It all started when I was born, The wind guided the ambulance to hospital, the clouds cried as my mother cried of pain,The thunder gave a humongous roar when I roared. From the moment I was born, I expelled the aura of a hero. The child of prophecy, The One who gives hope, The salvation and The chosen one. It was me.

Age : 8 months,

My parents concerned about the aura, scavenged the entire world for an oracle, a person who would predict the prophecy. They eventually found one, Like all great oracles before, He was ostracized too. The human mind can just seem to understand the importance and significance of them but when their prophecy do come true, Oracles became god like creatures

When I saw him, I understood that he was a great oracle too. Upon seeing me he immediately said,

Your son, He is meant to be the one who saves us from the upcoming disaster, He would be the one who slays the demon king and brings peace to the world. The Chosen hero will behead the demon king with his sword in one hand and his love in another.

My parents too, Like one of the arrogant people chose to ignore him and walked past him. Well, atleast I payed him a hefty sum from my piggy bank, (Puts a dollar)

Age : 2 years,

I finally got used to the aura, I started controlling it. It made doing impossible things easier like getting out on my own and It even made it easier for me to ride a bicycle

~(Sees his dad working out and lifting dumbbells)

While controlling aura, I realised that even a person who is proficient in aura is useless, if he doesn have a technique to back it up.

I wanted to learn the techniques, but it requires a lot of prerequisites, My body is fragile and weak thus failing those prerequistes

So, I started breaking my limits as a human

Age: 14 years,

During all these years I have honed my strength but I can feel it I still haven reached my prime but I was seeing progress, I had enough strength to learn the techniques left by my father.

But learning only my fathers techniques isn enough, I wanted more, more powerful techniques. So, I started searching for a place to learn techniques from.

Convincing my parents was a huge issue, They were reluctant in me practicing techniques. I just joined a few martial arts gyms but now they were concerned about me. This is one of the hurdles a hero must face, I can always depend on my parents. I convinced them. It was hard but not impossible.

~(Throws a normal punch)

The martial arts were easily engraved in my mind. I don know if it is because I am a hero or I am martial prodigy

Age: 17 years,

I mastered all the martial arts, It was to a scale where I won lose against a bully in a fight. My parents were proud that I mastered it all but it all shattered when I was upholding justice my smashing bullies faces.

My parents were panicked and anxious. I felt fear from them, The issue in school didn become a big incident because my parents volunteered to pay the bills and made me change school

~(While coming back home)

The car was filled with silent, both my parents had tears in their eyes but neither of them spoke a thing, I asked them what are they afraid of.

Still Both didn speak a thing, My mother wiped her tears and said to make her a promise that I would not shout I am the chosen hero to everyone

I was taken aback, but I understood that

We don know who our enemy is and where they are hiding. So, I made the promise with one condition that I would say who I am if someone close to me is in danger.

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