“I need knowledge about this place.
It will take too long to learn and adapt one by one.

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As I was about to continue talking, one side of my chest suddenly felt numb.

While crying deep until dawn, I’ve thought a lot of things.
First of all, I mourned for my short 25 years of life, and I thought for a long time about Rubette, who was willing to die for me.

And right now, I’m experiencing different emotions that I have never felt before.

I feel so sorry for treating her like a stalker, whom I should have given a word of comfort and a sense of debt for her who gave me a new life…

“You mentioned before that Rubette lived under persecution for 45 years, right? Then she learned that she would die and turned back time.
But was life so hard that she even thought about suicide? Even though she was still young?”


As soon as I woke up from Rubette’s body, I remembered the faces of those siblings who mocked her.

“I can only guess, but listening to it doesn’t make any sense.
What’s the reason why Rubette was so envious of my life? And what led her to think of suicide…”


“…I want to sympathize with her.”

Perhaps it was an unexpected request, Wisht looked startled, but he soon rubbed his chin as he mumbled.

“Then how are you going to make a wish? Should I add the knowledge of this world and assimilate all of Rubette’s emotions? So that means you’re going to make two wishes?”

I frowned and stared at the Wisht.

“You’re quite a merchant, aren’t you? Do you have any welfare benefits for me? Like can you provide free knowledge of the world?”

“I’m sorry.
I’m just following the rules.”

While Wisht resolutely shrugged his shoulders, I sighed and pondered.

“Then you don’t have to give me two wishes, just let me remember Rubette’s memories for the 45 years of her life, give it to me as if it was mine.”


“Her knowledge, her memories, emotions….
Everything that she saw, heard and felt.
Then I can solve everything I need in just one wish.”

Wisht, who was silent as he nodded at my request, soon narrowed his eyes at me.

“It’s definitely an efficient way to spend a wish, but you’ll regret it.”

“But why?”

“Aren’t you saying that you want to absorb Rubette’s life as if it were yours? It’s like you’re going to be a Rubette herself, can you handle it?”

I hesitated for a moment at the frightening words, then nodded.

“To that extent, of course.
Rubette even died for me.”

“…Well, that’s good.
Then you would be getting a good night’s sleep and you would have everything after you woke up.”

And then after that, Wisht smiled and swung his finger into the air, and I fell into a deep long sleep.

Since then, it has been a long series of dreams.

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* * *

Rubetria Diollus.

She was born with a golden spoon, or rather a diamond spoon, in this world of strict social status and perhaps she possessed a more splendid life than me.

She was born with a good bloodline and undying wealth, she also came from a family who were protected by spirits, by the age of 15, she would gain a spirit that would grant any wishes.

And not only that….

Her father who was the head of the Diollus family, boasts power comparable to that of the Imperial Family, her eldest brother, who was already acting as the head of the family at the age of 14 years old and the deputy head of the Imperial Order at an excellent young age.

And she also had a second brother, who was outstanding like her older brother.

Unfortunately, all of that did not prevent Rubette’s predestined misfortune.

Because she couldn’t properly use the things that she already had and at the age of 45, due to complications from being overweight, she was diagnosed that she had a limited time to live.

After she learned that she would die eventually, it became the biggest tragedy of her life, which was supposed to happen at the end, thinking that something more unfortunate would happen.

‘That’s when she decided to use her first wish, Rubette turned back time.’

In the face of death, Rubette returned to the past.
In order to live a life that was full of regrets again.

But the Rubbette who decided to return back time and decided to live a healthy life decided to commit suicide…..

“It was abuse.”

There was an underlying cause that made her unable to spread her wings in the first place.

I raised my hand as if asking a question.

“Excuse me, Wisht.
Can I make a wish to kill someone?”

“In this world, there is no wish that I cannot grant, except to bring the dead back to life.”

I was puzzled by Wisht’s plain answer.

“Then why didn’t Rubette make a wish to get rid of those garbage?”

“It’s probably because she’s weak-minded.”

“…It’s fun.”

Contrary to the words that I said, it was not a pleasant feeling at all.

Rubette and her family were not the only ones who were living in the Duchy of Diollus.

Sadly, there are a lot of demons that were living together with them, and Rubetter has been mentally abused by them all her life.

The level of abuse inflicted on her was the worst.
It was a memory that I guessed and accepted to some extent, but even so, I clenched my teeth in anger.

It reminds me of Ricky, who was slapped by me yesterday and ran away saying, ‘I’m going to tell my mom!’

‘Molga Diollus’

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Molga Diollus is the ‘Mother’ that the child spoke of.
The mother of those twin siblings, and the person who’s been controlling the Diollus as a Duchess all her life and the main culprit behind the abuse of Rubette.

She is a young woman who was the former lover of Duke of Diollus, the mistress of Rubette’s grandpa, and eventually took the position of a Duchess.

A slender beauty with gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes like the sea, and pale white skin.

‘Of course, the appearance and personality are very different.’

With Rubette’s father, the present Duke of Diollus, they are in a stepmother and son relationship on paper.
But they were only one year apart.

‘They’re putting up a show as if they are not a (*)dysfunctional family.’

(T/N: (*) (figurative) The state of a family where there is no order or bond among the family members.

Feeling frustrated, I rubbed the top of my chest with the palm of my hand.

