Chapter F.I.V.E

”Wanna spar? ” Dominic asked when we were both tired out with a bench press.

”I mean if you want to lose, the sure, we can. ”

”Well see. ”she replied with a twisted smile. As I was walking over, I checked the time on my phone, which read 6:40 a.m.

”The usual right? ” I asked, but I already knew the answer. We almost always did that when we fought together, it was pretty simple, we just went at each other full force, we couldn use any weapons, and we stopped when you either tapped out or just couldn physically move anymore. Usually Dominic would win but there were a few occasions that I would.

”Yep, the usual. You ready? ” Dominic said but he didn wait for an answer, he just ran at me. I let him throw the first punch which I easily dodged. As I ducked I dropped down and swept my foot under his, causing him not to fall but to stumble. Unfortunately for me he quickly regained his balance. We both looked at each other, almost as if we were daring one another to make the next move. I moved first, I tried to punch him in the face but he grabbed my arm and delivered too fast and hard hits to my abdomen, which caused me to stumble back but unlike Dominic, I didn regain my balance and fell. He quickly made his way over to where I was.

I was going to get up but decided to stay down, I knew that if I tried to get up, he would kick me in the ribs, as I did. [Not going to make that mistake again!] When I didn get up Dominic looked puzzle but quickly snapped out of it. Shrugging, he lifted up his foot to stomp on me and as he brought it down, I grabbed it and yanked, making him fall down, and causing his head to bang down on the floor. [Bet hes glad there are mats on the ground.]

I then quickly got on top of him, my legs straddling his waist. Then I got in about three hits to his face before he rocked forward leaving his legs wrapped around my neck. It took everything I had not to try and pry his legs away from my neck but I knew I couldn , it would leave my upper body exposed and it would quickly become game over for me.

So I did the next best thing I propped my knees up a little bit while still punching him. Then I plopped down as hard as I could on his stomach, which caused him to loosen his legs enough to where I could get out. Scrambling, I got up as fast as I could, and waited for him to get up as well. When he did I kicked him in the ribs and laughed at the reversed roles. As he was getting up he grabbed both my knees, which made me kneel. He then went up behind me, and snaked his arms around my neck. He had my head right next to his so I couldn head butt him. [Smart.] Still, I rocked back, but then flung forward full force, sending him flying forward, and leaving me free from his grasp.

We both stopped and just stared at each other before charging. I don even know how he did it, but he managed to pin me against the wall. His body was pressing against mine, he had one hand gripping both of mine, while the other hand was around my neck, not choking me, but still firm.

”You win ” I said after a minute, I didn even try to get out, I knew I was stuck.

”I know. ” He replied before smashing his lips on the mind, his hands and body remaining in the same position. I immediately kissed him back, he let go and put his hands under my thighs causing me to jump up. After a minute we both came up for air, that lasted for about 10 seconds before our lips met again. I was still off my feet when with no warning he slammed my back into the wall. I felt pain ripple down my back, but I didn mind. Pain wasn a bad thing for me, I was used to it I needed it. Pain cripples a lot of people, not me, it keeps me going. I know it was twisted, but I mean I kill people for a living, so it didn seem all that bad. We heard a throat clear, and we both looked up to see who it was, even though we knew it was my father.

”Look at the time. ” My dad said is he pointed to the clock, which red 6:58 a.m. Reluctantly, Dominic put me down, glaring at my dad the whole time. You could see my dad swallow nervously, while stepping back, I tried so hard not to laugh.

”Im going to go get ready for school. Dom behave yourself while Im gone. Okay? ” I said, well told Dominic as I slapped him on the chest playfully. Still glaring at my dad, he nodded. Rolling my eyes I walked out, then ran upstairs to get dressed for school.

My room was huge, it had a king size bed, the comforter was gray, pink, white, and a yellow striped pattern. The bed was in the middle of the first wall you saw when you walked in. There was shells on both sides of the bed, both sides head lamps even though there were Windows above them both. To the right there was a huge walk in closet, it had a fake wall in it where I kept all my weapons hidden, which I had an abundance of. Just next to the closet was an equally huge bathroom. My room was plain, clean, and overall empty but that was how I liked it.

