Chosen as a hero

The Beginning

Age: 18 years,

To withhold promise, I stopped practising martial arts. Anyway I don need to go to gyms as I have almost reached my prime and mastered those.The past few incidents made me realize that I need to gather information. Like a wise man once said,

Information is knowledge

~(reads comics)

I started collecting info about past heroes and their amazing feats, They were all selfless and would always help people in need.They were so selfless to the point it made me feel nauseating. They would sacrifice their loved ones for world peace

I won do that to my family and friends because they are as important as world peace.

~(reads manhwas and novels)

There is another type of heroes who would only care about their loved ones, They will destroy everything for their benefits. They are cold, cruel and merciless.

Well, I don want to be them too.

There were several types of hero, But as of right now I chose to be the one who roams in night

The bat~

~ohhh (falls down)

The badies man, The one who wears the mask to protect the innocent

Eric, The food is ready

coming mom, also call me hero inside the house

From then on I started beating up bullies with a mask.For the next few weeks, the crime rate of the city plummeted.The peacefulness of the streets didn last long, The bullies started bullying again.

I need to end this but how, I pondered my brain. Then an idea stroke in it. I started adding every bully I beat up into a group. a group full of similar bullies, where I would give them a task related to discovering the demon king.

I will beat them if they either fail the task or I see them bully someone again.

The bullies soon changed their way, they rehabilitated. There were a few who didn follow the rules and got wrecked but the majority became obedient.

~(Changes group name)

They soon began calling themselves ”Heros lackeys ”.

I started adopting to the new school, I made sure that no-one would suspect that I was the hero

On one hand I was a nerdy student but on another I am a hero who upholds justice

Thats how I was protecting this neighbourhood till now. There might be a lot of villains out there but I will protect this neighbourhood.

Eric, let go play lol

Yeah sure, This day I will definitely reach silver

~(Well, even heroes face problems)

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