( They are gonna tear her apart )

Chapter 12 & 13



” Im seeing the universe, oooooh! There is like a pool in my bed, am going swimming on the roof ” Romeo said

”Sir, whats emergency? ” 911 operator asked

Jennifer came forward and took the phone from him without his knowledge

”911, he just decided to play a prank on you guys, thanks for your time, ” she said and ended the call

”I can see sounds, ” Romeo said looking around

”You will still see air, ” She muttered and pushed his wheelchair toward the bed

Turns out she added a crazy pill to the cookies, she get it from Juniorprince doctor whom she visited before coming over

She added a little bit of Antipsychotic, a medicine that is commonly used to treat a psychotic disorder, its a condition in which thinking can be irrational, and people will have false beliefs (delusion) or perceptions (hallucinations) and sometimes its also used to treat mood disorder like depression and many more

She went behind his back and inject him with a syringe and it wasn long before he slept off, she took in a deep breath and left the room

Shortly she returns with a guard who carried Romeo to the bed and covered him with the duvet, she sat on the couch and crossed her legs

She brought out her phone to see 45 missed calls from Ivan

”Is he crazy or something? ” She mumbled and dropped her phone



Adrian was coming out of the Cafe when he saw Maya and Eric, She was laughing with him and he could feel his blood boiling with rage

He clenched his fist tightly gritting his teeth

”Easy bro, ” Peter said and tapped his shoulder gently

Adrian made to walk away but then Maya called him

”Hey, Adrian! ” She called but he ignored her and start walking away

”Adrian! ” She shouted and ran after him

She caught up with him and hold his hand

”Is there a problem? ” She asked staring at his face

He faked a smile

”Not at all, was in a hurry cos I have to attend class, ” He replied simply

She holds his shoulder, her body pressing against his

”Lets go together then, ” She replied and turned to Eric who was behind her

”We are skipping the practice, ” she said and he nodded

”Someone needs some spanking, ” Eric said and she hit his head lightly

”Ouch, ” Eric winched and she giggled

”You two go ahead, I will be right back, ” Adrian said when he couldn take it anymore

He turned around to leave and Eric winked at him and walked away without saying anything Peter followed instantly



”Hey, Harper, ” Arianna called beaming with smiles

Harper who was with her friend stopped and looked at her

”Arianna, ” she called more like a whisper

”Yeah, mind if I join you guys, ” She asked and smiled lightly

”Of course, have always admired you, ” Sophia quickly said and she raise a brow

”But Im straight, ” Arianna muttered and they laughed

”Thats not what I meant, like the queen of Cornell university wants to be our Friend, its a pleasure, ” Sophia added

”You mean the queen of boys? ” Harper asked and Arianna chuckled

”Lets say, I also want to make friends with girls, or am I not allowed? ” She asked staring at them

”Says who? Am gonna be popular! So, will you be joining our medical team, heard you
e studying medicine, ” Sophia said, she was so excited

”up coming surgeon not pharmacist, ” Arianna corrected and she nodded

”Hey, Arianna, ” Johnny said from nowhere

The girls looked behind to see a guy standing there

”Hey, this is my new friend, Harper shes cute, and Sophia miss pretty, ” Arianna said with a light smile

”Im Johnny, ” He offered a handshake

He shook Sophias hand first and looked at Harper

”Uh, Sophia would you mind showing me the medical unit, I haven been there for a while and I can find my way there anymore, ” Arianna said and she nodded

”I will come along, ” Harper added but she shook her head

”Its alright, Sophia will just show me, ” Arianna said instantly, she grabbed Sophias hand and started walking away

She looked back and that was when Johnny turned around, she winked at him and he winked back at her then she smiled

Arianna tapped the Bluetooth in her ears

”Transaction successful, ” she mumbled and Sophia looked at her

”Did you say anything? ” Sophia asked and she shook her head negatively

”Nope, lets get going, ” Arianna said and smiled




Maverick came out from his bathroom and the first thing his eyes landed on was the file on his desk by his bedside

He walked to it and picked it up, he opened the big brown envelope and brought out Jennifers picture

”Are you the one am looking for? ” he asked staring at her pictures

The memories of how they played video games came rushing into his head and he found himself beaming with smiles

”I don know if you
e the one, but if yes, you should remember me Sooner, ” He said still staring at the picture

”We meet again, ” he chuckled softly

”Could it be that you
e mistaking her for another person? ” His subconscious mind said