I went into my closet and picked out a pair of black leggings, a different black sports bra, and a loose, white, off the shoulder, long sleeve sweatshirt. turning around I grabbed a pair of combat boots, it already had a knife in it so I was set. I quickly took off my black leggings and Adidas sports bra, then changed into my school clothes. I was debating wearing the sweatshirt, but I figured it was the end of winter, and I did have a change of clothes at the school if I needed.

Then I went to the bathroom and wash my face real quick. I didn bother with makeup though. Sighing, I ripped my hair out of the braid it was in, then grabbed my bag and made my way downstairs.

”Hes in the car. ” My dad said while sipping his coffee. Im nodded.

”He stay over? ” He asked quizzically.

”Nah, I was too tired. He got here at six. ”

”Okay. See you when you get home lee. Have fun. ”

”I will Dad, love you bye! ” I hollered as I walked out the door.

”I don like your dad. Remind me again why I can kill him. ” Dominic asked coldly.

”First off, I wouldn let you. Second, if you somehow pulled it off I would find you and kill you. Third, if you do you might as well kill me too. Is that good enough or do you need me to keep giving you more reasons? ” The way I said it was cold as well.

”Yeah yeah I know. I won kill him. Hey, ” he said gently while grabbing my face and making me face him.

”I won ever kill him, you know that. ”

”Good. ”

”Good. ” he repeated as he leaned over and text me on the lips.

”You had better start moving if we
e going to get me to school in time. ”

”Kay Bay ” Dominic said mockingly as he drove off. We were 30 seconds down the road, when he realized he had left the files on the counter, so we turned around. I made Dominic run in and grab them, while he was inside I slipped into the drivers seat.

”Hey Bay, pretty sure thats my seat. ”

”Not anymore. ” I said, as he crossed his arms and stomped over to me with a pouty face and plopped down in his seat. Laughing, I turned the key, put it in drive, then took off.

”So Bailey, heres the first target. Her name is Maggie hill, shes 35. She has two teen boys, her oldest son is a target too. He is 13 and the danger level is none. You take home 10,000. Reason is Dad got put in jail by son and mother and he wants to pay back. ”

”God I hate it when they have them killed for no reason. But Ill take them, seems like an easy job. ” Dominic just nodded, he didn care for any human being, well more like any being. He was a cold-blooded killer. I mean I was too but not to his extent, I will kill anyone, but had a hard time killing children in particular. I knew this job would be hard for me, but I would rather do it myself, if it meant a pain free death for them.

”Want any more cases? ” I nodded.

”Okay mail, named Fred Ritchie, level 7, you take home 3,000, reason not listed. Man weve been getting some stupid cases from the dark web lately. ”

”Tell me about it. ” I knew exactly which cases he was talking about.

”Im assuming you don want this one. ”he said well already flipping to the next file.

”You would assume correctly. ”

”Okay, I think you would want this one. ” Dom said, after he flipped through a couple files.

”37, Ted shame, you get paid 50,000, level 4, reason is crooked judge who cost me millions. ”

”Holy crap, thats a lot of money, ” I replied a little bit shocked.

” A lot of people want him dead, so those are all the prices combined, ” he e explained. [Well that makes a lot more sense.]

”There is one slight complication. He is in jail, and that is where the assassination will probably take place. ”

”Ill take it. ” I said as if no it wasn an option, which in my mind it wasn .

”Probably want a partner for both of them? ” Dominic asked even though I knew he would make me have one, whether I liked it or not.

”Yeah probably. I will talk to who I need to and get one. Ill text you when I figure it out. ”

”Kay Bay. That works. ” He said with a smirk, I rolled my eyes and elbowed him in the shoulder, as I rolled into the parking lot of Princeton high.

”Thanks for the lift. ” I said as I hopped out.

”My pleasure. ” He said is he got it as well. Taking my backpack, Dominic put the files in the front zipper. I turned and started to walk away, but Dominic grabbed my arm and brought me to his chest.

”Tell that bastard Hillman that his friend, Dominic Holt, says hell have to come visit soon for me, will ya? ” Dominic asked with twisted smile. I rolled my eyes, but nodded, then I leaned up, and gave him a goodbye kiss to remember, then headed off to school.

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