Chapter T.W.O

epped back! After about thirty seconds I let go, as I did he fell down clutching his throat and gasping for air. Then I pulled out my gun and walked around, then pointed it at his head, and cocked it.

”H-h-help! ” He tried to yell but it came out as a mere whisper.

”No one is going to help you Buck, just like no one helped those little boys and girls. ” I said with a sadistic grin, as I circled around him. I pulled out the suppressor I had in my purse and attached it to the end of my gun, then,


The gunshot wound to his leg brought back his voice as if it had never left.

”No no st-stop please I-Ill do anything! Stooop. ” He whined.

”Now Buck what could I possibly want that you could give me? ”

”Umm I-I-I have, I have. Oh yeah I have, I-I-I-I hav- ” [Thats what I thought.] Shaking my head, I pointed my gun at his shoulder, and shot.


The gunshot rang throughout the room, as did a blood-curdling scream. Well I guess we are about to find out just how thin these walls are! Just as I thought that the door to the room swung open and a concerned looking stripper came in, she told one look at Veryes, and ran out of the room screaming,

”Gun! ”

”Oops, looks like id better hurry. ” Buck started shaking his head frantically.

”No no please! I will do anything! Ill stop, I won even touch the boy I have at my house! I will let him go, I-I promise, ” Buck pleaded.

”Okay tell me where he is, I will still kill you, but I just won draw it out. ” I countered.

”What! No! I will bring you to my house and if he isn there, you can kill me. And when you see that he is there, you have to let me go. You gotta not kill me after I give him to you though. ” I rolled my eyes. [Yeah right!]

”See you in Hell, ” I muttered as I sent the final bullet flying into his skull. Bending down I put two fingers on the side of his neck to make sure he had no pulse, sure enough he didn . Pulling out my personal phone, I snapped a picture of his dead body and sent the image to the number, that I had memorized for The Agency, as soon as it sent the image automatically deleted. It was another benefit of working for The Agency, the feature only worked for a few people though, but it was still cool. Next I pulled out my burner phone and played the gunshots sounds aloud, it actually sounded very real. Before I put the burner down, I wiped it off and set it to self-destruct in exactly one two minutes. I was really going to suck for them, if someone happened picked up the phone as it was about to melt, but that was their problem not mine. I would have taken the GPS tracker out of it but The Agency had already done that for me in case someone managed to get it before it could self- destruct. Once I was done wiping it down, I set the phone down then began changing my appearance. I had on a flowy black dress and had no make -up on other than a little bit of masagara.

For my new get up, I took off my dress revealing a red leather bra with a red leather mini-skirt. I pulled out my purse and grabbed some bright red lipstick that I had and put it on quickly and smeared some black eye shadow on using my finger. I straight up looked like a slut, I mean I pretty much am but whatever. Reaching back into my purse (which was pretty much a wallet) I pulled out a couple of giant rings and slid them onto my fingers. Then I ripped the wig off my head and left my natural black hair down leaving it exposed, although it was a lot longer because of all the extensions I had in my hair. Next I pulled out a thin red tote bag that I had tucked in my shoe and shoved my dress and wig into it as well as my purse, then I removed the heel part of my shoe, threw my gun back into the holster and walked out the door.

[Now this is the fun part!] Then I took off running, and screaming,

”Gun ” as I ducked down covering my head as if I was being shot at. Inside the main part of the club, people were running out of every exit while some people had jumped behind the bar and were stacking bottles of liquor in their arms and purses then ran out of the exits as well. You could just now hear the police sirens as they approached the club. Still screaming and ducking, I quickly ran out of the club. There were a few people, mostly bouncers, ushering people out of the building, while some were just waiting around and screaming for their loved ones to hurry up and come out. Some people were hopping in their vehicles and driving away while others where just hiding behind any random cars and watching. [What a bunch of idiots!] A few police cars had just arrived and were hopping out of their cars and heading inside, towards the gunshots, with their guns drawn. I just got in my car and drove off, and just like that I was never there.

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