[found them,]

[They are near the river hale]

Everyone present in the heros lackeys rushed to call the one who put that message and wanted him to delete it. but not everything happens like we want it to. The message was seen my the one who they didn want to see.

~upbeat music

[The hero: Everyone lets meet at river hale]

The dark clouds were gathering covering the light from the sun, shrouding the entire world with darkness. The winds were blowing fiercely. The thunder-sparks can be seen in the clouds.This world is making the stage for the hero to face his first adversary.

Ahh man, I didn take the clothes in

Neither did I

I hope it doesn rain

~This is said by the person who would be the jinx in every show.


You, jinx

Even though it was raining heavily, The hooded guys near the river hale were guarding the portal.Not even considering about the rain they did their job with utmost sincerity.

~Stumbles onto a lady

Sorry was said by a walking mammoth with an eye which looked like It would kill her if she said something.

aahhhhhh screamed the lady as she was running away from him.

Mike, I think you are going to stay as a single your entire life said Alex.

But, I didn do anything to her While saying this the teary eyed mammoth started crying again.

Two adults who were watching the incidents unfold, sighed and conversed.

kids these days have no manner or what so ever

Its all their parents fault, They should have taught these kids some manners on how to talk to their elders

First it was the hooded guys, now these thugs. Whats going on here?

Who knows

The two adults were badmouthing both the teams and after some more shit-talking the adults left. Even though it was an embarrassing event, The Heros lackeys got precious information that the enemy group were indeed in the river hale.

Onward, we march said the hero. as he started walking towards the hale. Though the storm was getting severer, Their marching could be heard by the entire basin near the river. So did the DKRG group.

Both groups, understood that they would have to face a big loss. If they were to face each other. But it was a necessary sacrifice for both of those. They were not hesitant to shed blood for what they believed.

The DKRG unsheathed their weapons, If they didn have a weapon they just grabbed whatever they could get their hands on.They had a unique set of weapons like rope, grass, cloth , rock and one even had shit as a weapon.God knows how he would even use that as a weapon.

The hero walked towards the atgeir , at the same time the super weirdo of the DKRG also walked towards him.

Oh, you are approaching me.

Instead of running away your coming right towards me

Despite those adults, discovering the secret behind our organisation and hinting you

The thing is, I gotta get closer to beat the living shit out



–>To be continued

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