Chapter T.H.R.E.E

to sleep.


Moaning, I rolled over and hit the dismiss button on my phone, which was playing in my blood by Shawn Mendes, for the alarm. The alarm read 5:55 a.m. Still groaning, I sat up and went downstairs to let my boss in. Dominic was the head of The Agency, whatever he says goes. He was and still is the best assassin in the country, he also is the deadliest. Fortunately he liked me, so I got special treatment no other agent under his command was used to. Everyone hated me for it, but my goal wasn to be liked, but to do my job, so I didn mind. Dominic let me pick my cases and would let me decide who I wanted to work with if I needed a partner.

I waited by the door for him for a couple minutes, it was 5:59 when he arrived. He was wearing blue jeans, with a black t-shirt, black jogging shoes, finished with a black leather jacket. Dominic had black hair and blue eyes like me, he had an up fringe haircut and was cleanly shaven. He was the definition of tall, dark, and brooding.

As he came to the door I couldn help but laugh at the large deck of files he had brought with him. [Typical.]

”Hey Bay! ” He greeted, smirking while he did. He knew I hated being called babe but he just didn seem to know how to stop himself.

”You know I hate that. ” I scolded, while punching him in the shoulder.

”I know. ” My head and walked to the gym. The gym was big, it was where I was trying to become an assassin. When you first walked into the left was the kitchen, if you were in the kitchen and you were to look straight ahead you would see the dining room and pass that the living room, both of which were never used. To the right of when you walked in was my fathers office. Then pass that was the staircase which lead upstairs to the bedrooms. Just passed the staircase was the gym. The gym was completely open to the rest of the house. It had a punching bag, a bench press, and a dumbbell/kettlebell assortment, as well as a pull-up bar, and had an open space in the middle for sparring. There were a few more things in it, but I had no clue what they were called.

”What did you want to tell me about? ” Dominic asked as he took off his jacket and pulled his shirt over his head. He was ripped, he had huge arms and an eight pack ( which was probably more like twelve ). He jumped up on the pull-up bar and looked at me quizzically, reminding me that I had not answered.

”Sorry got a little distracted, but the guy I wacked, Veryes, was offering me a deal not to kill him. You know how they do that, well anyways, he said that he had a kid at his house. So I figured Id let you know, I wasn sure if you would want it to scoop him up and then train him, I mean as far as I know nobody has reported anybody missing. ” I said while jumping up on the pull-up bar next to him, he seemed to be thinking.

”Yeah, I think Ill send someone over there to see if anyones there. ”

I didn answer but nodded. After a few minutes on the bar, he motioned for me to spot him. He loaded one side of the bar with a 50 lb, 20 lb, 10 pounds while I did the same to the other side. The bar was about 40 lb so brought the total to 200. After he was done we reset the bar to 140 lb which was only 2 lb heavier than I was. Once I finished with my reps, he went again, then I went again when he was done, and so forth.

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