After the dream, not only information about them but also all the memories and emotions that Rubette had for them, it was not easy for me to calm down.

‘Molga, that woman is going to make my life harder in the future.
Since I have two wishes left, wouldn’t it be okay to just get rid of them?’

I shook my head after thinking seriously.

Besides, it would be a waste for me to use it for that.
Rubette’s revenge would be sufficient even without the help of Wisht.

“Are you going to make another wish?”

I shook my head to Wisht, who asked me,  secretly with some hope.

“Then, what are you going to do from now on”?


I raised my body while contemplating.

“What I need the most right now is.”

“What is it?”

Instead of answering, I picked up a white tablecloth from the table in the center of the room and spread it out on the bed.

And right away, I opened the first drawer of the bedside table.
There were about ten individually wrapped colorful macarons.

‘To add it up, Rubette devoured snacks and ate non-stop.’

I took out all the macarons and moved them onto the open tablecloth.

Candies and chocolates in the second drawer and bite-sized cookies in the third drawer were all transferred on the tablecloth.

And then I headed to the next place.


The Wisht, who was standing tall caught my eyes, a memory of Rubette suddenly came to mind.

“Stop crying.
If you don’t want to be teased, just make a wish to me.
Isn’t it better to be pretty and slim?”

Once I start asking for wishes, I would start getting greedy.
If that would happen, then I would use up my three wishes in no time.
Then that means you would leave me forever.
I don’t want that to happen, it would break my heart”

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The reason why Rubette never made a wish like a fool in her entire life.
Actually, it wasn’t because she didn’t want to waste her wish for anything.

“You’re going to disappear once I’ve used all three wishes.”


Wisht suddenly stopped and looked at me quietly.

‘After using up all of her three wishes, Wisht would disappear.
That’s why Rubette saved her wishes with all her might.’

Wisht existence, who was the only friend to Rubette, because she was a loner and aloof, that’s why I understand the reason why she endured not using all of her wishes.

And maybe…

“Rubette must have been a very precious friend to this alien.’

I couldn’t even imagine how Wisht felt when he had to grant her wish to die instead of me. 

“I’m sorry.
It wasn’t my intention, but you have lost a very special friend.”

I apologized in a low voice.


Wisht looked down at me quietly for a while, soon turned his gaze, and said.

It was Rubette who wanted to peek into your life from the beginning, and it was me who granted that wish, so you are not responsible here.”

Feeling exhausted, I sighed and headed across the room to the other closet.

When I opened the drawer, I saw huge, flattering dresses that fit Rubette’s size.

As I slipped my hand through the dress, and then I saw a bunch of snack packages that were the size of my forearm.

I took them out and said.

“Hey, Rubette is not determined to commit suicide, because you weren’t precious to be left alone.
It was because she was in pain by living in a world that is beyond her control.”


I couldn’t see Wisht’s face who was standing behind me, but even if I didn’t see his face, I could imagine what kind of expression he would have.

‘Even though Rubette returned to her past life with full determination, her kind personality was still there.
She didn’t have that coldness to punish or take revenge on those people who tormented her, and couldn’t resist having the same life as before.’

Nothing changed just because she turned back time.
Rather, the fear of living the life that was like hell once more bothered her the most.


I sighed and opened the drawer below the closet.
A bag full of Rubette’s favorite chocolate cookies.

I went back to bed with an armful of diet obstacles that I had found in the closet, I poured it on the table cloth and said.

“And, there is another thing that you are mistaken about.”

“What is it?”

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I looked straight up Wisht and continued my words.

“Rubette didn’t want to live as a pretty and slim woman.
She just wanted to live happily.”


“The only reason she longed for that life of a pretty, thin woman was because she thought that the reason why she was unhappy was because she was ugly and fat.
The demons in this house made her think like that.”

“… Right.”

“If It weren’t for the abuse, I think she wouldn’t be stressed because of her appearance.”

As I said that, I bent down to look as I reached under the bed.

“…Wow, I couldn’t believe this.”

As I swept out all the rustling candy bags that touched my hands, I felt a burden.
I picked them up one by one and moved them to the tablecloth.

“Okay, is that all?”

I quickly wiped the sweat from my forehead, grabbed the corner of the tablecloth, and tied it tightly.
The size of the sealed snack package was truly enormous.

“I owe Rubette, so I will listen to Rubette’s wishes.
She wants to live a happy life, so I will do whatever she wants.”

I get it…”

Then Wisht asked, who suddenly brought his face to my side and looked at the snack pack.

“…Why are these wrapped around? What are you going to do with them?”

“What do you mean? I need to lose weight?”

When I frowned and answered Wisht, who was asking a very obvious question, then he snorted.

“That’s contradictory.”


“A little while ago, didn’t Rubette just wish for a happy life? And you said that she wouldn’t be happy even if she’s thin, right?”

“Well, that’s right?”

“But the reason she wanted to lose weight it’s because you don’t want to live in the form of a fat Rubette.”


Then, I put my index finger in front of Wisht and waved it. 

“Even if the standard of happiness is not about appearance, I still have to lose weight.
Starting today, I’m going on a diet in hell.”


“Why do you keep asking the obvious?”

I shrugged and said.

“Obesity is the root of all diseases.
I don’t want to die due to complications of being overweight at the age of 45.”

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