”Nah, my mind is telling me that shes the one, ” He said as if talking to someone

”What if shes not, ” His subconscious mind asked

”She has to, have been looking for her for a very long time so she has to, ” He replied as if talking to someone

He dropped her picture and opened the other files which has the information about her, he was about to read the information when Anita came in

”Baby, ” she called and started walking toward him

”I remember telling you not to come to my house, ” Maverick said staring at her

”Common, Mav, I missed you, ” She said, her hand caressing his d*ck, she removed the white towel around his waist and his Erotic d*ck came into view

She stepped on his toes since he was taller and captured his lips Into a deep kiss still stroking his d*ck

She broke the kiss and looked at him

”You miss me? ” She asked and he scoffs

”Get to work, on Your knees, ” he said Instantly and she giggled

”How about a little cowgirl first, ” she said and gently pushed him backward

He sat on the bed and she pulled off her clothes

”You know I love you right, ” she said and climbed the bed

”Stupid enough, you love my d*ck, not me! ” He replied and pulled her closer by her waist



Juniorprince walked toward Arianna who was eating chips and watching a movie, the little thing thought she was Jennifer

”Momma, ” he called gently and Arianna looked at him with those angry eyes

He swiftly turned around to run away but Arianna quickly grab hold of his hand and pulled him back

”Stay away from me, get that into your head, stay away, ” she said spanking his ass

”Momma! Momma!! ” He cried out, tears rolling down his eyes

Jennifer who was doing the dishes heard his voice, she came running to them

Arianna let go of him and face her tv, Juniorprince ran towards the door and collide with Jennifer, he almost falls but she was quick enough to hold him

”Momma, she beat me, ” he hiccupped

Jennifer looked at his face as tears streamed down his eyes, She carried him up and walked over to Arianna who was watching tv

Getting closer Jennifer took the remote control and turned off the TV and slapping Arianna instantly

”How dare you lay your hands on him! ” She said angrily

Arianna clenched her fist tightly, she dropped the chips she was eating on the nearby table and stood up, almost immediately she raised her hand to slap Jennifer back but she stopped in mid-air

The clapping sounds of her teeth could be heard as her face darkened, she slowly lowered her hand and turned around to leave but Jennifer blocked her way

”Move away now that am trying to keep it cool, ” Arianna said but Jennifer stood her ground

”you couldn hit me? You couldn cos you
e still a good person, you know that you
e still my sister. Tell me why are you treating him this way? Hes your….. ”

”Hes my nothing! ” Arianna cut in angrily

”Arianna the deed had been done, why can you just let go, ” Jennifer asked

”Easy for you to say, keep him off my part cos I might kill him one of these days, ” Arianna replied, she made to walk past but Jennifer blocked her way

”Ari….. ”

”Hes the beginning of my problems! hes the reason why am living with this aftermath! that motherf*cker is still inside my head! ” Arianna snapped

Jennifer kept quiet

”Memories! Memories from the past keep pushing their way into my head and each time I tried to make them stop it won , they keep pushing and pushing till it clouds my mind. Did you have any idea how I was raped? He raped me over and over and over and over and over again until I couldn move, I thought I was going to die, I thought he was gonna **** me till death, he didn even care that it was my first and he raped me repeatedly without pity, ” Arianna said, tears streaming down her eyes

”I cried for him to stop, I pleaded, I tried to run away countless times but he shoved me against the wall, pinned me on the wall, and put his hand inside me from behind, did you know what he said to me? He said, ” you
e saying no, but your body said yes so which one should I choose now? ” Thats what he said. I saw you staring at me from the window but you looked away…. ”

”Arianna I swear I didn see you…. ”

”Lier! You called me out there so that I could be raped, you watched, I was staring at my sister through the window and she walked away, I called your name countless times, I was forced on the table, he ripped off my clothes, he was banging me from behind, he put his d*ck into my mouth and nearly choked me to death, I begged him to stop, but he didn , I told him my sister was gonna find me but he said nobody cares and he was right, I saw you staring at me through the window but you walked away leaving me behind, you asked me to come there in the first place, I never wanted to but you made me, I trusted you and you ruined my life, ” Arianna said in tears

”Arianna I swear I didn see you, I was also looking for you, you know how the school windows are, you can see the person outside if you
e inside but they can see you, I didn know that you were there, Am sorry, ” Jennifer said also in tears

