yeah, I think I will. Only if Bailey is okay with it though ” Jeff said while looking back and forth at me and Nico.

”She doesn mind. Right Bailey? ” Nico said as he elbowed me in the ribs. I just gave a thumbs up, then turned on my heel, and made my way to the cafeteria.

”Bailey! Wait up. Hey! We are bound to get a visit from them, I want you to promise me that you won beat any of them. Please, for me. ” Nico pleaded once he caught up to me.

”What happened? ” I asked but it came out more of a demand.

”I went to the bathroom, accidentally bumped into damon. Then he shoved me down, Sean and Jeff happened to walk in and they joined in. Its okay though bailey. Im fine see. ” Reaching up, I touched his cheek, he winced to as I touched it. [Im going to kill them.]

”Jeff too? ” I asked but Nico shook his head no.

”Bailey promise me you won touch them. ”

”I won , unless they touch you again. ” Nico just sighed, he knew that was as good as he was going to get from me.

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