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Leonard left the room and Illusion who remained, quietly looked at Rubette’s face and then raised its head.

There was another face that occupied one side of Rubette’s bed.

Leonard didn’t know, but her spirit had been by Rubette’s side the whole time.


TL/N: nim is a respectful way to address someone


For some reason, it looked just like a human, but it was impossible not to recognize it.

Wisht, who was looking at the distressed Rubette, made eye contact with Illusion.

“How have you been? It was difficult to see the face of a spirit in the fountain of spirits.”

“I’ve been summoned for almost 24 hours since 11 years ago.
I had to show my contractor illusions of his wife…”

You’ve been working hard.”

“But I’ve been able to rest these past few days.
Perhaps it’s because my contractor is spending more time with this little lady.”

Illusion, who wandered through the air, looked down at Rubette with sad eyes.

“Help me.”


Illusion grabbed Rubette’s cheek and kissed her forehead briefly.
The illusion would soon unfold like a dream.

​​Illusion muttered as it watched Rubette’s expression relax.

“Well… This piece of her soul certainly felt a little different.
She is confident, has a high sense of self-esteem, and above all, she is kind.
You have no idea how thankful I am towards her for taking care of my contractor’s health.”

Illusion, who was talking with a smile, added in a worried voice.

“But your mind is so unstable… Will you be able to withstand it without collapsing?”

“….I don’t know.”

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“This time, I must make Wisht free.”


“I believe you.
You’re the only contractor I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Wisht waved his hand at Illusion, who smiled and uttered words he couldn’t understand.

“Don’t say nonsense, just go back.”

“Yes, my king.”

At Illusion’s muttered greeting with its head bowed slightly, Wisht paused and frowned.


Then Wisht lifted its index finger and put it on its lips.

At the silent warning, Illusion, who smiled once with a playful expression, disappeared.


Duke Diollus.

The room of Molga Diollus, the esteemed mother.

Molga, who heard the reports of the twins reuniting after a month or so, raised her finger on the table with a serious expression.

“So, ever since she drowned in the pond and survived, the child has changed?”

“Yeah, Mom.
I’m still hurt…, please scold that girl quickly.
I need an apology.”

Ricky cried as he grabbed the cheek that he had been slapped by Rubette.

Rubette had been said to be out of her mind since the day of the accident four days ago.

It’s surprising that she slapped Ricky on the cheek, but…

‘Are you going to visit your father on your own?’

​​Due to Molga’s repeated abuse, the sense of distance that Rubette had toward Leonard was quite large.
She knew that Leonard was ashamed and hated his daughter, instead of loving her.

In fact, he was just an indifferent father.
After losing his wife, he was heartbroken and couldn’t afford to take care of his children.

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‘It’s difficult.
It’s very difficult.’

Even the butler was fired and was not in the mansion.

How could Leonard have thrown out Rob, an impeccable longtime worker who had condoned her abuse, for no reason?

‘That girl opened her mouth.
No, why all of a sudden?’

What kind of change of heart happened to the timid little girl who was used to being stepped on and was unable to speak back at all?

‘Still, there is no evidence.’

All the employees of the duke’s residence were bought out, and even Young Master Viego, the head of the house, believes in her.

Even if Rubette informed him that she had been abused, Leonard would not be able to interrogate her without evidence.


‘You’ll start to doubt…’

Leonard, who had never been interested in the situation of his family, might have changed.

‘Cheeky bastard.’

She grinded her teeth, recalling Leonard’s face on the way.
The arrogant gaze looked down at her as if she was annoying, as if he didn’t want to get along.

‘You know I raised your children, so you should at least pretend to be grateful.’

Molga took care of Leonard’s children like a mother on behalf of her daughter-in-law who died young.

Of course, it was not from the bottom of her heart.
She had no choice but to hide her claws and act kindly.

Leonard was merciless to those who did something that offended him, and his first son Viego, who is the duke’s heir, and his second son Victor was a fiery spirit…

“Arrogant bastard.”

Molga’s inferiority complex to Leonard was enormous.
Leonard and his children, who sat on the duke’s seat, where her children could never occupy, were an eyesore every time she saw them.

So, when she found out that his youngest daughter, Rubetria, had a timid and weak personality, Molga unleashed her inferiority complex and jealousy of Leonard and began to abuse his daughter.

‘I thought I had educated that stupid girl well, but this is a big problem.
It’s annoying when Leonard suspects that I abused her… ’

Molga, who was biting her nails, looked back at Ricky and said.

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“First of all, be careful of your actions from now on.
As much as possible, never get involved with Rubette, and don’t bother her for the time being.
Be sure to check your behavior in front of the employees.”


“I don’t know how Rubette has changed.
Since Rob’s not here, Mom will be a little busy from now on.”

“What do you mean, mom? Don’t get involved? That dog slapped me on the cheek.
Aren’t you going to scold her?”

TL/N: Dog referring to Rubette

“You idiot!”



Molga, who knelt down, grabbed the twins’ arms one by one, and glared insidiously.

“Your 15th birthday is a little over a year away, isn’t it?”

You said that we only have to hold out for a year.”

When Lilia replied right away, Molga smiled and nodded.

​​If it all goes according to plan, Leonard’s life in this family will be over.

“You haven’t forgotten the promise you made with your mom, have you?”

”Oh yeah, of course…”

Ricky nodded with hesitation.

“When choosing a spirit, you should never lose sight of it.
There are many spirits in the fountain of spirits, and all of their abilities are coveted.”


“Never, ever be misled.
You have to sign a contract of authority only with the spirit that your mother told you and bring it out.
Do you understand?”

“I’ll find it! I will!”

Lilia’s eyes lit up greedily.

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“Huhu… who cares about finding it? Everyone just needs to succeed.”

The reason that the members of the Diollus family are treated like imperial royalty was because they are descendants of spirits.

At the age of 15, they are eligible to enter the “Fountain of Spirits” located at the altar managed by the imperial family and sign a contract with the spirits.

“But what if the spirits don’t choose us, just like Mom and Rubette?”

Ricky asked with worried eyes.

“He’s a fool.
There’s no reason why you both won’t be chosen by the spirits.
Even if you don’t have red hair, you definitely have the blood of Diollus running through you.”

The twins’ golden eyes were an undeniable symbol of Diollus’ blood.

“Yes, Rubette wasn’t even chosen by the spirits…”

Molga murmured and regained her peace of mind.

‘Even if you wriggle, you’re a worm, so I don’t have to be this nervous.’

Lady Rubetria, was like the stain of the perfect Duke Diollus.
That child was an existence that obscured Molga’s inferiority complex.

So far, none of the members of Diollus who have entered the fountain of spirits have come out without signing a contract with a spirit…

Surprisingly, Rubette was the only fool who was not chosen by the spirits since the founding of the empire.

“Anyway, Ricky, if you can find the spirit, what did mom say?”

“She said I could become emperor.”

“Yes, my smart baby.”

When Ricky, who had learned well, clenched his fists and showed his determination, Molga smiled satisfactorily and stroked his head.

“But Mom, we really…”

A spirit that Molga is so obsessed with.
That is.

It appeared only once hundreds of years ago, and after the death of its contractor, it returned to the fountain of spirits.

“…Can we find the spirit of wish?”

It was the wish spirit that was regarded as a legend.

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