”No you
e not, I will find that motherf*cker, and I will slit his throat, even if it means sleeping with all the men in New York I will do it, I don care if I contact virus or not but I will find him, ” Arianna said and shoved her aside walking away

She stopped and looked back

”Keep that boy away from me cos I don mind killing him and going to jail, ” Arianna added

”Ari, what can I do to gain your forgiveness? Tell me, what will I do for you to know that am truly sorry! ” Jennifer said and she stopped and scoffed

”Jump over the bridge, ” Arianna replied and slammed the door in her face



Jennifer walked into Romeos room and he didn know when a wow escape his mouth, she was wearing a long stripless gown that has a straight line, the open line stopped right at her lap, silver heels and a silver purse, silver earrings, and a red lipstick

She was looking all beautiful and Remeo couldn stop staring

”You look gorgeous, ” Mrs. Thomson said and she smiled lightly

e late, ” Romeo rolled his eyes

”Am sorry sir, ” she muttered and he Rolled his eyes

”Lets go, not like you
e that pretty anyway, ” Romeo said rudely

”But you were staring, ” Mrs. Thomson teased and he frowned

”Who said I was? I wasn , I just examine her clothes cos she has to look like a celebrity, ” Romeo rolled his eyes

Jennifer pushed his wheelchair outside and his bodyguards help him to the already waiting Limo

She came with Juniorprince since Adrian has a group project and Arianna didn want to have anything to do with the little boy



”Hahaha, whats the disable doing in the midst of the able? ” Romeo heard a female voice from behind and clenched his fist

He was in the VVIP Venue

”Stacey, how do you do? ” Romeo asked staring at her

”How I should do, ” she smirked ”how pathetic! poor thing, where are your legs, ” Stacey said in a mockery tone and Someone laughed

”Hello my dear friend, ” a guy said and offered a handshake

Romeo looked at him without attempting to touch his hand

”Oh, mine, the disabled don shake hands cos they don have one, I won be surprised if your hands is also paralyzed, ” the guy said and Stacey laughed

Stacey was Romes girlfriend but she dumped his @$$ right when he was still fighting for his life in the hospital bed, she went there and broke up with him

Ricky is Romeos best friend, he was with Romeo on the day of the accident but surprisingly nothing happened to him and it was only Romeo that was paralyzed

”So, now you have all the wealth but it couldn buy you legs, a paralyzed man is a useless man, ” Ricky chuckled

Romeo sat there gritting his teeth, he was filled with rage but what could he do, he doesn have a leg and will never walk again

”The almighty Romeo, the great Casanova can even attend a party with a girl, how pathetic, ” Stacey said and giggled

”Maybe before saying trash to people you should ask about them, I will let this insult slide but the next time you say trash to my man, I will make sure you don have the mouth to tell the story of what you encounter, ” Jennifers voice came from behind

Stacy and Ricky turned around to see a beautiful lady cat walking towards them

”Wow, is she human, ” Ricky muttered, he was staring

”Oh, yes, Im human, ” Jennifer replied, turns out she heard him

She was carrying Juniorprince, she gently hand over Juniorprince to Romeo who was Staring, and turned to Stacy and Ricky

”Whose kid is that? ” Stacey was the first to ask

Shock was written all over her face

”Don tell me you have a kid Romeo, you can have kids, you
e disabled, ” Ricky added shocked

Romeo cleared his throat

”Well you
e seeing my son, and thats my woman, shes five times prettier than you Stacey, you
e right, I have wealth, and I have a pretty woman by my side and a son, what more could I ask for? ” Romeo said proudly

”Im better than you my dear friend and I will keep being better than you, ” Romeo said pointing his fingers at Ricky

Just then Mrs. Thomson walked towards them, Ricky and Stacey were still processing it, they didn want to believe that Romeo has a child, like it was not possible right??

Mrs. Thomson carried Juniorprince from Romeos lap

”Momma, ” he called out to Jennifer

”You go with grandma sweetie, me and daddy need to have a good time together, ” she said and Mrs. Thomsoms jaw dropped

Stacey and Ricky exchanged glances

It suddenly became hot as Staceys hand fanned herself

”Its….. its …. true, ” Ricky stuttered, he was beyond shock

”Its so hot in here, I can breath, ” Stacey said, she fanned herself with her palms

Meanwhile Maverick was staring at them from the other end, he suddenly dropped his glass of wine when Romeo pulled Jennifer to his lap, he started walking towards them with a straight face


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