Eat this you jerk

I am in the worst mood because the teacher scolded me not to bully you


Does he think he can say to me what to do and what not to?

I am sorry


I am sorry

You better not annoy me anymore and do what I told you to do if you don want to get hurt anymore

The teacher is the absolute worst. Just how retarded is he to think that he can say what you should do? said a girl.


~Loud Bam

But, That bag is… bag is gifted to me by mother

Like I give a shit about it, I like it I take it.

Go whine about it somewhere else

In a few feet distance,


Eric, What do you think a hero will do in this situation? asked by a nerdy student.

Probably, ignore those idiots and walk on with his life replied Eric without an hesitation.

Are you for real?

Is that how low you see a hero? questioned the nerdy student.

Look Allen, There is nothing wrong in minding in our own business. replied Eric in a gloomy tone.

Thats one trash hero


The word comes from hērōs.In Zeuss homeland, it means protector or defender, A person who would give their own life to protect and defend other people. They are the people with great power to do it.

Like Uncle Max said, With great power comes great responsibility

~Shinning glasses.

While looking at the crying student, Allen said Well, No matter what we do we can never become a hero.

Allen sighed at the crying student.

Maybe we can become a hero, No I will become a hero if I am granted a power. a cool super power

Like caped baldy, I will kill my enemies with one kick said Allen with an excited tone.

Uncle max also, said with great power not only great responsibility comes but also a great side-effect. Well, In caped baldys case he lost his hair and gone bald to gain power mocked Eric.

Power is greatly rooted in our hair said Allen.

There are many instances where hair is the cause of gaining power


Losing your hair like caped baldy

Growing your hair and turning it into blonde like ginku

Or even eating a hair

I am going to research more about the mysteries of hair and gain an awesome power and become a hero said Allen

You are going to become profound in hairs soon said Eric.

You know even sols hair is light blue… blah blah blah

(Even though I am not sure what you would do if you were to become a hero, I am sure the current hero won just restlessly run towards small issues like a raging bull and solve everything by being righteous)

~taps his phone

Hey, Eric look The bully is giving back the money and bag to the student said Allen.

[Phone screen]


[Group name: Heros lackeys]

[If you don want your face broken, return the things to the student.]

Looks like he realized his mistake replied Eric.

(Well modern day problems require modern solutions)

(Why am I sure that the current hero won do that because,)

(I am the chosen hero)

(And I will save everyone in this world by killing the demon lord who is going to be resurrected soon)

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