Chosen as a hero

Utter Defeat

They both walked towards each other, As soon as they came closer to each other.

Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora

Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda

They both were rapidly throwing punches on each other, Though they were fighting fiercely to their fullest it missed a thing and that was a floating punching ghost and cool poses.Though several punches were thrown neither got hit nor tired. The Hero clenched his fist harder and jabbed straight through the super weirdos head.

As soon The weirdo got hit, he felt dizzy and unsteady. he backed off a bit. Eric didn miss the opening he got and threw a calf kick. The calf kick severely damaged the super weirdo, Unbalanced he got on his knee.

You should never ever think of fighting me again. and started plummeting the super weirdo.

The hero proudly stood before the super weirdo, He completely obliterated his first adversary. To say it in simple terms, He beat the shit out of him.

So, now what? if this has ended I have to go home to get the clothes. a voice came from the heros lackeys group. This was the expected outcome for them as they have seen Eric in action some many times that they knew that he would easily win against an enemy like this.

Though Eric heard his subordinate speak, he chose to ignore it and questioned the super weirdo, So what is this triangle going to do? pointing towards the ategirs that were placed in the chalk.

Thats an inverted triangle yelled super weirdo.

Nope, Looks totally like a normal triangle to me. replied Eric.

The super weirdo was fuming in anger. He was sure that it was an inverted triangle and to top it off the one who is countering him was not other than his arch enemy the hero.

Sometimes I ponder what would happen if they really were the Chosen hero and the villain. These two can even grasp that a triangle is an inverted triangle if seen from another side said Alex.

Both Heros lackeys and DKRG group started murmuring about their leaders incompetency. They also made sure to say it loud enough so that their leaders would also come to know their incompetence.

So, What are these for? Eric asked in an embarrassed tone. In the same embarrassed manner super weirdo replied,These are ategirs, they are used to collect mana and summon a gate to the underworld.

With this we will resurrect the demon king.

you can dream on, I am going to destroy this and put an end to the resurrection said Eric with a smirk on his face.

Why the hell are you explaining what you are going to do to the enemy? yelled Ben

Eric turned towards the Heros Lackeys group and said, I thought it would be cool, Also I saw heroes over explaining the things they would do in comics and novels.

Eric lowered his guard down, seeing this as an amazing opportunity the super weirdo sent a signal to the DKRG group and shown two fingers denoting it was time to implement the plan B. Then, Super weirdo yelled, Hero, you may have bested me in physical fight but know this I have greater control in mana. and started gathering mana.

~Eric, surprised pikachu face.

Wait, theres mana in this world.

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