Yo Boss, Why are we wearing this hooded costume? It literally just shows everyone we are a bunch of baddies who are up to no good

Newbie, watch your language

These are not just costumes, They are the things giving purpose to our mission. Even if we get caught by the hero, We must not forget our origins.

I get it, boss. But Why do we even wear patches and made-up scars

Ancient villains were brave and courageous. They had fought with so many strangers and honed their appearances but we are short of time and strong warriors are hard to fight. So, the made-up scar.

A bunch of people with similar appearance, unloaded a huge piece of equipment. They were unloading a large pointy spear shaped thing made up of shiny metal.It radiated a unique aura, a type of aura which filled the entire area with malicious and dark aura.

There were three such speary metal. A person who had a different colour of costume which is so unique that it made him stand out even in a group of weirdos, A super weirdo shouted.

Place the atgeirs in the designated places marked with chalk, also make sure you don step on the chalk. It contains powerful magic in it.

The atgeirs were placed such that they resembled a inverted triangle and the chalk surrounded some kind of mural thing. It was so horribly detailed as in the middle of the it,it had a goat and It is sure it was meant for someone else.

Boss, when are we going to start?

Well… actually, what are we doing?

The super weirdo enraged with question boiled with anger, He gone from super weirdo to super saiyan weirdo. He yelled from his heart, You mindless idiots, I thought you all had talents because of your ancestors but you are just a mixed buffoons.

What are they you ask, They are the atgeirs which could rip and tear through the fabric of reality and connect our world with the underworld

And finally after 1000 years of ruling the underworld, The great king of the underworld would rise upon this world and shower his benevolence on all us cursed creatures.The great demon king would enter this world.

Ohh, We are going to resurrect the demon king

The group gleamed brightly as if they had founded the solution to the problem which no man in the world could ever solve. They all had huge grins on their faces to show how proud of themselves as well as how stupid they were.

The mural started making a small orb at the middle of the inverted triangle.This small orb made everyone present there dumbstruck. With just seeing their faces the super weirdo, sighed, What did I expect from these idiots?

That is the entrance to the underworld, and it will suck the mana around the circle As soon as he said that, the grasses near the circle dried up losing its vigour, it seemed lifeless.

This is what will happen to you if you get too close to it said the super weirdo while pointing at the lifeless grasses.

ohh scary, Though one final question, What does DKRG mean?

The entire group hearing this question quickly turned towards the super weirdo and had a puppy little dog eyes and waving like puppy for the answers.

DKRG means

THE DEMON KING RESURRECTION GROUP shouted the super weirdo.

Hearing this everyone in the group clapped and shouted.


found them,

They are near the river hale.

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